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  • 2023.12.01

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  • Welcome friends at a grand event, meet friends and businessmen at a good time.From November 23rd to 27th, the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo was grandly held in Hangzhou.As one of the digital trade formats, cross-border e-commerce has become an important part of this exhibition.At the meeting, the Organizing Committee of the China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (hereinafter referred to as the 'China Cross-Border Fair') and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Brazil formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.The China Chamber of Commerce in Brazil became the first overseas cooperation organization signed by the China Cross-Trade Fair. At the same time, following the Canton Fair, the China Cross-Trade Fair became the second exhibition for which the China Chamber of Commerce in Brazil served as a global official partner.Deng Hai, the signing representative of the Organizing Committee of the China Cross-Trade Fair, said that in 2023, the China Cross-Trade Fair took the lead in proposing the large-scale foreign trade concept of 'buying globally and selling globally'. The 2024 exhibition will once again speed up the pace of internationalization and further integrate more global elements. submit


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  • Over the years, many fans have had the same soul torture - why is the official website of the China Fairkwa, instead of using the acronyms of the English words of the exhibition like other companies?It’s a long story to tell, and even longer if you don’t tell it.Taking advantage of the recent launch of the new official website, editor Fu Rongrong put down the keyboard for a while and said a few words.Only by not taking the usual path can you show your creativity.Did the brains who first created the exhibition respect the conventional naming routine?Those interesting auras must be the distinctive lightning bolts - they hit the target with one strike and are engraved into the wood.First of all, I believe many friends must be deeply impressed by the official pinyin of 'Kweichow Moutai', Kweichow Moutai. This is the famous case of Weituma pinyin.The core word of the China Cross-border Trade Fair and the cross-border e-commerce industry it points to is 'cross'. According to the Weituma Pinyin method, kwa is pronounced 'cross', which is clear and capable, and the pronunciation is concise and comprehensive.


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  • Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the 'Key Work List of the Pilot Free Trade Zone (2023-2025)'.It announced the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone’s key work list. Let’s take a look at the full text of the Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone Key Work List (2023-2025) notice and the content of the “Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone Key Work List (2023-2025)” As follows ↓ (swipe up and down to view) Editor | Reviewed by Zheng Jiya | Source by Xu Xiao | Ministry of Commerce website Fujian Daily


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  • On June 5, 'Fujian Daily' published a special article titled 'Two-way Rush between Exhibition and City', introducing the strong recovery of Fujian's convention and exhibition industry and its impact on the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair (hereinafter referred to as China Cross-Trade Fair) has made a detailed report on how to get out of the epidemic predicament, overcome difficulties and seek development, which is a full affirmation of the innovative strength of China's Cross-Trade Fair industry.Under the epidemic, Ruan Weixing, as a planner and promoter of cross-trade fairs, chairman of Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and president of Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, took the initiative to seek changes and targeted cross-border e-commerce for organizing exhibitions. .On the one hand, Huiyuan has a large number of customers accumulated over many years of deep experience in the industry.On the other hand, China's cross-border e-commerce exports in 2020 were 1.12 trillion yuan (RMB), a year-on-year increase of 40.1% on the basis of a 60% increase in 2019. It has become a beautiful scenery in the foreign trade industry. At that time, there was an urgent need for a centralized choice nationwide supply of


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