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[China Cross-border Trade Fair] Cross-border short news, focusing on cross-border affairs

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[China Cross-border Trade Fair] Cross-border short news, focusing on cross-border affairs

Five minutes a week to know everything about cross-border travel.Let’s take a look at what’s new in the cross-border e-commerce circle?

Policy Services

Ministry of Commerce: Further develop cross-border e-commerceThe role of business in stabilizing foreign trade

9Month 27On the same day, the Ministry of Commerce issued 'Several Policies and Measures to Support the Stable Development of Foreign Trade' to ensure production and contract performance, support advantageous products in exploring international markets; actively support enterprises to participate in various exhibitions to seize orders; successfully host the 132nd China Import and Export Fair ( Canton Fair) online exhibition; give full play to the role of foreign trade innovation platform; further play the role of cross-border e-commerce in stabilizing foreign trade; and further promote smooth trade.

Top 20 container ports in the world in the first half of 2022Ranking released, Chinese ports occupy 9 seats

Released by shipping intelligence provider AlphalinerThe ranking of the world's top 20 container ports from January to June 2022 was released, among which a total of 9 Chinese ports were on the list, namely:ShanghaiPort (1st), Ningbo Zhoushan Port (3rd), Shenzhen Port (4th), Qingdao Port (5th), Guangzhou Port (6th), Tianjin Port (8th), Hong Kong Port (10th), Xiamen Port (15th), Kaohsiung Port (18th).

RMBborder collectionPay a new high

ChinaThe '2022 RMB Internationalization Report' released by the People's Bank of China at the end of September shows that RMB cross-border settlement has grown steadily.The total amount of RMB cross-border receipts and payments in 2021 was 36.61 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.0%, and the amount of receipts and payments hit a record high.

Platform Trends

Pinduoduo launches cross-border platform Temuphotography services

Pinduoduo spanThe environment platform Temu has launched a new function in the background - photography service, aiming to improve the quality of pictures uploaded by sellers and increase product conversion rate.At the same time, Pinduoduo is still recruiting a large number of photography service providers.Temu's backend shows that Pinduoduo has recruited 69 photography service providers, located in 23 cities including Beijing, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chongqing.

Sellers canThe brief introduction of each photography service provider seen on the website includes the city to which it belongs, categories of photography it specializes in, case presentations, prices, and contact information.Photography types are divided into model shots and still life posed shots.

TikTok may use outsourcing to expand its business in the United StatesChina launches live streaming shopping platform

TikTok will be headquartered in Los AngelesThe company has entered into a partnership with TalkShopLive to launch its live shopping platform in North America by outsourcing its operations.The two companies are still finalizing the collaboration, adding that no contract has been signed so far.TikTok did not immediately respond to a request for comment, while a representative for TalkShopLive declined to comment.

TikTok Shop becomes Indonesia’s most popularWelcome to shopping platform

According to market researchA report on Indonesian consumers’ use of social media for online shopping released by the agency Populix showed that 86% of respondents said they had used social media platforms for shopping.45% of respondents said TikTok Shop is the most popular social media shopping platform.The average Indonesian consumer spends approximately IDR 275,000/month (approximately US$18/month) on online shopping through social media.

AliExpress adds 5 new productsOverseas warehouse service provider

barn, ten thousandFive major overseas warehouse service providers, including Yitong, Qianxianghehe, Yibang, and Qicheng, have officially signed to become AliExpress's ecological warehouse partners. The systems of both parties are directly connected to provide merchants with automated overseas warehouse fulfillment services.

AliExpress for cross-border sellersProvide 30-day interest-free loans

To helpFor cross-border sellers’ overseas Double Eleven promotions, AliExpress announced that it will cooperate with MYbank to provide sellers with interest-free loans for 30 days.AliExpress sellers can claim it with one click. Just open Alipay, search for 'online merchant loan' and click on 'welfare' to see the corresponding rights and interests.

Amazon held for the first time 'PrEarly access day for ime members'

First YamaThe Prime Early Access Sale event will be held from October 11th to 12th local time in 15 countries around the world.

This time AsiaThe Amazon Prime membership early access day will last for 48 hours and covers the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, China, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey.

Amazon has updatedAmazon Sale Calendar

YamaXun Europe Station issued an announcement stating that it has updated the 2022 Amazon sales calendar. Sellers can use the Amazon sales calendar and peak season preparation skills to seize business opportunities in the 2022 holiday sales season.

