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About the official history of China Cross-border E-commerce Fair website

Views: 24     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-21      Origin: Site

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About the official history of China Cross-border E-commerce Fair website

Over the years, many fans have had the same soul torture——Why is the official website of China Fairkwa Fairkwa:, instead of using the acronyms of the English words of the exhibition like other companies do?It’s a long story to tell, and even longer if you don’t tell it.Taking advantage of the recent launch of the new official website, editor Fu Rongrong put down the keyboard for a while and said a few words.

Only by not taking the usual path can you show your creativity.Did the brains who first created the exhibition respect the conventional naming routine?Those interesting auras must be the distinctive lightning bolts - they hit the target with one strike and are engraved into the wood.

First of all, I believe many friends must be deeply impressed by the official pinyin of 'Kweichow Moutai', Kweichow Moutai. This is the famous case of Weituma pinyin.The core word of the China Cross-border Trade Fair and the cross-border e-commerce industry it points to is 'cross'.According to the Wade-German phonetic alphabet, kwa is pronounced 'cross', crisp and capable, with concise and concise pronunciation. Moreover, as soon as the name came out, it followed Kweichow Moutai and determined to be the 'Zhan Mao' in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Do you think it is exciting or not?This is origin one.

The two words Fair Kwa are a combination of pre-meaning and back-sound., mutually corroborating with 'cross' and 'trade fair' in Chinese, simple, crude, convenient and clear.Instead of racking your brains to play a word-guessing game with a bunch of unrelated letter combinations, wouldn't it be kinder to just save newcomers and old friends from the embarrassment?This is the second origin.

The three letters kwa are actually also'Keep the World Associated'three subjectsacronym for, which means that cross-border e-commerce is conquering cities and territories, promoting the global villageization of global online retail, and connecting the world into an online village that can be reached in an instant. All of this is now truly present in front of you and me.Isn’t the purpose of China International Trade Fair also to keep the world associated?This is Origin Three.

The letter combination of kwa is novel and unique, the only one in the world.There is no need to worry about choosing the same name or wearing the same clothes when shopping., this thorough differentiation saves money on brand advertising, and the value-added effect is certainly great, right?This is origin four.

Of course, there are also various rumors and unofficial stories in the market, with different interpretations. Thanks to the fans for their love, this is the first time to give a unified official response. Friends, have you got it?In the future, the China Cross-border Trade Fair should take the motto of 'cross-over' and 'cross-over' as the motto, unremittingly empower, continue to help, and jointly prosper the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem.


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