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【Transport News】The dragons are moving and the banyans are full of blessings

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【Transport News】The dragons are moving and the banyans are full of blessings

Author: Mei Xiaoxiang Editor·Chaoying Drawing: Anan

The dragons are moving, the banyan trees are full of blessings

On December 2, the China Central Radio and Television Station officially released the main logo of the 2024 Spring Festival Gala - with the theme of 'Dragon Traveling and Rejoicing in the Country', with the word 'Ri' (dá) as the main visual symbol. Inspired by the 'Nine-fold Seal' font of the 'Official Seal of the State and Dynasty' in the traditional Chinese seal cutting art, and 'reprocessed' in a modern style, the final shape of the '龘' character resembles a chip.From ancient Chinese characters to modern technology, from ancient totems to auspicious symbols, the main logo of the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala can be said to connect ancient and modern times, with a unique texture that is the fusion of culture and technology, tradition and modernity.Fu Rongrong, the editor of Cross-Jiaotong University, couldn't help but be amazed when he saw this logo for the first time.

The countdown to the 2024 Year of the Dragon Spring Festival has entered. I believe that not only will the land of China be filled with joy, but the whole world will also welcome this Chinese festival.Products unique to the Chinese New Year, such as Chinese knots, red lanterns, couplets with blessing characters, and Tang costumes and Hanfu, are now being marketed globally through cross-border e-commerce.'The more national it is, the more it is global.' This sentence cannot be more appropriate here.The export of Made in China helps Chinese culture go global, allowing foreigners to experience it through special products and festive atmosphere, thereby making Chinese culture more popular and confident around the world.

At this moment, the editor can't help but recall the China Cross-Trade Fair mascot 'Fu Rong Rong' that stood out from applicants from all over the world two years ago - its design is also full of traditional Chinese cultural elements and modern fashion and technology.

China International Trade Fair was founded in Fuzhou. It is said that 'the world's goldfish look at China, and Chinese goldfish look at Fuzhou'. 'Fu Rong Rong' is based on the famous 'Fuzhou Goldfish' and means 'Fuyu (Fuyu)'. ''There is plenty of fish every year', and the color is 'goldfish' red, which means auspiciousness and joy. At the same time, it incorporates Chinese cultural elements such as 'Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware''ancient coins', especially in the lower right corner The red seal is the finishing touch and full of traditional meaning.

'Fu Rong Rong' has two fish eyes and fish ears with WIFI symbols, symbolizing e-commerce and technology. The hands raise their thumbs to 'like', with their feet on ancient coins, and stretch out their arms, showing a dynamic figure of a leaping fish. Posture, expressing technology to promote the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce.In March after the New Year of the Year of the Dragon, let us meet with 'Furongrong' at the 2024 China Cross-border Trade Fair and gather in Fuzhou again to enjoy the new year of cross-border e-commerce!


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