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An explosion in the home furnishing industry?Let’s talk about Amazon’s home furnishing category!

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On December 29, Huisen Home Furnishing was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the stock code 02127.HK and the issue price was HK$1.77 per share.As of 4 p.m. that day, Huisen Home's closing price was HK$1.78, with a total market value of HK$5.34 billion, approximately 4.5 billion yuan.


As China's largest panel furniture exporter, Huisen's growth has undoubtedly allowed us to see the huge demand and potential for home products in overseas markets.

As we all know, the home furnishing category has always been a popular category on Amazon. Today, we will talk to you about the Amazon home furnishing category.

Consumption data at a glance

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, overseas consumers’ demand for household products has increased sharply. According to market surveys:


The U.S. market will reach US$250 billion in 2023;

The European market will grow to US$232 billion in 2022;

The Japanese market is expected to grow to US$31 billion in 2020.

Consumption Characteristics Analysis

Taking the US site as an example, American consumers believe that home and kitchen supplies are not only necessities of life, but also an attitude towards life and a way to express themselves.

1. The brand concept has not yet taken shape.

56% of consumers have no specific brand preference in terms of brand, design, and material preferences due to the large number of home subcategories and subcategories;

2. Pay attention to comfort and health

With the impact of the epidemic on the home, 32% of consumers will tend to use materials and designs that are more beneficial to health when purchasing home-related products;

3. Focus on cost-effectiveness

Most household products are replaced relatively infrequently. Therefore, when consumers purchase related products, in addition to product quality, cost-effectiveness is also a major driving force.

Popular product recommendations

1.Home Office Chair

With the epidemic at home, most people are working and playing games at home more frequently. Most people are more inclined to purchase large-ticket items like this online.



Consumer characteristics:

1. Furniture is mostly large items. In order to pursue convenience, consumers will choose to shop online.

2. Because the labor cost of furniture installation is high, most people will choose products that are easy to install and maintain. Therefore, the instructions on installation and other aspects in the seller's listing should be as detailed as possible.

3. European and American people are generally fatter, so the load-bearing capacity of chairs is different from that of domestic consumers, which must be fully taken into consideration when designing products.

2. Household storage rack

As household necessities, storage products can appear in many and wide life scenarios. During the epidemic, most people will focus more energy and time on cleaning and organizing their homes. Therefore, the demand for various storage products has also increased.



Consumer characteristics:

1. Products that can bring convenience, such as easy assembly and movement, will be more popular.

2. Pay attention to neatness and choose products with adjustable height/removable shelves for convenient storage.

3. Innovative storage designs can easily attract consumers

3. Various household lighting fixtures

During the epidemic, most families in Europe and the United States have independent courtyards.The demand for garden sensor lights and flashlights has also increased. In addition, as home office hours increase, the demand for small lamps such as desktop lamps will also increase.



Consumer characteristics:

1. There are many single-family houses, and the epidemic is at home, so the demand for various desk lamps and flashlights will increase.

2. Electricity bills are relatively high in most areas of Europe and the United States, so focus on power-saving functions.

3. Introducing new products/features, such as LED displays, etc., will attract more consumers to buy.

Note: Lamps are daily necessities. In addition to their novel functions, their higher cost performance will make it easier for consumers to purchase them.

Finally, the editor reminds all seller friends:

In the current epidemic situation, the 'stay-at-home economy' has become a trend. All sellers and friends should comprehensively conduct product selection planning from multiple perspectives including market research, infringement factors, and comprehensive product costs. They should promptly establish multi-channel marketing plans based on market dynamics and plan rationally. Only in this way can we cope with all changes by remaining unchanged.


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