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Anke and other 4 companies are listed and selling well, and they are also service providers!Selling goods is no longer good?

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Anke and other 4 companies are listed and selling well, and they are also service providers!Selling goods is no longer good?

Table of contents

1. Phenomenon: The identity boundary is broken, when a seller starts a business as a service provider.

2. Thinking: Anker and other four big sellers want to be 'water sellers'. Are big sellers ultimately service providers?

3. Digging deeper: Platform staff colluded with service providers to 'rob' money, and industry insiders truly exposed the chaos of service providers.

Being both a 'gold digger' and a 'water seller'...More and more cross-border sellers are trying to get rid of the title of leek!


Leek Awakening: Sellers are also service providers

As cross-border e-commerce exports have developed from being unknown to being a celebrity that almost everyone knows, cross-border sellers who made a lot of money in silence not only can no longer keep a low profile, but also have lost the skill of 'bending down to pick up money' , the ensuing situation is: the industry is getting more and more involved, promotion costs are getting higher and higher, product prices are getting lower and lower, and profits are getting thinner and thinner...

However, the road ahead for cross-border sellers is becoming increasingly difficult, but they are all full of 'prosperous' physiques. From the moment they step into the cross-border e-commerce industry, they can make the service providers who train and open stores 'financial resources'. Guangjin'; The losses and sufferings suffered in the process of running stores are the 'wealth\' of various types of service providers such as Qingdao; each batch of goods shipped is the survival of logistics service providers. The cornerstone; even if a cross-border seller is heartbroken by the entire industry and wants to withdraw from the industry, he can still nourish a group of service providers who collect accounts and clear inventory before his death... A cross-border seller, from Give all the time from birth to death.

When leeks awaken or seize a chance, these 'gold diggers' will work hard to transition to 'water sellers'.Some logistics service providers, suppliers and even training institutions have their own cross-border stores. More and more small and medium-sized sellers are also starting business as service providers, such as part-time freight forwarding, part-time appeals, part-time order processing, part-time P-pictures, Part-time training...'I don’t know whether cross-border e-commerce sellers can make money, but selling services is really profitable.'This view has become a common understanding in the industry.

This is true for small stores, and it is also true for big sellers. The four known cross-border listed big sellers Anke Innovation, Tongtuo Technology, Jihong Shares and Price Chain have all entered the field of service providers.The editor learned that Anker Innovation has brought its agency operation projects abroad, and Tongtuo Technology, which provides training, has also helped Huawei’s Honor brand go overseas.Helping its brand products to remain the No. 1 smart watch on Amazon’s European 5-country site for a long time, the e-commerce service business of Price Chain has become an important source of income. Independent websites in Southeast Asia are selling Jihong shares and are about to launch their own SaaS service platform!

The boundary between sellers and service providers has become increasingly blurred. Small sellers strive to grow into big sellers. For big sellers who are already in high positions, the end point is service providers?When well-known big sellers in the industry, such as Anke, enter the service provider industry, can they play a leading role in the agency operations and training industries whose reputation has been damaged?


When cross-border sellers start logistics and training businesses

Part-time service providers for sellers have long been a very common phenomenon in the industry, and logistics, training, etc. are all popular options.

It is reported that an Amazon seller only started working as a training service provider in the past two years. The reason for working part-time as a service provider is that being a seller is too tiring, the risks are too great, and the threshold is also high. Once a mistake is made, the consequences will be very serious.Although working part-time as a service provider does not make a lot of money, it is enough to support the rent.

In view of the low barriers to entry in the logistics industry, many sellers will also work as freight forwarders in their spare time, so that they can not only meet their own shipping needs, but also make extra money.

In the process of sellers advancing to service providers, options such as brushing orders, agent registration, and appeals are also listed.

A Wish seller once said that his main business is selling goods on the Wish platform. Unfortunately, he cannot support himself through his main business alone, so he usually does some work on behalf of registered companies.

There is also a seller who just started selling kitchen supplies on the Amazon platform. He invested more than 100,000 yuan in it but had little success. By chance, he worked part-time as a brushing service provider. Not only can he earn more money, but he can also have free products. Brush order resources.


