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[China Cross-border Trade Fair] Cross-border short news, focusing on cross-border affairs

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[China Cross-border Trade Fair] Cross-border short news, focusing on cross-border affairs

Five minutes a week to know everything about cross-border travel.Let’s take a look at what’s new in the cross-border e-commerce circle?

Policy Services

ChinaCross-border e-commerceExport scale doubled

Authoritative New ClassicsEconomic industry analysis agency iiMedia Consulting recently released the '2022-2023 China Cross-border Export E-commerce Industry Development Status and Typical Case Study Report'.The report shows that China's cross-border e-commerce exports will be 1.44 trillion yuan in 2021 and are expected to reach 2.95 trillion yuan in 2024, doubling compared to 2021.

Platform trends

Ali International StationLaunched free 'Business Opportunity Tool'

Ali countryInternational Station announced the launch of a free 'Business Opportunity Artifact'.It can help merchants diagnose and optimize product links for free, and obtain business opportunities at a lower cost.It is reported that, this 'Business Opportunity Artifact' will diagnose the product links of merchants on Alibaba International Station from various aspects such as search engine inclusion status, text length, user reviews, video information, etc., provide optimization suggestions, and help merchants improve the SEO of their products. Effect (SEO is 'search results optimization'), thereby obtaining more traffic and business opportunities for free.

Lazada is online moreStore management function improves seller message response rate

LazadThe a platform has launched a multi-store management function on the Vietnamese site, aiming to synchronize messages from multiple stores, improve sellers’ message response rates, and further increase order conversions.Among them, the cross-border seller setup steps are to enter the ASC Vietnam site-My Account-Set CHAT-Multiple Store Management-Create a store group.

LazadaReleased new business strategy for 2023

Lazada202The 2020 Merchant Awards Ceremony was held, at which Lazada’s 2023 merchant support projects were shared: the newly upgraded 2023 Strong Merchant Plan and 2023 Overseas Warehouse Support, which will comprehensively help overseas merchants and brands seize new opportunities.

2023 strengthMerchants plan to open up more core incentives such as commission rebates and exclusive traffic exposure resources, combined with national sites and exclusive assistance from industry waiters, to continue to enhance the brand's overseas growth.The plan is currently in full swing.

TikTok in the United Statesk73% higher return on ad spend

recentlyA survey conducted found that TikTok’s return on ad spend is approximately 73% higher compared to other media channels in Latin America.TikTok has become a key player in the spread of advertising campaigns in the region.

according toAccording to the survey, TikTok’s return on advertising expenditure (ROAS) is 80% higher than offline media.Meanwhile, within one year, TikTok campaigns saw an 80% increase in advertising return on investment.

TikTok’s new rules: strictProhibit recording and broadcasting to protect original content

to be timelyTo curb illegal business practices, standardize the order of live broadcasts, and create a good development environment for merchants, TikTok Shop has recently updated its content rules to prohibit pre-recording and re-uploading of other celebrities’ live broadcasts.

It is understood thatDue to the traffic and commercial value of TikTok Shop, a few accounts are willing to take the risk of violation and infringement, maliciously recording and stealing the e-commerce content of other merchants and experts.This type of behavior has greatly affected the ecology of the platform's live broadcast and brought goods, and also caused problems in terms of product quality to consumers.

Provided by AmazonFree boxless returns

Amazon official websiteAmazon announced it is offering thousands of free returns on millions of items as it strives to simplify online purchasing and returns.

Of the millions of items currently purchased on Amazon in the U.S., most customers have at least one free return optiongoods options.

Big nowMost Amazon returns are easier than ever, no box required.Once customers get a QR code from an Amazon returns center, no box or label is required, just hand the item to a store associate and they will pack and ship it for free.

YamaXun seller wallet is online

At the end of the dayAt the Amazon Global Store Cross-Border Summit, Amazon's global seller cross-currency payment business team officially launched the new product 'Amazon Seller Wallet'.Amazon said it will work with Amazon Global Collection to help Chinese sellers’ global business

Shopee: Women's Shoes and Women'sBags are the most searched category among users of all ages

Shopee Brazil recently released data on the products that will be most popular among consumers in 2022.In Brazil, September, November and July are the months with the largest sales in 2022 (9.9 Super Shopping Day, 11.11, Black Friday and 7.7 Shopee anniversary are the dates with the largest sales throughout the year).from productionBy the way, the highest-selling categories on the above dates were home décor, beauty, women’s clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories.The terms women’s sneakers and women’s bags were the most searched terms across all age groups, including consumers over 50.

UPS will be atDemand surcharge continues after peak season

To better manage increased demand for air freight capacity and rising costs, UPS will continue to implement a temporary demand surcharge on shipments shipped worldwide.The latest UPS demand surcharge will take effect on January 15 and remain in effect until further notice.The fee replaces the fee that went into effect on October 30Peak season surcharge.

SHEIN becomes the world's most downloaded app in 2022shopping app

2022,SHEIN became the world's most downloaded shopping app in 2022, with 229 million installs.Followed by Meesho (210 million), Shopee (203 million),Amazon(195 million), Shopsy (141 million), Flipkart (115 million), Pinduoduo (79 million), Alibaba (66 million), Lazada (64 million), Mercado Libre (58 million).


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