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[China Cross-border Trade Fair] Cross-border short news, focusing on cross-border affairs

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[China Cross-border Trade Fair] Cross-border short news, focusing on cross-border affairs

Five minutes a week to know everything about cross-border travel.Let’s take a look at what’s new in the cross-border e-commerce circle?

Policy Services

By the end of 2022, the total global e-commerce market revenue willReaching $4.2 trillion

According to StaData from tista Digital Market Outlook shows that the global e-commerce market will be worth more than US$3.8 trillion in 2021, and total revenue will reach US$4.2 trillion by the end of 2022.Analysts expect e-commerce's relevance in total retail sales to increase significantly.Following growth of 6 percentage points, e-commerce is expected to account for 22% of total retail revenue in 2022.

Platform trends

Pinduoduo launches overseas supportplan

September 19, PinduoDuoduo announced the official launch of the '2022 Duoduo Overseas Support Plan' to provide integrated service solutions for manufacturing businesses going overseas.

specific supportSupport measures include adopting a long-term preferential policy of 0 deposit and 0 commission for merchants; investing tens of billions in resource packages to create 100 overseas brands in the first phase and supporting 10,000 manufacturing companies to directly connect to overseas markets; providing domestic and foreign warehousing and cross-border logistics As well as after-sales service and other infrastructure services; including integrated overseas solutions such as language and culture, product standards, intellectual property services, legal aid, trade arbitration, etc.; customized courses for merchants are launched for different types of products.

Pinduoduo’s cross-border e-commerce platform Temu goes offline in one dayLoad capacity surpasses Amazon

according toAccording to data from mobile data tracking company SensorTower, Pinduoduo’s cross-border e-commerce platform Temu ranked first among shopping apps in the Google Play Store on September 17, ahead of Amazon and Shein.It is reported that Temu will be launched in the US market in September 2022 and has 15 product categories, covering fashion, beauty, pets, office supplies, etc.

Alibaba International Station releases September collectionCross-border Shopping Festival Index

September 22, AhAlibaba International Station released the cross-border index for the September Purchasing Festival to sort out the consumption trends in overseas markets at the end of the year.Data shows that due to the economic downturn, consumption during global double festivals (Christmas and Black Friday) tends to 'buy high quality at low prices', and buyers pay more attention to IP creativity and flexible customization.It is reported that new consumption concepts are taking shape around the world.Regarding electronic products, people are gradually beginning to accept the consumption concept of 'as long as it is enough' and 'as long as it can be used'.

Cainiao International and SHOPLINE reaches strategic cooperation

Rookie CountryInternational has reached a cooperation with SHOPLINE. The two parties will jointly provide 'end-to-end' full-link logistics solutions for global cross-border merchants and cross-border brands, including domestic collection, international distribution, logistics details tracking, and one-stop after-sales. wait.

Lazada launches cross-border merchantsFive major support measures

Lazada announced at Alibaba's Domestic Products Going Global Summit and Lazada Cross-Border Merchant Conference that it has launched a new one-stop overseas business solution for cross-border merchants, including merchant support, three-dimensional logistics, local upgrades, ecological opening, and market insights. measures.

China’s National Day is coming, Amazon reminds sellersPut account into vacation mode

YamaXun US and European stations issued announcements to remind sellers who do not operate during the China National Day holiday from October 1 to October 7, 2022, to set their accounts to holiday mode.AmazonSpecial reminder: If the seller is not open during the China National Day holiday from October 1, 2022 to October 7, 2022, please be sure to set the account to holiday mode to avoid ignoring orders that may affect performance.

Shopee Philippines sellsGuarantee period shortened to three days

From the 19thStarting from today, the Shopee Guarantee will be shortened from the previous 5 days to 3 days.This adjustment applies to local ordinary sellers and preferred sellers in the Philippines. The Shopee guarantee period for mall sellers is still 7 days.

Walmart adds Walmart+Three return options including door pickup

Starting in October, Walmart customers and Walmart+ members can take advantage of three new return options, including Holiday Guarantee, Curbside Returns and Walmart+ Pickup.

First, WallMar Mart is extending its holiday return policy so that eligible orders placed on or after October 1 will be able to be returned until January 31, 2023.Second, Walmart Curbside Returns will allow customers to return items from their vehicle while picking up their weekly essentials.Finally, Walmart will offer Walmart+ members the option to pick up items directly from their door in select stores.Curbside returns and pickup options will launch in select stores the first week of October and will continue to expand to additional stores in the coming months.

Walmart launches enhanced virtual trialWear function

WallMa has innovated its digital capabilities to provide a new virtual shopping experience through personalized fitting rooms.Walmart hopes to attract more customers to its clothing by taking its virtual fitting room technology to the next level.

Europeans stock up in advance amid energy crisisExport volume of electric blankets almost doubled to welcome the cold winter

Many European countriesAs winter is about to enter, due to the increasing shortage of natural gas and the increase in heating demand, the order volume of small heating appliance-related companies in my country has increased significantly.

according toAccording to data from the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China's overseas sales of air conditioners, hair dryers and other electrical equipment such as air source heat pumps, heaters and blankets have grown significantly.Between January and July this year, exports of electric blankets to the EU almost doubled, reaching 97%.

China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (Autumn) (CCEF)

'Build a platform' to help enterprises explore the cross-border e-commerce market,

Actively find suitable ways to 'pave the way' for enterprises to go overseas smoothly

Exhibition time:November 25-27, 2022

Place:Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex

organizer:China Foreign Trade Center Group Co., Ltd., Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd.organizer:China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd., Fujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Systems Co., Ltd.,Hangzhou Fanjie Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (Fanding International Group),Fujian Zixun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Purple Bird Browser),Zongteng Group,Dianjiang Technology SHOPLAZZA、Shanghai Xinggu Information Technology Co., Ltd.,MoonSeesMengxishi Information Technology,Noah's Fortune

Special cooperation units:Seller's Home, AMZ123

Exhibition introduction:

China Cross-border E-commerce Fair is a cross-border e-commerce fair organized to link Chinese manufacturing and global consumption, integrate the rapidly developing cross-border e-commerce ecological resources, and realize resource integration in the foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce and exhibition industries. , serving global trade and helping companies open up broader markets.The exhibition not only realizes the function of matching transactions, but also brings diverse platforms and full-chain services. Its value-added function is a differentiated advantage that other exhibitions of the same type do not have.With the theme of 'New Momentum for Foreign Trade·New Digital Future' and the positioning of 'Creating a national brand and platform for cross-border e-commerce to serve the innovative development of foreign trade', China Cross-border Trade Fair is committed to optimizing high-quality suppliers and cross-border e-commerce. cross-border e-commerce buyers and platform resources; upgrade high-end forums and activities to create the leading event in China's cross-border e-commerce industry.

Exhibition area distribution and exhibit categories (three major exhibition areas):


Cross-border e-commerce supplier exhibition area

Household daily consumer goods, 3C electronics and healthy living, gifts, stationery and cosmetics, shoes, clothing, textiles, bags, sports and outdoor categories, toys, maternal and infant pet products and comprehensive food, furniture and building materials, gardening hardware, lighting, automobile and motorcycle accessories.


Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service exhibition area

Cross-border e-commerce platform, information consulting, logistics and warehousing, operation management system, payment platform, digital marketing, insurance and taxation, financial investment, talent training, cross-border institutions, industrial design, etc.


Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, cross-border e-commerce industrial park


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