More than just selling goods, Anke and four other companies have ambitions to go public and sell goods

It is said that small sales are the product selection tool of big sales, and large sales are the product selection tools of platforms. In summary, both small sales and big sales are leeks, but there are differences between leeks.As a small seller, you are just a leek, but as a big seller, you are the best among leeks., which means that if the platform changes its policies slightly, they may lose hundreds of millions.The small vendors who are prepared for danger in times of peace are still working hard to actively save themselves and get rid of the insecurity caused by relying solely on the platform. The powerful big sellers are also working hard to get rid of the reputation of 'leeks'.From 'gold diggers' to 'water sellers', the ambitions of Anke and other four companies to go public and sell well are gradually revealed.

1. Anke engages in agency operations, helping brand search volume increase by 3750%.

This year, an investor once asked Anker Innovation: What proportion of the agent operation business accounted for in the first quarter of this year?

The secretary of the board of directors of Anker Innovation replied: The company’s agency operation business is still in its infancy and its proportion is relatively small.

Although Anker's answer is a bit 'low-key', and there are very few mentions of agency operations in its financial report, Anker has quietly brought its agency operations services abroad., the official website of Anker's operational incubation service brand, lists successful cases of cooperation with some of the most popular brands in the industry, such as Vital Proteins, Amore Pacific, DONGINBI, TCL, etc.

Anker said that in the process of cooperating with Vital Proteins, a brand selling collagen products, it saved Vital Proteins more than 1 million US dollars in operating expenses, increased the brand search volume by 3750%, and became the Top 1 category within a month, with sales exceeding It doubled last year.

At the same time, Anker also provided significant help to the domestic brand TCL’s successful overseas expansion.Anker said that in the first year of cooperation, TCL achieved sales of US$4,391,681 through their optimization strategy, and the brand's products successfully entered the top 15 in the mobile phone category. TCL launched BD activities and even won Top Rank No. 6.'This is a historic moment for TCL, and also for a Chinese mobile phone brand.' Anke said.

2. Tongtuo, a tens-billion-dollar seller, is also doing training.

In addition to Anker, cross-border seller Tongtuo Technology has also entered the service provider industry and launched training services.When Tongtuo was caught up in the account ban turmoil this year, it publicly stated that it has been silently exploring and practicing in the field of cross-border practical talent training/training. The training method is to introduce Tongtuo's practical mentor team to provide talent training and teach cross-border win-win partners the real practical skills,Provided training services to over 100 entrepreneurs and novice sellers, has been cultivated for the industryTens of thousands of professional and practical cross-border e-commerce talents

It has been reported that Tongtuo has cooperated with Huawei Honor to help the Huawei Honor brand go overseas, allowing its products to rank first among smart watches on Amazon’s European sites in five countries for a long time.

It is reported that Tongtuo has quietly started practical training as early as 2018 when the company launched the 'Ferry Plan'. However, in the past, it was more in the form of customized training, targeting those transforming manufacturers that have their own practical training needs. , overseas brands, and cross-border entrepreneurs, providing customized practical training and incubation services.

In addition to providing talent training, Tongtuo Cross-border E-Academy will also introduce Tongtuo's 17 years of accumulated experience and resources to provide team incubation, such as 300,000+ product supply chain sharing, 100 million+ professional marketing resource assistance, and 500+ logistics and warehousing resource support , cross-border guidance, etc., to help them do cross-border e-commerce with a greater probability.

3. Price Chain’s e-commerce service revenue reached 15.03 million yuan.

Another cross-border big seller, Price Chain, has now become a cross-border export e-commerce enterprise with 'branded e-commerce + e-commerce software + e-commerce community' as its main business. By selling to e-commerce sellers E-commerce marketing services and management software provide all-round, one-stop services for e-commerce sellers.At the same time, through the e-commerce community, we provide e-commerce sellers with traffic aggregation and distribution, promotion and promotion services based on the SAAS system.

