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Thoughts and innovation on e-commerce career

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The first question to think about when working in the e-commerce industry is, what should I sell? What should I sell? This is the question that we think about most.The emergence of a hot product is better than our ten ordinary products, and it will be much more labor-saving during operation.Many people should have heard of itSuch a sentence: Seven points depends on product selection, and three points depends on operation.When selecting products, what aspects should we, as sellers, consider and grasp?

1. Follow the salesBeing good at using follow-up rules can allow novice sellers to place orders quickly.Pay attention to whether the products sold by you are causing infringement, and whether your own products are related to those sold by you.The image symbols on the listing do not match.

2. Blind selection of productsWhen choosing a category, you rely on your feelings and ignore market research, and do not fully examine the market capacity, life cycle and competitive products. This not only wastes a lot of time but also results in no sales.Ignoring the importance of product parameters and missing target customers

3. Product qualityTo be honest, the quality of the product is really crucial. Only if the product is of good quality can it have sales and continue to operate. When we select products, the product’s score isProducts above 4.5 generally have relatively stable functions, and the higher the customer satisfaction rate, the higher the review rate (some fake orders are not counted), and the score is between 4.0 and 4.5. This kind of product generally has a small number of problems. It can still be done. If you can find the flaws and make improvements, I think your sales will not be bad. For products with a rating of 4.0 or below, the negative review rate of such products will be higher than the price, and the chance of returns will also be high. , it is more troublesome to operate in the later stage.

4. Ignoring basic upgrades to the platformIf the product you sell has high ranking and traffic, in order to maintain the current ranking and traffic, you must pay attention to the basic upgrade of the platform.If basic upgrades are ignored, it may result in incorrect product-category matching, affecting sales.

5. Other factorsIn addition to the above-mentioned problems, there are also various other minor problems that need attention.For example: in terms of price, whether the product sells well and other factors, sometimes it is because we do not pay attention to these small details that we lose everything.

So now that you know how to choose products, where do you go to choose products?

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