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'Brother Hai talks about cross-border' series 11: The 'danger' in the Year of the Ox is fading away, and the 'opportunity' in the Year of the Tiger has arrived

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'Brother Hai talks about cross-border' series 11: The 'danger' in the Year of the Ox is fading away, and the 'opportunity' in the Year of the Tiger has arrived

The 'crisis' in the Year of the Ox is fading away, but the 'opportunities' in the Year of the Tiger are approaching

'Brother Hai talks about cross-border'·Series 11

2021 is destined to be an extraordinary year - the epidemic continues to rage, international exchanges continue to be isolated, various industries are reorganized to survive, and new technologies, new capital, and new platforms are empowering and integrating traditional industries.Among them, cross-border e-commerce is also moving forward amidst twists and turns.Marked by Amazon’s store closures, China’s cross-border circle is being reshuffled day by day, and the industry is facing unprecedented challenges and changes.There are different opinions on where to go.However, the road is full of obstacles and long, but progress is coming. If we keep on going, we can look forward to the future.Looking back on 2021, the past has become a cloud; looking forward to 2022, there are opportunities amid crises and new core has been formed.

Keyword 1: Upgrade, new foreign trade

The distribution model collapsed, and the era of barbaric growth came to an end. A new generation of powerful companies dedicated to supply chain and industrial chain integration quietly emerged and appeared in the C position.When Jimmy Lin first debuted, he was very high-spirited, and his lofty sentiments of 'Last year you were the king, this year I am the supreme' are still ringing in my ears. This lyric also appropriately summarizes the current situation at that time.Many years ago, I predicted that extensive product expansion would be like a castle in the air, and the 'dry goods' gameplay that frequently touched the rules of the platform would challenge the bottom line of the game. If you can escape the first grade of junior high school, you will not be able to escape the fifteenth grade.In an era when rules were imperfect, this style of play gave birth to a group of 'adventurers' who wanted to make quick money. When a so-called 'dry technology' meeting was held, the novices were like crucian carp crossing the river. People flocked to the company and regarded 'technology' as a holy book.Last year, when the store was closed, the 'gods' were filled with righteous indignation. Looking back now, it was not all a bad thing. After all, it was time to give up the barbaric style of fighting with guns and sticks.

When the whole nation is digging for gold, some people find a unique way to make a fortune by ferrying. It is a kind of calmness and wisdom not to blindly follow and operate in a differentiated manner.I admire the entrepreneurial passion, but when all the adults rush in to trade stocks, everyone can say afterwards that it has peaked.As national ministries and commissions clearly support the C2M model, the manufacturing industry vigorously develops flexible supply chains, and cross-border e-commerce gradually penetrates into traditional manufacturing industries, various signals have already indicated that future trade is no longer about what you produce, and the market will buy it. You produce what consumers need.This is the so-called 'upgrade, new foreign trade'.

Keyword 2: Blue ocean, new challenges

It has to be said that cross-border e-commerce is still one of the industries that has benefited from the epidemic, and has been honored by the country as a 'new format and new model of foreign trade' for its contribution to the anti-epidemic recovery.Official news shows that cross-border e-commerce exports have increased by 40% and 20% respectively in the past two years, which is indeed eye-catching, and the average profit of the industry is estimated to be 20%+.Putting aside the sense of superiority of 'Versailles' and looking at the bleak market in recent years, what other industry can rival it?Thinking about tourism, exhibitions, education and training, catering, department stores, cinemas and other industries, 'survival' is already a luxury, let alone profit.

In fact, it’s not about how good an individual is, but how popular the cross-border e-commerce industry is.At least for now, this track is worth exploring.According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, the total scale of industry mergers and acquisitions will exceed a staggering 30 billion yuan.If you think about it with your toes, all kinds of head and waist capital in China are pouring into cross-border e-commerce and investing in various sellers, service providers, platforms, etc. What does this mean?Is capital for charity?No, they are bloodthirsty and move when they smell fish.In 2022, cross-border e-commerce will not compete with others, but with strong comprehensive competitiveness - it will not only test the operational capabilities of practitioners, but also the control and optimization of each link.As the saying goes, the threshold is the threshold. If you can pass it, it is the door; if you cannot pass it, it is the threshold.Therefore, in the Year of the Tiger, if you do well, you will be more powerful than a tiger; if you do poorly, you will live in a tiger's mouth.

