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[Trans-Reuters] Love'struggle'cai'a lot'

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[Trans-Reuters] Love'struggle'cai'a lot'

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Author: Wu Yuqian Editor·Chaoying Illustration: Anan

Love'fight'cai'a lot'

On November 28, Pinduoduo Group released its third quarter performance report for 2023, with both revenue and profit exceeding market expectations.In this quarter, Pinduoduo Group’s revenue was 68.84 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 93.9%; it achieved a net profit of 15.54 billion yuan, with a net profit margin of 22.6%.In the view of Fu Rongrong, the editor of Cross-Border Interaction, Pinduoduo’s cross-border sector Temu plays an indispensable role in this military achievement.No, Pinduoduo’s stock has been rising in recent days. As of press time, the creator of the much-criticized 'cutting a knife' crude magic weapon has quietly surpassed Big Brother Alibaba and has become a Chinese e-commerce company. 'Big Brother'.

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Fulongrong believes that every year Q3 is located in the global online sales gap just after 618 and before Double 11 and Black Friday. The fact that it can deliver such a 'terrible' answer sheet in the off-season shows that its operation method is accurate and its ability to attract money is clear. So superb.Entering Q4, Temu continued to take advantage of the situation and became famous in one season.This report does not hesitate to mention that Temu has planned in advance to accurately target overseas major promotion nodes such as Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and Christmas, so as to seize the opportunity with tens of thousands of sellers and accelerate the end of the year.

In fact, it’s not just Temu that has a beautiful cross-border report card?Nowadays, relying on the power of my country’s local platforms and millions of e-commerce merchants to dominate overseas,Fulongrong fully believes that cross-border e-commerce is entering the Chinese era.In this process, the cutting-edge platforms represented by Temu and other 'Four Little Dragons' are like catfish. As soon as they enter the game, they stir up the world, break the balance, and activate the old water.In the world of martial arts, only speed is unbeatable; in e-commerce, only low prices are unbeatable, only new products are unbeatable, and only live streaming is unbeatable.These so-called 'rough' skills were 'dragged' abroad by the 'Four Little Dragons', which not only caused subversive pressure and competitive impact on the old global platforms, but also brought negative consequences to Chinese sellers and overseas consumers. More diverse supply and sales options.Since then, there have been more cross-border e-commerce strategies, broader ideas, and wider roads.Joining hands with Made in China, China's cross-border e-commerce power is becoming a surprising force in international economic and trade.


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