The editor learned that the software AMZTracker, Vipon, CashCowPro, Unicorn Smasher Pro, and Tracker M developed by Price Chain itself are all targeted at Amazon sellers.In the first half of this year, Price Chain’s e-commerce service revenue reached 15.03 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.54%, accounting for 8% of total business sales in the first half of the year.

4. Southeast Asia is selling Jihong shares and also promoting SaaS service platforms.

There is also an independent website that we are familiar with that sells Jihong shares and is about to launch its own platform.

It is reported that Jihong Co., Ltd. established 'Jimiao Cloud' in the second half of 2020, and is committed to exporting the mature process links, business systems and application modules of cross-border e-commerce business in the form of products, and building a platform for Southeast Asia and other small businesses. Cross-border e-commerce SaaS service platform for language countries.

Jimiao Cloud is a full-link ecological platform focusing on cross-border e-commerce. It aims to help domestic merchants and foreign Internet celebrity bloggers quickly explore new 'sales' paths and create a new main marketing position.It mainly provides demanders with one-stop services including product selection, website building, marketing, warehousing, logistics, and customer management, helping more small, medium and micro merchants, brand merchants and Internet celebrity bloggers to quickly develop cross-border e-commerce business and achieve Operate independently.Even a novice with zero foundation can use the Jimiao Cloud platform to open a store and sell goods with one click without development and at zero cost.

In May 2021, the SaaS service platform-Jimiao Cloud, which took several months to build, launched internal testing. It is expected to complete product packaging and start market promotion by the end of 2021.

It is known that there are already 4 billion-dollar sellers vying to be service providers. In unknown corners, there may be more big sellers making 'commotion'!


The end of big sales is not the listing, but the service provider?

In the past, when mentioning the cross-border e-commerce platform represented by Amazon, many people would say it was a hot spot. Now when mentioning Amazon, Wish, independent websites and other platforms, many people would say it is a deep pit, and if you enter it, you will have a narrow escape!On the one hand, the change in rhetoric reflects the reality that cross-border e-commerce exports are not as easy as before. On the other hand, it actually reflects the psychological changes of sellers after being severely beaten by society.

When the leek awakens, those who can't continue playing will have to leave, and those who can continue will naturally gather in places with more money.It can be said that this is also the fundamental reason why big sellers such as Anker compete to become service providers.'The end of big sales is not service providers, but money.'

In fact, not only platform sellers, but also cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Wish are also playing the role of service providers.'Amazon is really a sophisticated and self-interested businessman. It gets involved in any project that makes money. It has FBA for logistics, and it also has its own collection service for collection. It can also provide loans to sellers with financial difficulties, and it can also provide loans to sellers who are clearing out their goods. Taking care of the funeral...'An Amazon seller once complained.

An Alibaba seller also used the following joke to 'make fun of' the platform's considerate services:

I remember the first time I met the account manager, sheDriving a MazdaWarmly received me and told me ↓↓↓

I would suffer a loss if I didn't take Credit Insurance, so the account manager asked me to take Credit Insurance.

I went to Sinosure and the account manager asked me to use P4P, so I used p4p.

The account manager asked me to reach 1 star, and I have reached 2 stars.

The account manager said that we need Samsung to get more traffic. I reached Samsung and bought a Jinpin Chengqi.

The account manager asked me to buy wireless terminal exhibitions. After I bought two fixed exhibitions, there were not many inquiries in September.

I asked the account manager what should I do?The account manager drove a Porsche and said: Alibaba is not doing very well now.

Wish sellers provide their own Wish mailboxes, which is even more frustrating...


Platform staff and service providers collude to 'rob' sellers' money. How deep is the shady nature of the service industry?

An industry insider said,Who would object to having too much money?But whether you have a conscience in the process of making money is the key.

Take Anke's entry into the agency operation as an example. The problem is not that the agency operation model is wrong, but that the personnel and teams in the agency operation are uneven. There are too many Li Gui pretending to be Li Kui, which makes people shake their heads when mentioning the agency operation model. If the entry of big sellers such as Anker can improve the reputation of agency operations, this will not be a contribution to the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Our own people mess with our own people, our own people deceive our own people,In the service provider group, although most people make money 'in a good way', there are also some people who break the rules and use 'means' in exchange for more money.