Keyword 3: concept, new technology

Let’s talk about the Metaverse.This thing is actually a bit like the famous Fuzhou dish 'chowder soup' - all kinds of vegetables are put into a pot and stewed together.The Meta movie also came out, and all kinds of metaverse concepts were flying all over the place.In fact, what Teacher Xiao Zha mentioned is that the basic functions of animals such as touch, vision, and taste have been fully realized in the metaverse world, and they are things in the field of perception. For example, with the advancement of science and technology, breakthroughs in perception technology have been used in the field of shopping. , imagine that in the future, online shopping can touch the texture of clothes. What a cool technology this is.In the dualistic world, you may be a loser in reality, and this IP will be difficult to tear off in this life, but in another world, you are a king who controls the wind and rain, or at least a little boss, which completely satisfies everyone's helplessness and frustration with reality. Full of fantasy needs.

At present, various metaverse concepts and projects with titles are following the trend, a bit like the blockchain in previous years.It is precisely excessive packaging that has demonized blockchain technology, so now no one is interested in blockchain.As for the Metaverse, it is a good thing. In the future, when the technology matures, it will be applied in the field of cross-border e-commerce, and its blessing and boosting effect is also conceivable.But that is what the technical engineers have to conquer. The ideal is very full and the reality is very skinny. At the moment, we don’t have to look up and dream about one day borrowing money from the Metaverse to make big sales. It is still more important to keep our heads down and study the current cross-border e-commerce business. .For ordinary people, it is better to care about their own rice bowls and pockets. After all, where is the most realistic place for their lunch box?

Keyword 4: Exhibition, new platform

Let’s talk about cross-border rendezvous.In March 2021, Fuzhou successfully held the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair, becoming the top player in the industry in one fell swoop. Following this, various places started to rise up, and various 'copycats' sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, naming themselves. 'China' is no longer surprised, and even more so, it is competing for the 'global' and the 'world'. If the earth cannot tolerate these swans who are as ambitious as the sky, I am afraid that the 'universe' It is not surprising that the first-level cross-border e-commerce exhibition appears.As you can see, there are countless cross-border e-commerce parks that have emerged across the country in recent years, but most of them, even if they are opened and operated, are just physical stacks and have never been able to achieve 'explosion' chemical reactions.It doesn't matter if they don't seek innovation, but they omit even the 'use-ism' of the gems in front of them. Instead of learning and digesting it, they just copy it by rote. They even plagiarize their names on their own examination papers. Some exhibitions that plagiarize the slogans and pictures of the cross-exhibition have indeed set a new limit for involution in the exhibition industry.I would like to ask, among the 'cross-exchange meetings' that are popping up all over the country, how many people among them have settled down to think about platform integration and industry pain points?Is 'Love in the Wind' refreshing?No, let 'Real Hero' last forever.

The success of last year's cross-trade fair was a systematic success and chemical reaction made possible by the dedicated efforts of governments, associations, sellers, supply chains, platforms and other parties. The organizers played an important catalyst role and solved the industry's pain points.In 2022, the Cross-Trade Fair will still adhere to its original intention of being based on industrial belts, adhering to the concept of integrated development, introducing more platforms, technologies, talents, logistics, capital, information and other elements, adhering to the principles of officialdom, professionalism and integration, learning from each other's strengths, and selecting the best. excellent.This time, the Ministry of Commerce's 'Silk Road E-commerce' forum plans to be held permanently at the cross-trade fair. Big names such as Lang Xianping and capital leaders such as GLP and CDH will also come to share their capital experience. TikTok, Walmart, Amazon, eBay More than 40 platforms such as Alibaba and Alibaba are actively participating. More than 60 industry leaders from 22 provinces and cities across the country have organized groups to participate in the exhibition. The number of buyers who have signed up has now exceeded 100,000. It is exciting and has once again 'detonated' the entire industry. It is extremely likely.In short, the road to pass is like iron, and now we are making progress from the beginning. In 2022, the passion for cross-border e-commerce will be rekindled in the blessed state. Let’s come together.


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