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Crazy football and the crazy stuff that comes with it

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Crazy football and the crazy stuff that comes with it

In the summer of 2018, the World Cup in Russia ended with France defeating Croatia 4-2 to win the Hercules Cup.In less than three months from now, the first World Cup after the epidemic - the Qatar World Cup is finally coming!!!

In these days, these three types of Chinese people will definitely be in your sight:

Some people stayed up all night watching the game and cheering for the players and teams they supported. Those were Chinese fans.

Some people watch football all night long and place lottery bets on the teams they are optimistic about. Those are fake Chinese fans.

But there is still a group of people who stay up late every day and wait in front of the computer screen, preparing to use the World Cup to make a big splash. That isChina cross-border e-commerce merchant

Today we will take a look at the Qatar World Cup from the perspective of a cross-border e-commerce merchant!Before talking about Qatar, let’s review it first2018Data from the World Cup in Russia.

At that time, Russia spent a lot of money, and the government spent 14.2 billion US dollars, making this World Cup the most expensive World Cup in history.(However, it has been reported that Qatar has invested more than 200 billion US dollars in infrastructure for this World Cup alone, and has also customized and developed innovative stadium temperature control technology. It can be said that everything is high-end, and the most expensive World Cup is probably coming soon. Changed ownership.)

In 2018, men, women, and children all over Russia tried their best. In just three months from April to June, the whole country made more than 57 million purchases on AliExpress.What is this concept?This is equivalent to Russians going without eating or drinking for 24 hours, 'chopping' their hands an average of 7 times per second.

When it comes to 'chopping hands', women have always been inferior to men, not to mention the women of the fighting nation. They have become the main force of 'chopping hands', mainly buying clothes and dolls.Young people under the age of 24 are frantically ordering tops and T-shirts to watch football, and sales have increased by 257%.

As early as three months before the start of the game, Russians have begun to purchase various 'artifacts' for watching football online.Orders for football alone increased by 60%, and sports-related items surged by 128%.

There has been an obvious surge in sexual products (up 2566%), cosmetics (up 1467%), holiday party supplies (up 94.99%), towels (up 109%), women's hot pants (up 67%)...all are carnival fans Night must be 'equipped'.

Of course, not everyone can walk into stadiums to cheer for their favorite stars or teams. The number of global viewers of the Russian World Cup reached 3.262 billion, and the vast majority of fans watched the games through various viewing channels.As a result, electronic equipment such as TVs, tablets, and projectors were all bought. Tablet orders increased 20 times, and TV sales increased 15 times.

If the first person who is happy about the World Cup is the fans, the second person is probably the bar owners.Orders for bar stools alone have soared 198 times, yes you read that right.Bars will set up a special area for fans to watch the game, so tables, chairs, wine glasses, and World Cup-related atmosphere decorations are the purchase targets of bar owners.

Russia's World Cup

Let’s talk about this World Cup in Qatar again.This World Cup matchPeriod (2022-11-21 to 2022-12-18) coincides with the 'Black Friday' sale (November 25)bumped into each other, footballAs the world's largest sport, it has a very large audience. At the same time, football can transcend the barriers of national borders, cultures, ages and beliefs. It is a shortcut for cross-border e-commerce sellers to increase their visibility in the international market and promote sales growth.

With the blessing of multiple buffs, everyone is also thinking about having a hearty hit during the World Cup.As for which categories are likely to become popular during this period, some sellers may be struggling to confirm.In fact, the needs of fans in every World Cup are quite different. We can find some patterns from the above data and even draw inferences.Because the author is also a fan, I will tell you from the perspective of a fan. If it were me, what kind of products would I buy?

Mascot La'eeb doll

The overall image of the mascot is a fun and mischievous character. La'eeb is an Arabic word that represents a skilled player.Mascot dolls have always been one of the best-selling products of the World Cup, so of course we can’t miss them.

Derivative products with mascot designs

With a mascot, there are naturally many products that can be made around it.Pillows, T-shirts, scarves, hats and other daily necessities can basically be printed with La'eeb, becoming the favorite of male and female fans.

Qatar wool square towel

Speaking of Qatar, apart from oil, all I can think of is their headscarves. When we arrive in Qatar, we are first and foremost a tourist.Then there are the fans. Woolen headscarves with elements of the World Cup and Qatar are the best choice. Moreover, the design inspiration for the logo of the Qatar World Cup is also a woolen headscarf, which is both practical and commemorative.

World Cup commemorative small items

Keychains, wristbands or mobile phone cases can be designed in various patterns and styles, whichever you like.The team's flag, team emblem, and uniform can be your favorite star, or it can be a football or trophy.As long as it is a small object related to the World Cup elements, it is very popular.

