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Pressure faced by buyers

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As a buyer, you are now facing increasing challenges and pressure.

One is the pressure to reduce the total cost of procurement: Enterprises have entered the era of meager profits, and more and more enterprises realize that it is not easy to make money, so enterprise managers allocate the cost pressure to procurement personnel, and procurement personnel must reduce costs on the basis of We also need to ensure the quality of purchased products, which has to be said to be a major challenge.

The second is the challenge of the quality of procurement practitioners themselves: procurement personnel are no longer just in the role of buying things. Today, with the rapid development of enterprises, procurement personnel are even required to become experts in their respective industries, with professional knowledge, logistics knowledge, foreign language proficiency, and organizational coordination. Capabilities, etc., whether they can keep up with the development of the times and meet the needs of enterprises is also a big challenge for procurement personnel.

Therefore, how to select suppliers has become a headache for buyers, which has also led to such a trend in corporate procurement.Enterprises and suppliers have increased their respective scientific research technologies and made new breakthroughs in the technical field.Use the most cutting-edge technology to find new cheap raw materials and parts to replace the original raw materials and parts; strengthen management of the supply chain and logistics, make management very detailed, communicate and negotiate with suppliers at all times, and coordinate processing here Various problems occurred during the period to avoid unnecessary waste.Without affecting the interests of the company, maintain a good relationship with suppliers and at the same time achieve the goals of the company; companies begin to reduce the number of suppliers. The more suppliers there are, the more potential safety hazards there will be and the harder it will be to control product quality. .Centralized purchasing can not only obtain more advantageous prices, but also greatly help in aspects such as quality management, after-sales service, tracking, and even office costs.

Running supplier relationship management is like running our own family. No wonder some people regardProcurement and supplier relationshipsComparing it to a marriage relationship, this is actually not unreasonable!

do purchasingor supplierThey all need to find each other,thisJust fineBetter than finding a girlfriendThere are many people who fall in love with each other once they meet, but later they find out that this girlfriend has so many shortcomings, which makes them mad every day.sowhether you arepurchaseStill a supplier.During the development stage, we must conduct more inspections and comparisons, and discuss first-Love later - love again.But you can't fall in love or get married as soon as you get in touch.otherwiseThere will be endless troubles!

Secondly, many people worry that they have good conditions but can never find the person they like.And now a game calledChina Cross-border E-commerce Fair(CROSS FAIR KWA)Large'Dating meeting' will be held soonMarch 18-20, 2021 Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Centerhold.Still worried about finding the right supplier?All major platforms will be participating in this cross-exhibition, and you will find all the high-quality men you want.Of course, if you don’t have to worry about not having the buyer you like,Import and export cross-border e-commerce platforms, import and export e-commerce platform sellers, overseas brands and agent distributors, provincial and municipal cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones, third-party e-commerce agency operating companies, offline physical store retailers, cross-border E-commerce supply chain service companies, traditionalB2B import and export trading companies, overseas warehouse service providers, cross-border foreign exchange payment solution providers, cross-border e-commerce logistics and customs clearance and other service companies, relevant industry associations, industrial parks, etc., there is always one suitable for you!


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