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[2024 Cross-Trade Fair Key Categories] Outdoor Products Market Analysis

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[2024 Cross-Trade Fair Key Categories] Outdoor Products Market Analysis

Different from domestic living habits and housing structures, overseas consumers have huge and diverse demands for courtyards.

The courtyard is the main daily interaction and social place for overseas consumers. People spend a lot of time and energy taking care of their courtyards.

Common scenarios include gardening, gourmet cooking, daily leisure, holiday parties, etc.

According to statistics, in the United States, people who own garden equipment account for 68% of the total population, and the average person spends about 14 hours in the outdoor yard every week.

In the UK, more than 90% of households have gardens. British adult gardening enthusiasts spend a lifetime of 30,000 pounds on gardening, creating a direct output value of US$4.7 billion every year.

In Germany, this number should not be underestimated. More than 80% of households have small gardens, and at least 22% of people in the country are gardening enthusiasts.

In Canada, retail sales of Canadian lawn and garden products, equipment and plants increased directly by 1.8 times from 2016 to 2020, reaching CAD 5.81 billion.

It is not difficult to see from the data of major overseas consumer countries that courtyards have always played an important role in the hearts of overseas consumers.Not only are they willing to invest financially in the courtyard, but many of them have also put their interests in this area due to the export of culture.

According to statistics, in 2020, the global horticulture market has exceeded the US$100 billion mark.It is expected that global demand for gardening equipment and supplies will grow steadily, and market sales will reach US$130 billion by 2024, which is approximately RMB 80 million.

From the perspective of market segments, the global market size of outdoor power tools is expected to increase by US$7.3 billion to US$32.4 billion; the global market size of outdoor furniture is expected to increase by US$5 billion to US$22 billion; and the global market size of plant lighting equipment is expected to increase Directly increased 2 times to reach 11.5 billion US dollars.

From the perspective of consumer groups, consumers in the courtyard category are growing younger, and the proportion of male users continues to increase.

Among the group of garden buyers, consumers over 35 years old account for the largest proportion of 35%, but the proportion of consumers of the younger generation is increasing, among which consumers aged 18-34 account for 29% and show strong demand.

Judging from user demands, efficiency and safety still have a high priority. Consumers will tend to pay attention to product performance. Ease of use, efficient water use, safety and health will become the key factors affecting consumers' purchasing decisions.

The second is the environmental protection of product materials. Whether it is energy-saving and recyclable will become the key.For example, portable power supplies and solar-powered garden tools have seen a good growth trend in recent years.

As consumers become younger, information channels related to the courtyard category are also quietly changing.In addition to traditional paper media channels, related websites and APPs are also becoming more and more popular.

In terms of product selection, we recommend products for new customers to start with, such as patio, barbecue, and outdoor furniture categories.

For this type of new customers, courtyard category advertisers can try to consider promoting entry-level purchase category ASINs to attract new customers in the category; at the same time, they can also consider displaying more entry-level purchase categories on the homepage of the brand flagship store to attract new customers; if category advertising can be combined Promotions or discounts can also correspondingly increase the conversion rate of entry-level purchase categories.

(Image source: Amazon Research)

Judging from the entry time of new customers, the peak entry period for new customers in the courtyard category is between May and June each year; the entry time for new customers in the outdoor barbecue appliance and outdoor power supply categories will be concentrated between April and May each year.In addition, special scenes such as camping, gift-giving, Christmas, and Halloween are also the potential period of the courtyard category.

(Time for new customer groups to enter the courtyard category)

(Image source: Amazon Research)

(Time to enter new customer groups for outdoor barbecue equipment)

(Image source: Amazon Research)

(Time for new customer groups to enter the outdoor power supply category)

(Image source: Amazon Research)

Therefore, for advertisers, advertising should be placed at least 2-3 weeks before the peak period of the category, and a variety of product promotion combinations (commodity promotion + brand promotion) should be used to enhance brand influence to warm up for the peak period.

Secondly, dynamic bidding is used during peak traffic periods - raising and lowering bids to win prime position display.Finally, during the peak traffic period, cooperate with promotional activities to promote sales conversion of brand products.

If you are learning about outdoor product trends and overseas market opportunities, you are sincerely invited to attend the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18th to 20th. An outdoor products exhibition area will be set up on site, and the exhibits will cover outdoor sports electronics. Products, outdoor camping equipment and equipment, outdoor sports goods, outdoor furniture, outdoor food, outdoor camping bases, outdoor camping peripheral related and many other outdoor product related categories, providing a comprehensive and professional outdoor product experience and product selection scene.We look forward to gathering with you at the China Cross Trade Fair and experiencing the different outdoor scenery.

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