World Cup cheering tools

If there is any unforgettable memory of the 2010 World Cup, some would say Robin van Persie's leap to the top, some would saySuarez's goal-line save, but if you ask me, it was the 'vuvuzela' that made my head buzz. He has become a symbol of the World Cup in South Africa.In addition, various cheering tools such as cheering hats, rattles, whistles, etc. are also hot spots for fans.

shading tools

The Qatar World Cup kicks off at around 1 pm local time, although this is the first time in the history of the World Cup that it is held in winter., but the local climate is a tropical desert, hot and dry. Even from November to December, the temperature is still 25-30 degrees, so sunshade is still necessary to prevent heatstroke, such as sunglasses, sun hats and sunscreen, etc., which will most likely It's a hot seller.

Items bearing the national team flag

as a national teamFans must buy something with the national team's logo.Bracelets, cups, lighters, face stickers, etc. can all be designed as products with national flags, team emblems and other symbols.

Football and jerseys and shoes

The sales volume of footballs, jerseys, and sneakers are generally relatively stable, because the consumer group is generally rich.Ball lover.But with the advent of the World Cup, this type of product has also ushered in an explosive season.Real die-hard fans will not only follow the progress of the World Cup and cheer for their favorite team, but they will also put on jerseys, sneakers, and equipment and go to the court to play football with three or five friends.


During the World Cup, there’s nothing better than hanging out with a group of like-minded people in a bar to support your favorite team.It makes people happier, so many bars and other entertainment venues will set up a special area to broadcast World Cup games. At this time, the projector comes into play - a small size, a huge screen, and a very practical equipment for attracting customers!

And rightYu NaFor fans who don't like to go to bars but like to watch football games with friends, a home projector is also suitable. It provides a better viewing experience and is easy to store. It can also play videos at ordinary times, making it very suitable for parties and leisure time.

Beanbags and other furniture or outdoor products

Got itProjector, no matter you are indoors or outdoors, you will definitely find ways to make watching the game more comfortable!Indoor beanbags, cushions, pillows, etc., or outdoor barbecue tools all have the possibility of sales growth. Since everyone is watching the game at home, the entire viewing experience must be full!

baby product

For male fansHe said that finding a female fan as his wife should be the happiest thing.But when the World Cup arrives, what should couples and fans with children do?I don’t want to miss the game, and I can’t leave my child alone.Therefore, the sales of baby products such as baby carriers and strollers increased at an alarming rate during the last World Cup. With these, you can watch the game and take care of your baby.

Plates, tissue boxes, wine glasses, snack storage boxes, etc.

How can I watch the ball?Without drinking beer and eating snacks, maybe we can’t send our Chinese delicacies to their tables, but the plates, wine glasses, tissue boxes and snack storage boxes with delicacies can be printed on them with the country, team or snack they support. Celebrities, then they might like it more.

TIPS:Sellers should avoid minefields when preparing goods

Pay attention to copyright issues丨

Copyright issues can be said to be a topic that can never be avoided in sports marketing. The higher the association with the World Cup, the greater the risk of infringement. Things related to the World Cup, such as the Hercules Cup, mascots and logos, are protected by law. of.

Pay attention to the differences in religious beliefs丨
Qatar is a typical Islamic country, so when formulating some marketing plans, you need to pay attention to avoid unnecessary trouble.

When stockingTime and stocking quantity丨

Considering that the World Cup is from November 21 to December 18, 2022, Beijing time, product selection, customization, stocking, shipping to overseas warehouses or Amazon warehouses, and advertising require sellers to complete product selection and stocking in advance.In addition, some World Cup products are neither rigidly needed nor consumables. They need to be stocked according to the cycle of seasonal products, or even shorter than the cycle of seasonal products. If they are not sold after the World Cup, they may become permanent inventory.

SiteOff-site promotion at the same time丨

Products that take advantage of the World Cup hot spot will naturally need to use this hot spot to continuously promote their products. Needless to say, keyword advertisements related to the World Cup will be placed on the site.Social networking sites can also initiate competition predictions and discussions, and promote your own products.If you are still at a loss as to how to operate overseas Internet advertising and promotion, what should you do?ThatFujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd., one of the organizers of China Cross-Trade Fair, is your best choice.It is a global Internet integrated marketing service provider and cross-border digital trade comprehensive service platform based on big data technology. It provides customers with professional multi-lingual website building, overseas promotion, online marketing, overseas advertising, and cross-border import and export technical services. Overall solution for border e-commerce.The company has an overseas marketing team certified by Google with professional capabilities in digital technology. It is also a core partner of well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms at home and abroad such as Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, TikTok, and Shopify.Welcome to log in to the official website or official account for details.

The above is my opinion as a fan and a cross-border person. Having said so much, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Although some of my opinions cannot represent all fans, they basically meet the basic needs of fans around the world.I believe these can also represent some of the opinions and purchasing desires of most fans.Therefore, the World Cup is not only a grand event for fans, but may also be a transformation period and sales festival for some cross-border e-commerce companies. Everyone must find their own market positioning in order to better win the market.The World Cup is coming soon, I wish all sellers to ship more goods, and of course remember to take the time to enjoy the World Cup which happens every four years!


*Some data and pictures come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us and delete it.

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