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[China Cross-border Trade Fair] Cross-border short news, focusing on cross-border affairs

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[China Cross-border Trade Fair] Cross-border short news, focusing on cross-border affairs

Five minutes a week to know everything about cross-border travel.Let’s take a look at what’s new in the cross-border e-commerce circle?

Policy Services

Four new national standards for cross-border e-commerceThe release makes foreign trade companies more aggressive

On December 7, the State Council issued 'New Ten Measures to Further Optimize Epidemic Prevention', which mentioned that nucleic acid testing should be further optimized. Nucleic acid testing for all employees will not be carried out according to administrative regions. Except for special places such as nursing homes, no nucleic acid testing is required.Provide nucleic acid test negative certificate and health code.People traveling across regions will no longer be required to check negative nucleic acid test certificates.

new policyThe introduction is another major benefit to the cross-border e-commerce industry.The manufacturing industry will be revitalized, the logistics supply chain will be smoother, and sellers can boldly seek more cooperation across regions, which will be conducive to the steady development of cross-border e-commerce.

Platform trends

SHEIN is preparingThird-party platform

An internal memo from SHEIN shows that the platform is considering introducing third-party market sales and developing it into a third-party online market, which would put it in direct competition with e-commerce giants such as Amazon.According to SHEIN, its marketplace platform was built to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.sameAt this time, the transformation of third-party e-commerce platforms will bring more sources of income to SHEIN.SHEIThe first stop for N to promote this project may be Brazil. SHEIN has implemented the Taobao store model in Brazil before.It is reported that in Latin America, Brazil and Mexico are one of SHEIN’s main markets.

TikTok USASite announces seller incentive plan

TikTokk and American Express have launched a new program called #ShopSmallAccelerator to help small and medium-sized merchants reach new audiences and grow their businesses.It is understood that the project is a one-stop shop provided by TikTok for small businesses. Small businesses can receive professional creative guidance from popular TikTok creators, gain new customers by keeping up with the latest trends, or promote growth.The project will not only involve TikTok influencers, but will also be accompanied by a specially customized ShopSmall soundtrack to help small businesses stand out during the year-end peak season and better participate in the Small Business Saturday event on November 26.

TPosted by ikTok ShopPublication of self-built warehouse collection service provider switching notice

In order to provide the seller withTo provide continuous high-quality logistics services, the platform plans to target some merchants in Dongguan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in batches from December 19, 2022. Jitu International will provide collection services for sellers from the previous Wanse Express.The specific service provider switching time will be notified by Jitu customer service phone call. The switching will begin at 0:00 on the day of the switching notification. Within 3 days after the switch, the Wanse Collection driver will continue to establish the connection and continue to provide unfinished collection services. After 3 days, Only Jitu drivers will be there to collect the parcels, and the seller’s parcels will not need to be separated into separate packages.

Pinduoduo TEMU sellers get free shipping bonusor is about to end

There are media fromMany TEMU sellers have learned that Pinduoduo TEMU has issued notices to seller groups in multiple categories that the platform will reduce the proportion of freight charges for non-hot items. Sellers must ship the items as soon as possible to seize the free shipping bonus in the last period.

It is understood, TEMU delivery mode is divided into two types, one is spot warehousing, which is VMI mode; the other is pre-sale mode, which is JIT mode.

in, the VMI model means that the platform bears the freight for sellers to deliver goods to the TEMU warehouse, and the platform also takes care of overseas logistics and transportation issues when goods are sold at the warehouse.However, if the product is out of stock in the warehouse, the link will be automatically removed from the shelves.The advantage of the VMI model is that stocking up in advance can ensure the timeliness of online shopping for overseas consumers.

AliExpress becomes a Korean shopping app againNo. 1 in downloads

according toStatistics released by the mobile data analysis platform App Annie show that the downloads of AliExpress as a shopping APP in the Korean market have continued to rise recently, and it has become the first place in the download rankings.This is the second consecutive month that AliExpress has topped the Korean shopping APP download list.

Amazon FBA Small and Light Product Program has launched in the Netherlands, Swedish and Polish sites launched

Amazon EuropeZhou Station announced that the Amazon Logistics Small and Light program has now been launched in three new sites in the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland.

Sellers can enjoy lower fulfillment fees in these countries’ cost-effective, eligible Small and Light programs compared to standard FBA.

eBay launches 'Green Week'1. Promotional activities

eBayThe Green Monday promotion (the second Monday in December) has officially started.Green Monday, coined by eBay in 2007, is one of eBay's biggest sales days of the year and one of the most important online shopping days in the retail industry.eBayExecutives said the event provides shoppers with incredible prices and deals across categories such as technology, fashion and home, with discounts of up to 50%.eBay will subsequently expand its sales range, from new to refurbished goods, to provide shoppers with more product discounts.

eBay releases 'blackFive Networks and One'Hot-Selling Categories

2022During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, Chinese sellers actively participated in eBay platform promotions and worked closely with the eBay team.eBay’s key categories sold by Chinese sellers, including energy products, consumer electronics, home and gardening, auto and motorcycle parts, and commercial and industrial products, are all hot sellers during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Shopee 12.12 big sale ends: China cross-border salesProducts sold across multiple categories increased 12 times

Shopee announced the successful conclusion of the 12.12 birthday promotion. Data shows that during the Double 12 period, the number of views of Shopee LiveHitting a new high of over 1.6 billion, the number of Shopee Prizes game participation exceeded 5 billion, and in the Malaysian market, over 23 million coupons were collected.Driven by the overall rise, the number of goods sold in many Chinese cross-border categories increased by 12 times compared with usual days. New cross-border sellers also took advantage of the momentum to achieve gratifying results, with the number of goods sold exceeding millions on the day of the promotion.On the day of the big sale, the number of products sold in the cross-border Shopee Mall increased seven times to normal. Many domestic brands were on the 12.12 Southeast Asian brand best-selling list. High-priced categories such as sports and outdoor, men's shoes, audio-visual entertainment, computers and accessories were popular.

Amazon Chinese sellers in the United StatesMarket sales share hits record high

Marketplace Pulse research found that Chinese sellers’ sales share in the U.S. Amazon marketplace hit a record high.Data shows that the percentage of total feedback comments from Chinese sellers has returned to the level since November 2020.Chinese sellers receive customer feedback reviews on every order, amounting to millions of reviews per month (providing feedback is optional, and the percentage of customers leaving seller reviews is 1-5%).since 202Starting in 2020, Amazon US sellers had been increasing market share, which stopped in March 2022.Since then, the trend has reversed, with Chinese sellers quickly regaining lost market share.US sellers still account for more than 50%, but they may soon fall below.

Shopee Singapore fromIncrease goods and services tax by 8% starting next year

Shopee issued a 'Singapore site goods and services tax update from January 1, 2023' notice.The notice stated that according to the regulations of the Singapore government, starting from January 1, 2023, overseas goods arriving in Singapore by air/mail/sea freight, etc. will be subject to an 8% goods and services tax.


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