YamaAmazon officials said that by using Amazon’s big sale calendar and peak season preparation skills, you can prepare in advance for the 2022 peak sales season and seize peak season traffic and business opportunities.

Follow the public account and reply'Amazon Sale Calendar'can be obtained,Seize business opportunities during the 2022 holiday sales season.

Amazon US site promotionNew traffic entrance

YamaThe Xunmei website announced that the enhanced function of the product details page has now been launched for testing. This function will allow buyers to view the best-selling products in the same store when they click on the seller's products.The launch of this feature will help sellers increase brand awareness and increase sales opportunities before the peak season.

From now onBy January next year, when buyers view certain product details pages on the PC, they will see a new entrance. After clicking on this entrance, they can view 'other popular products of the brand'.This feature will be targeted at brands using Amazon Attribution to measure the performance of non-Amazon marketing via Google Search Ads on sellers’ product detail pages.All brands that join the Brand Referral Bonus Program will automatically appear.And through the Brand Referral Bonus Program, sellers can earn an average of 10% commission in the form of credit on sales driven by their non-Amazon marketing.

eBay France: Exit todayThe annual Black Friday promotion focuses on the second-hand e-commerce market

eBay has adjusted its French business and refocused its strategy on 'second-hand e-commerce'.At the same time, eBay will not participate in the French Black Friday promotion this year, and the Christmas event will also focus on promoting the sales of second-hand goods.

Shopee becomes Brazil's first halfMost searched platforms

According to the Webshoppers 46 report compiled by NielsenIQ, Brazilian e-commerce sales reached 118.6 billion reais (approximately RMB 160.8 billion) in the first half of 2022, an increase of 6% compared with the same period in 2021.

China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (Autumn) (CCEF)

'Build a platform' to help enterprises explore the cross-border e-commerce market,

Actively find suitable ways to 'pave the way' for enterprises to go overseas smoothly

Exhibition time:November 25-27, 2022

Place:Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex

Directed by:Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Guangzhou Municipal People's Governmentorganizer:China Foreign Trade Center Group Co., Ltd.,Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce,Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.,China's foreign tradeState Exhibition Co., Ltd.organizer:China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd.,Fujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd.,Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., (China) Software Systems Co., Ltd.,Hangzhou Fanjie Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (Fanding International Group),Fujian Zixun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Purple Bird Browser),Zongteng Group,Shop Jiang Technology SHOPLAZZA,Shanghai Xinggu Information Technology Co., Ltd.,MoonSees dream west stone information technology,Noah's wealth,Beijing Zhuoao Century Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry support units:Hunan Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Shanxi Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Tianjin Cross-border E-Commerce Association,China Chamber of International Commerce Henan Chamber of Commerce Cross-border E-commerce Industry Committee,Hangzhou Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Huizhou Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Association,Haidao E-commerce Club,Jining Industrial Enterprise Federation,Linyi Cross-border E-Commerce Association

Special cooperation units:Seller's Home, AMZ123

Exhibition introduction:

China Cross-border E-commerce Fair is a cross-border e-commerce fair organized to link Chinese manufacturing and global consumption, integrate the rapidly developing cross-border e-commerce ecological resources, and realize resource integration in the foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce and exhibition industries. , serving global trade and helping companies open up broader markets.The exhibition not only realizes the function of matching transactions, but also brings diverse platforms and full-chain services. Its value-added function is a differentiated advantage that other exhibitions of the same type do not have.With the theme of 'New Momentum for Foreign Trade·New Digital Future' and the positioning of 'Creating a national brand and platform for cross-border e-commerce to serve the innovative development of foreign trade', China Cross-border Trade Fair is committed to optimizing high-quality suppliers and cross-border e-commerce. cross-border e-commerce buyers and platform resources; upgrade high-end forums and activities to create the leading event in China's cross-border e-commerce industry.

Exhibition area distribution and exhibit categories (three major exhibition areas):


Cross-border e-commerce supplier exhibition area

Household daily consumer goods, 3C electronics and healthy living, gifts, stationery and cosmetics, shoes, clothing, textiles, bags, sports and outdoor categories, toys, maternal and infant pet products and comprehensive food, furniture and building materials, gardening hardware, lighting, automobile and motorcycle accessories.


Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service exhibition area

Cross-border e-commerce platform, information consulting, logistics and warehousing, operation management system, payment platform, digital marketing, insurance and taxation, financial investment, talent training, cross-border institutions, industrial design, etc.


Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, cross-border e-commerce industrial park


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