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How to do cross-border e-commerce without a store?Unlock new skills and find new ways to do it!

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How to do cross-border e-commerce without a store?Unlock new skills and find new ways to do it!

We all know that the main way of cross-border e-commerce is to sell our domestic products to all parts of the world. Since we are selling goods, we definitely need a medium, and this medium generally refers to stores.No matter which market you are facing, such as Shopee and Lazada in Southeast Asia, OZON and Joom in Russia, eBay, Etsy in the United States, or Amazon’s global plan, to do cross-border e-commerce, you first need to register a store from these platforms and then put it on the shelves. The product then operates, issues orders, ships, collects payments, etc. to complete the closed-loop transaction and earn the price difference.

But what Brother Xiaofu wants to share with you today is how to do cross-border e-commerce without a store. How can we make US dollars without a store? We can also do cross-border e-commerce without a store!

1: Via YouTube


1. Earn fees by cooperating with the official, make video content and upload it to the platform, and use the playback volume to earn revenue.The number of ad views shown before your video is played, thus generating profit for you.

Of course, the first step is to apply for an account, then upload videos to YouTube, and then you can make some money. Then everyone should pay attention to the fact that you must create your own original videos and never steal other people's videos. There are some There are still some side effects, but they are not a long-term solution. If you really want to earn the height you want, I think porters may not be able to achieve it!You still have to rely on your own originality, and our mainland cannot participate in the cooperation plan, but if you really want to participate, there are definitely ways. After all, many people are already doing this. You can change your region, for example Select Hong Kong, China. If you have friends abroad, they can also help you complete this operation.

2. The second method is more traditional, making money through fans.This is relatively simple. Whether it is some domestic or foreign social networking sites, most of them have some rewards, sponsorships, etc. This also requires you to have a certain number of fans through long-term accumulation. , which is what we often call the fan economy.

3. The third way is to sell products more directly, which is what we often talk about, by diverting traffic to your own independent website or store. In fact, we can see that many big bloggers use the method of sending products. Add your own independent website and sell some of your own products.

4. The fourth one is that you can also sell through channels. This is to directly sell some products in your channel. If they like the product, they can buy it directly. You can set up a channel for your product, and then Specifically sell through this channel, and design your own theme for your products. In this way, you can accumulate scale and realize profits.

5. The fifth method is to promote to the Amazon Alliance. In fact, there are many such methods and apps in our country. Like the Taobao Alliance, profits are achieved through commissions, because many people may not have the supply of goods after all, or want to The whole process is simplified and you can do this kind of work part-time, so this method is also advisable.

6. The sixth way is to create content in the video. After introducing a product in your video, you can also add your product link or your store link directly in the video, because YouTube YouTube can Add external links to the video. Through the links, you can access other videos, other channels, other playlists and some external websites, so you can directly publish and sell some product information. This method can also help others sell products because in this way It is also a form of affiliate marketing.This method is also the early stage of the now popular live streaming. If the account has a large fan base and the content and products are excellent, the income can be considerable.

②: Landing

After talking about the model, we need to implement this content, so how exactly do we need to do it?First we need to have a YouTube account. How to register?

Preparation materials: mobile phone number/virtual Internet environment/email, etc.

Open YouTube official website (

Create a Gmail email and a Google+ account and log in

Set homepage, avatar/nickname/profile/website, etc.

A series of information can be targeted at you, such as your logo and your brand as ID. You have to explain that it is related to the product!

Join the Creator Program to earn a certain amount of revenue from sharing content

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) gives creators access to expanded YouTube resources and features, such as direct access to our creator support team.You can also use the program to advertise on your content and earn a share of the revenue.

2. Via Facebook


Similar to the monetization models of YouTube and Tik Tok, the basic social media monetization methods are similar, earning revenue from platform content, fans’ reward economy, and revenue from cooperation with some brands or merchants as traffic owners, providing independent stations or other e-commerce platforms. Business platforms attract traffic, bring goods, etc.

Facebook's current advantage over other channels is that it can sell products directly on Facebook Mall. Of course, the current Tik Tok little yellow car can also do this.As a social media channel, Facebook can directly sell products, which in itself is a monetizable business opportunity.Then we can take a look at how Facebook’s mall model operates.

Let’s sort out the pattern:

1. Income for platform creators

2. As a traffic master, connect with advertisers or brands

3. Drain traffic to the platform or independent station

4. Live delivery of goods

5. Directly list products for sale

6. Sell the account after reaching a certain level

7. Group control

②: Landing

Let’s take a look at how to use Facebook to sell products

1. Register a Facebook account

2. Package account (avatar, introduction)

3. Keep an account

4. Release the product, as shown below

5. Sharing, promotion, data analysis

6. Complete the transaction

Three: Summary

There are thousands of ways to make money, and it doesn’t necessarily depend on products.We can achieve implementation through accounts, social media platforms, traffic, cooperation, etc. But when dealing with foreigners, Brother Xiaofu reminds everyone that you must protect your own interests, especially in When it comes to business cooperation, negotiate the details and terms with the other party in advance.

Of course, social media channels are not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc., such as Instagram owned by Facebook, and WhatsApp, the top three most downloaded social media in the world.


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