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How to find reliable suppliers

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1)How to find reliable suppliers

Two days ago, the editor saw an article on Zhihu 'Strategy: Foreign Trade Companies,How SOHO Finds Reliable Suppliers', which mentionedDifferent from factories doing foreign trade, foreign trade companies andSOHOs must not only look for foreign buyers in need, but also find reliable suppliers in order to survive and make money.Otherwise, even if the salesman has many foreign customers, if the supplier drops the ball at critical times, breaks promises or cuts corners, then no matter how many customers he has, he will be lost.

Let’s talk in depth today'How to find reliable suppliers and manufacturers', I hope it can be helpful to all trading companies and SOHO colleagues.

1. Find suppliers and manufacturers in batches

1. Use well-known B2B platforms to find suppliers

B2B platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, and Global Sources have settled in many manufacturers, and many of them are relatively mature factories that can be selected using advanced screening.PS: There will be some foreign trade companies on this platform, so be sure to distinguish them.

2, Use customs data to find suppliers

In this way, not only can we find** Foreign buyers of products can also ** global suppliers of products.No matter what kind of products your foreign customers want, you can find the right supplier to close the order and earn huge profits.However, the cost of customs data remains high, and the authenticity and efficiency cannot be guaranteed, so many companies are unwilling to purchase customs data anymore~

3, Use domestic forums to find suppliers

In fact, many manufacturers are also eager to find cooperation with foreign trade companies. We often see manufacturers seeking cooperation with foreign trade companies on some domestic forums, such as FOB Forum.Find suppliers at low cost, with a large number of real users, suitable for foreign trade companies of different sizes.

4.Use exhibitions to find suppliers

Manufacturers of a certain size will participate in exhibitions, and using exhibitions to find suppliers is the most direct way.However, manufacturers pay more attention to foreigners at the exhibition. After all, they make more money by cooperating with foreigners, and are not very enthusiastic about yellow-skinned foreign traders.You must keep a calm mind and be patient, hard work will pay off!

Currently, the Canton Fair is the largest and longest-lasting trade exhibition in China. It is held twice a year. It is an event that every foreign trade practitioner cannot miss., but due to the epidemic,The Canton Fair in 2020 will be changed to an online mode, and a large part of overseas customers will not be able to enter China for purchasing.In addition to this large-scale comprehensive exhibition, there are also many special exhibitions that focus on specific categories or have specific themes, which can help sellers quickly find target suppliers, such as this one:

China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (cross-section) will beOpening on March 18, 2021Lasting for 3 days, this is the largest cross-border e-commerce procurement and product selection event in Fujian in 2021, bringing together 1,500+ supplier companies and 150,000+ intelligent new products, covering 3C digital home appliances exhibition area, home decoration exhibition area, maternal and infant products There are 8 exhibition areas: toys exhibition area, shoes, clothing, luggage and sports exhibition area, cosmetics and personal care exhibition area, live streaming exhibition area, platform and service provider exhibition area, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area exhibition area, all of which are popular or have market potential in cross-border e-commerce. .

Here, you can learn about cross-border product selection in one stop

This conferenceMore accurate and in-depth content will be provided around the products on display. You can apply the useful information immediately after learning it and get twice the result with half the effort. You may find inspiration here for the supply chain and brand building you want to know:

Major platformsOfficial Team: ShareeachCategory-related market and platform data, hot-selling product trends;

Top selling representatives of each category: share product selection and operation experience in the practical process

Training on major platformsOrganization: On-site teaching of product selection ideas, techniques and practical tools

Representatives of experts in various fields: sharing professional knowledge on off-site traffic, logistics and supply chain management, intellectual property and other aspects related to product selection.

2. Initial screening of suppliers

Once you’ve found your suppliers, it’s time to screen them.Screening factors mainly include:

1. Price

You can find out the product price through inquiry. If the price is too high, you can ignore the factory and make no money.

2. Sample quality

You can ask the factory for samples, or buy a sample to compare the quality; at the same time, see how long it takes to prepare their samples, to examine their production speed and judge their delivery capabilities.

3. Factory’s MOQ and MOV

Some factories haveThe restrictions of 'minimum order quantity and minimum order amount' should also be clearly understood as filtering conditions.

4. Product certification

Buyers in some countries will pay attention to whether the product has passed certification, and this should also be understood as a screening condition.

Through this link, it is necessary to ensure that the suppliers and manufacturers of each product have5-7 companies, so that you can take the initiative.Especially when a large order is received, or when production is too late, it can be dispersed to several other factories.

3. Determine the order supplier

In the end, we will initially screen out the aboveTo choose one of '5-7 manufacturers' to place an order, you need to compare the following three aspects:

1. Reply speed

If the price quote is very slow to respond to, and the phone cannot be reached on Saturdays, Sundays, or at night, then this factory cannot be the primary ordering factory.

2. Does the factory have foreign trade salesmen?

For factories with foreign trade salesmen, after placing the order, just communicate with the foreign trade salesman directly. He will track the production process and deliver the required data to you in a timely manner.It can save a lot of time and cost and reduce communication costs.

Of course, there are also many foreign trade companies that are very reluctant to cooperate with factories with foreign trade departments. They are worried that the factories will steal their customers, so you need to consider the pros and cons.~

3. Are you willing to make samples?

There are many cases where foreign trade orders involve back and forth of proofing. If the factory is not very happy with this, then such a factory cannot be the primary ordering factory.

advice:After you have found a supplier factory, you must also learn to deal with them. Remember: the market is huge and there are endless customers; and finding a supplier factory that is willing to cooperate with you and support you wholeheartedly will be of great help to foreign trade companies or companies.For SOHO, it is the greatest wealth.


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