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During the peak shipping period years ago, there was a shortage of cargo space and containers!High freight rates continue into the second quarter!

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According to the editor’s understanding, the current cross-border logistics people are like this

I got a cabin, but I'm short of boxes...

I grabbed the box, but I'm short of room...

I got the space and boxes, but I need a trailer...


The current situation is that containers that usually can be returned within 60 days are now delayed until 100 days, and the cost of renting a container has also increased by 150%.Now our country can only return 1 empty container for every 3.5 containers shipped out, and a large number of empty containers are backlogged in Europe, the United States, Australia and other places.

According to China Shipping Prosperity Survey, over 90% of container companies stated that the shortage of containers will continue for three months or more.Now it is really 'a box of wishes' and 'cabinets are hard to find'. The big bosses of the container companies should quickly take action to solve this problem!

Crazy! Freight rates on Asia-Europe routes continue to rise

According to data from the Baltic Daily Freight Index (FBX), spot prices from China to Northern Europe reached an incredible $7,701 per TEU on January 15, a year-on-year increase of 268%.



The freight rate from China to the Mediterranean region is also the same formula. The rate of US$7,496 per FEU has increased by 203% compared with the same period last year.



According to Xeneta data, Asia-Europe spot freight rates have risen almost vertically since the end of October 2020, rising from US$1,164 per TEU to US$4,191 on January 2, 2021.

This is really crazy. Although we know that the capacity of the Asia to Northern Europe line is tight, some of the current quotations are as high as US$13,000 to US$16,000/FEU, which is completely unexpected.

The bidding is fierce and it is difficult to book a cabin

In addition to high freight rates, logistics people are facing the real challenge of 'exploding cabins'.Logistics people who cannot pay high prices cannot book space at all, and goods from long-term customers cannot enter the port and board the ship on time.

Due to insufficient cabin space, shipping companies, in pursuit of maximizing profits, will hold up the cabins booked by many logistics personnel until the next flight. For large logistics companies, the losses caused by container dumping may still be within the tolerance range.For those small and medium-sized logistics companies that rely on a few large customers, the disadvantage of insufficient competitiveness in this case may directly lead to difficulties.

It is said that the shipping company will not be successful in ordering orders of less than US$16,000 per 40-foot high container departing from Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and Yantian ports to the UK at the end of January, and orders less than US$16,000 per 40-foot high container to Rotterdam, Antwerp and Le Havre. $10,500 will not work.

The poor cross-border logistics people can only be messed up in the cold wind.


Demand will not weaken in the near future

Dominique von Orelli, executive vice president and head of global ocean freight at DHL Global Forwarding, said continued strong demand will keep container freight rates high in the first quarter of this year. run.'This extremely strong demand momentum' shows no signs of abating, he said.


Von O'Reilly said, 'Freight rates may drop slightly during the Chinese New Year, but the overall upward trend should continue into March or even the second quarter.' He added that any amount exceeding the agreed minimum quantity commitment ( MQC) shipping volume will bring about price increases.


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