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[Trans Reuters] Do the far-leading unicorns coincide with each other?

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[Trans Reuters] Do the far-leading unicorns coincide with each other?

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Author: Mei Xiaoxiang Editor·Chaoying Drawing: Anan

On November 25, Huawei and Changan Automobile signed an 'Investment Cooperation Memorandum'. The new company will focus on the research and development, production, sales and service of intelligent driving systems and incremental components for intelligent connected vehicles, and release up to 40% of its equity for external financing. .Yu Chengdong said: 'China needs to build an electrified and intelligent open platform with the participation of the automobile industry, an open platform with a 'locomotive''.For this first time in Huawei's history, Cross Trade Conference editor Fu Rongrong couldn't help but give a thumbs up.

Huawei's strategic transformation from an auto parts supplier and an intelligent solution service provider to a platform is a natural and inevitable trend for making full use of its own advantages and foundation to further aggregate and promote ecological development.Since ancient times, people have said, 'If you are good at learning, you will become an official.' Huawei has said, 'If you are good at production, you will build a platform.' In Furongrong's understanding, there is no coincidence that in the cross-border e-commerce world, 'If you are good at selling, you will build a platform.' The excellent representative of 'platform' is SHEIN.

SHEIN started as an independent cross-border sales site in the wedding dress category. In 2012, it turned to women's clothing and began to build its own supply chain system, focusing on flexible manufacturing and embarking on the difficult but correct global branding operation.As of the end of 2022, SHEIN has more than 26 million fans on Facebook and more than 27 million fans on Instagram. It has become one of the most popular fashion brands in the world, no less than ZARA and H&M, and a unicorn with a valuation as high as US$100 billion. It is rumored that SHEIN will IPO in the United States in 2024.In the first half of the year, SHEIN officially announced its global transformation platform, promoted SHEIN Marketplace, introduced more third-party merchants through the platform model, and jointly expanded and strengthened the industry ecology, which is similar to Huawei's car-making platform.

From Fu Rongrong's perspective, unicorns have all turned into platforms in unison, which seems like a small step, but is actually a big step.If SHEIN succeeds, it will be a new example of 'far ahead' of Huawei.More and more domestic products are setting their sights on overseas markets. SHEIN provides sellers with a new overseas option paved by 'homemade products'. From then on, cross-border people have a wider road and a more secure mind.In addition, SHEIN has created a superb flexible supply chain model, which not only brings positive changes and incremental employment to the domestic garment manufacturing industry, but is also being imitated as a textbook by more industries besides clothing, benefiting the transformation and upgrading of more industries. Benefit the country and the people, benefit others and yourself.


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