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Dianjiang Technology, the co-organizer of China International Trade Fair, completed US$150 million in Series C1 financing

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Dianjiang Technology, the co-organizer of China International Trade Fair, completed US$150 million in Series C1 financing

Shoplazza, a global independent e-commerce SaaS platform, announced the completion of a C1 round of financing totaling US$150 million. This round of financing was led by SoftBank Vision Fund II, with participation from Abu Dhabi Royal Fund (Chimera) and a world-renowned wealth management group. Stepstone Group followed the investment, and old shareholders Cloud Nine Capital, Sequoia China, Qianhai Fund of Funds, and Pansheng Asset also continued to increase their investment.Yibo Capital serves as the exclusive financial advisor.

Brand overseas independent website SaaS and fast-growing international enterprise

Dianjiang TechnologyIt is a technology company that focuses on providing enterprise-level independent e-commerce website (independent station) SaaS platform for global brand merchants. It has established dual headquarters in Toronto, Canada and Shenzhen, China.The main customers are composed of well-known Chinese brand enterprises, new DTC brands, cross-border independent station head and mid-level merchants, and local merchants in North America and Latin America.At present, the number of merchants and transaction scale are both the leader in the domestic cross-border independent station SaaS industry.Founded in 2017, Dianjiang Technology has always adhered to the mission of 'leading customers to achieve global business success through excellent technology' and provides merchants with'Excellent shopping experience for global consumers'A comprehensive independent station SaaS solution, including massive customizable brand e-commerce themes, product order operation management, multi-language store operations, multi-currency display options, smooth and secure settlement module, high-conversion marketing plug-ins, global channel marketing promotion, personality Enterprise-level management tools such as personalized email marketing, professional operational data analysis reports, and consumer loyalty management.Through this SaaS platform, global brand merchants can build personalized brand independent stations with no code or low code, and cover the shopping experience scenarios of most global consumers, thereby achieving the sustained and rapid global business of DTC brand self-built e-commerce channels. increase.

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Technical barriers, brand and ecological advantages

Dianjiang TechnologyWith years of technology accumulation and continuous investment, it has formed its own technical advantages. Its core business has won various technical awards and honors in application scenarios such as global server node response speed, distributed computing, and high-concurrency systems, and has made great achievements. A number of benchmark cases in global industries.The company is also a global partner of Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, PayPal, Klarna, Worldpay,, Cloudflare, Amazon Cloud Technology and other companies, providing one-stop services for merchants.

Dianjiang Technology attaches great importance to the construction of developer application ecosystem. While building the underlying technical infrastructure Open API system, it has rapidly expanded more than 500 global high-quality solutions in areas including traffic marketing, payment, logistics, warehousing, supply chain, e-commerce ERP and other fields. App developers and service providers serve as partners to help them form in-depth cooperation with merchants on the Dianjiang SaaS platform. We are also committed to allowing more developers to collaborate with Dianjiang technology to help merchants achieve global business success.

Dianjiang Technology has won numerous awards and professional certifications in the past, and is highly regarded as a technological innovation company.The company was certified by PayPal as the 2020 Best Shopping Cart Partner; recently, the company was included in Forbes China's Top 50 Enterprise Technology; it continues to innovate in its cooperation with Google, and pioneered the first advertising simulation pre-inspection function with a pass rate of more than 95%, and won the 2021 Google Overseas Technology Innovation Award; the company is also one of the few e-commerce SaaS partners (Meta Business Partner, formerly Facebook Business Partner) of Meta (formerly Facebook) in China and North America.

(Image source: Dianjiang Technology)

After the completion of this round of financing, the company will continue to increase investment in research and development, the introduction of high-end talents, and marketing investment in the global brand market.In terms of product technology, we continue to build the core technical barriers of the global e-commerce cloud base, AI application scenarios, cloud-native applications of e-commerce systems, and digital operation BI systems.At the same time, we will continue to expand the platform application developer ecosystem and build a service provider ecosystem, while accelerating the growth of merchants in North America and Europe, exploring global multi-market opportunities, and further rising in the development wave of global retail online and decentralized e-commerce. Become an industry leader.

Li Junfeng, founder of Dianjiang Technology, said, 'We will continue to be customer-oriented, maintain our original intention of serving customers diligently, and always be oriented to increase customer sales and create greater value. At the same time, we will uphold the Open to More philosophy Development concept, further open the platform system, allowing more ecological partners to provide customers with diversified services through the Dianjiang platform, collaboratively increase profits, and achieve a win-win situation for all three parties.'

Dr. Chen Xun, managing partner of SoftBank Vision Fund, said, 'Dianjiang Technology has built a complete and standardized e-commerce SaaS technology system around the independent website ecology, providing global merchants with convenient website building tools and a systematic e-commerce management platform. Continue to support the integrated online and offline development of global trade. We are optimistic about the ease of use and inclusiveness of Dianjiang independent station products and services, and we also look forward to the company's further technological upgrades and scenario implementation in the booming cross-border e-commerce market. , contributing to the internationalization of Chinese local brands.'


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