A cross-border industry insider said that he mainly worked on Amazon before, but when he was working on Amazon, he was in a gray area and did not learn much operational skills. In the past two years, Amazon has become more and more difficult to do, and it is really difficult to operate on the Amazon platform. I couldn’t survive anymore, so I switched to an international site.

'There is no skill in the process of running Amazon. It is just brushing, and the main product is selling infringing products-Apple headphones with 3.5mm interface. Huaqiangbei can buy them for 10 yuan, and they sell for 14.99 US dollars on Amazon.' The editor understands It turns out that although the money this seller earned from selling infringing products is not an exaggeration, it was a waste of money and he lost all his money in the end.

In view of the fact that he complained so many times while working on Amazon, he became a doctor after a long period of illness, and developed a complaint skills, so this seller now also works part-time on Amazon complaints in addition to working on the international website.

After getting in touch with the complaint business, I realized that the water behind it was very deep. 'Some complaint service providers in the world charge very expensive fees, and a large part of the money actually flows into the pockets of Amazon's internal employees.'To put it bluntly, the service provider relies on the relationship of knowing the internal employees of Amazon. During the appeal process, it takes part of the money given by the Amazon seller to 'honor' the internal Amazon employees, and is short-tongued and soft-handed. Internal Amazon employees After receiving the money, the service provider 'opens the back door' and helps the seller to submit appeals successfully.

'There is a real example. A friend's link was maliciously attacked and said to be infringing, and then the product was removed from the shelves. At this time, my friend wrote a letter of appeal. When he submitted it, Amazon refused to approve it. In desperation, he handed the appeal letter with the same content to the account manager and asked the account manager to submit it. As a result, the appeal was successful in seconds. 'This industry insider said, why did the account manager succeed?'It's because my friend paid 'protection money'.

The editor learned in detail that this seller started Amazon at the end of 2016. During his time on Amazon, every time his store was blocked, he would receive calls from service providers. These service providers could accurately tell the backend of their stores. balance, and then started asking for prices.

Not only himself, but his friends also had similar experiences. 'After my friend's shop was caught for second-hand fraud, he then received a call from the complaint service provider.This service provider said that it has internal channels and offered a 5-digit guarantee of unblocking.',The service provider even asked for five figures when complaining. Maybe he knew that my friend's account still had a balance of nearly five figures in US dollars, so he was so open-minded.

The Amazon shady issues mentioned by this industry insider have surfaced more than once before. reported not long ago that Kadimisetty, an employee who resigned from Amazon, used his personal connections to join forces with his colleagues while working at Amazon to engage in shady activities to help sellers increase sales and attack their competitors.In addition, Kadimisetty admitted to paying Amazon employees to disable other sellers’ listings in order to direct shoppers to Kadimisetty’s customer listings, thereby increasing the seller’s sales.


write at the end

As a gathering place for interests, the cross-border e-commerce industry is full of 'intrigues' within both the seller group and the group that serves sellers, essentially to obtain more money.Especially when the cross-border e-commerce industry has been pushed to the forefront in recent years, groups of scammers are also flocking to it, claiming to be service sellers.'Selling beauty without any lower limit' Make money, their behavior harms the interests of sellers and damages the reputation of service providers.

Eliminating the 'cancer' in the industry not only requires service providers to abide by the bottom line of business, but also requires sellers to abide by the rules of the platform and keep their eyes peeled and not be fooled. At the same time, the industry needs a 'leader' to clean up the trend.

Some time ago, an American seller tweeted his real-name confession to oceanwing, an operation and incubation service brand owned by Anker, saying that Chinese brands have performed so well on Amazon that Chinese brands such as Anker can now provide services to Americans. The comment section of this Twitter content,An American seller also spoke highly of Anker: Anker is the best in history...

The identity of big sellers such as Anke as service providers can bring more positive energy to the cross-border e-commerce industry and make Chinese manufacturing famous overseas. Perhaps the biggest meaning of big sellers is also being service providers.



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