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How does a cross-border e-commerce independent station create private domain traffic?

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How does a cross-border e-commerce independent station create private domain traffic?

How to create a cross-border e-commerce independent station In the Internet era, traffic comes first. In the e-commerce field, traffic is king.During the traffic bonus period, 'no business is easy to do in the world', but after the bonus period, 'no business is easy to do in the world'.In the post-traffic era, private domain traffic will become the largest increase in the traffic market.The professional operation of private domain traffic has been carried out in China for three years. Now overseas e-commerce companies are also sounding the horn of private domain traffic. Private domain traffic will be the key to the sustainable development of cross-border e-commerce.

Private domain traffic refers to the traffic diverted from the public domain (platforms, media channels, etc.) to the private domain (websites, communities, etc.).Private domain traffic is the enterprise's own traffic, and the enterprise can directly reach users at any time and at any frequency.

In the field of cross-border e-commerce, the most famous company that plays with private domain traffic is the popular Sheln.They use SEO, social platforms, KOL and other marketing and promotion methods to attract consumers in the public domain to their own brand independent stations, achieving rapid growth in sales. Shein is popular, and independent stations are also popular.

How is private domain traffic established?

Generally speaking, the establishment of private domain traffic needs to be completed in four steps.

Step one: Find brand positioning

If we want to build private domain traffic, first of all, we have to figure out our brand positioning. Nowadays, no matter what brand it is, in order to close the relationship with customers, most of them are friendly and down-to-earth. Therefore, when we are looking for brand positioning, we can also focus on being friendly and down-to-earth to establish the brand's personality.

Step 2: Create high-quality products

After finding the brand positioning, the next thing we have to do is to create high-quality products.The image of the brand is important, but what is more important is the quality of the product. After all, customers are buying our products. The quality of the product is directly related to the customer's satisfaction, whether they are still willing to repurchase, and whether the product is good or not. We are willing to settle down and become our private domain traffic. It can be said that in the entire process of establishing private domain traffic, creating high-quality products is one of the important steps.

Step Three: Accurate Traffic Drainage

As we all know, private domain traffic does not exist independently, but depends on public domain traffic. Most private domain traffic comes from public domain traffic and other domain traffic. Therefore, our third step in establishing private domain traffic is It is to achieve accurate traffic drainage.You can refer to the following drainage methods:

1. Search engine traffic

The biggest advantages of search engines are flexibility and accuracy.Search engine promotion is more accurate in positioning target consumer groups and is not restricted by region or time, and can quickly increase conversion rates in the short term.

2. Social media traffic

'No social networking, no marketing'.Leveraging current mainstream social media is one of the ways to achieve efficient traffic drainage.At present, the mainstream overseas social media mainly include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

3. KOL drainage

In an era where traffic is king, leveraging the influence of KOLs to achieve traffic conversion has become one of the mainstream marketing methods.

The effect of cooperation with KOL is obvious, but it is not easy to find the right influencer.If you are new to the industry and don’t know much about influencer marketing, you can consider seeking help from third-party tools (NoxInfluencer) and service providers (MCN). In addition to greatly increasing work efficiency and effectiveness, more importantly, it can help you avoid The pit in it.

4. EDM traffic drainage

Email marketing is low-cost and has quick results. It is another good way to attract traffic to independent websites.Independent website merchants can send emails to old users to promote the promotions of their independent website during important festivals or holidays, and guide users to click on the link in the email to visit the independent website again for consumption, thereby achieving secondary traffic diversion and conversion.

Step 4: Maintain the relationship

If we want to retain customers and accumulate them as our private domain traffic, the last thing we need to do is to maintain the relationship with the customers. So how to maintain it?In fact, it is very simple. You can use benefits such as vouchers, coupons, flash sales, and group purchases to stimulate consumption. At the same time, you can also use these benefits to make them willingly help us complete the secondary promotion task and absorb part of the traffic. This not only maintains the relationship with customers, but also achieves certain promotion purposes.

Using an independent website to create your own private domain traffic can help sellers establish competitive barriers.Choosing a suitable public domain worthy of deep cultivation to accumulate your own private domain traffic can reach users on the largest scale. However, please consume private domain traffic cautiously and rationally, and respect the user experience, so as to maximize the value of private domain traffic.



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