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'Amazon Porter' has little competition, big profits, and can still be a hot seller all year long?2022 Amazon’s new site brings new sales opportunities

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'Amazon Porter' has little competition, big profits, and can still be a hot seller all year long?2022 Amazon’s new site brings new sales opportunities

Table of contents

01 2022Why is it urgent to choose Amazon’s new site?

02 Have questions about the new site?Let’s see what Amazon has to say!

December has arrived, and the entry of new Amazon sellers in 2022 is in full swing!How to lay out the e-commerce blue ocean market and attack accurately?Amazon’s four emerging blue oceans are easy to expand and widely supported:Australia, India, Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates), Singapore Station,Learn about?


Why is it urgent to choose Amazon’s new site in 2022?

Where is the next blue ocean in the increasingly saturated e-commerce market?If I want to build a global brand, what should I focus on?I have extensive experience in cross-border e-commerce and now want to expand my business, what should I choose?If you have the above problems, Amazon’s new site, don’t make any mistakes in 2022!

Large volume, fast growth!

The number of e-commerce users in India is expected to reach890 million!At the same time, annual e-commerce sales in India are expected to reach$200 billion, an increase from 2018400%1!

The average e-commerce volume growth rate in the Middle East reaches42.8%, far exceeding China, the United States, Japan and Europe2.

According to a Euromonitor report, Australians spent 20% of their online sales in 2020 A$43.1 billion!At the same time, Australia is ranked as the fourth most attractive online consumer market in the world, second only to South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States3.

The number of e-commerce users in Singapore is expected to reach 4.1 million .Its e-commerce market’s total merchandise transactions are expected to reachUS$8 billion4!

The main consumer group is young, loves online shopping, and the unit price per customer is high!

Demographic Dividend!India’s future e-commerce consumer market will be dominated by the country’s440 millionMillennials and390 millionComposed of Generation Z, the high-potential demographic dividend contains abundant business opportunities5!

The price per customer is high!In the Middle East, where rich people are everywhere, the average price per customer of its e-commerce merchants reaches$150, especially in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, the unit price per customer is even higher than that in the United States and the United Kingdom6!

Strong spending power!The average annual online spending of Singaporean online shoppers is1456 USD, higher than the world average126.4%7

The online shopping rate is high!According to statistics, the proportion of Australians using smartphones to shop online in 2021 will be57%8.


Have questions about the new site?Let’s see what Amazon has to say!

It can be found that there are many business opportunities in Amazon's new site, and many sellers are eager to try it, but there are also many sellers who are afraid of the new site because of some problems/doubts...

Seller Mandy: I have already opened a store on other mature Amazon sites and want to continue to expand cross-border business. How do I choose??

New sites with low competition, high profits, and wide support are usually regarded as treasures for expansion by sellers who have already opened a store!Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, and India stations each have their own characteristics. Please see below for details. There is always a station suitable for you!

Australian Station

Off-season hot sales in Europe and the United States, expand to New Zealand with one click!

▲Due to Australia’s unique geographical location and its high similarity with European and American culture and language, it is often regarded by European and American sellers as making up for the off-season.Off-season salesA 'money' power site that must be laid out!Make use of the originalProduct selection inherited from Australia, achieving hot sales all year long!

▲Passed'New Zealand Export Plan' You can start the simultaneous sales model in Australia and New Zealand, comprehensively improve your sales territory, and your sales volume will increase!

Singapore Station

It is favored by local consumers and focuses on supporting precise categories!

▲Singapore is owned by Amazon.comThe world’s third largest export destination.Meanwhile, the Singapore Prime program is the global AmazonOne of the plans with the highest household penetration, highly trusted and favored by consumers.

▲Based on big data, the sales volume growth trend and other dimensions are sorted outRecommended products in 10 major categories, support precise reach!If you are currently selling the following categories, this is a great opportunity to expand the categories you sell!

Middle East Station

Sufficient traffic, high consumption, and rich special sales season!

Enough traffic!Amazon has expanded its presence in the Middle East15 years, the current monthly visits have reached70 million, don’t worry about traffic!

Consumption is high!Local consumers in the Middle East station are receptive to higher-priced goods, and the average price per customer is$150, higher than Britain and the United States and other countries!

The sales never stop!There are many local special ethnic festivals in the Middle East. Combined with the characteristics of local consumers who love shopping, seize online promotion opportunities and welcome great sales!

indian station

The demographic dividend is significant, and 140 key categories are highly recommended!

▲The monthly visits to Amazon India site are approximately300 millionNumber of visitors and sales ranked first among local e-commerce companies!Not only does it have large traffic, Amazon India also has a high-quality elite customer base.70%The above is a user group with medium to high income, and their spending power is evident!

▲In 2022, Amazon India will have more140 key categories recommended, covering nearly 40% of the sales volume of Chinese sellers in India!

Seller Kelly:I am new to cross-border e-commerce and plan to start cross-border e-commerce in 2022. Are there any benefits for joining the new site?

In this year’s Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday results, Ecovacs, for example, deployed its new Amazon site in advance, and its overall efficiency increased significantly compared with last year, achieving true brand and product globalization!Therefore, Amazon’s new site is not only suitable for sellers who have already opened stores to build multi-site operations with global layout planning. For novice sellers, being the first to enter the high-potential new site is also a key step for the success of cross-border e-commerce!

In order to help you tap into the new blue ocean at a lower cost, save money and make a lot of money at the same time,Amazon will be here in 2022 and there will be a lot of benefits!All-in-one favorable support helps you explore the infinite possibilities of Amazon’s new site!


Monthly rent reduction!

✦Middle East Station:Free monthly rent until March 31, 2022!

✦India Station: No monthly rent!

✦Singapore Station:Free monthly rent until December 31, 2022!

✦Australia Station:Amazon’s new registration experience!You only need to register once to quickly open 13 popular sites in Australia/North America/Europe/Japan, etc., and share a monthly rent for only $39.99.


Longer-term operational support!

Sellers who sign up and go online from now on will receive account manager services until the end of 2022. After completing the registration review, they can go online to sell at any time and place orders early in the morning!


Rising Star Seller Growth Plan - Eliminate doubts in the novice stage!

Amazon's 'Rising Star Seller Growth Plan' provides one-stop support from registration to placing orders to help you grow quickly and go online and place orders faster!Join now and you will get:

✦The latest live courses, covering all stages of registration/order/peak season

✦Peer sharing, sellers exchange operational skills and practical information

✦Official managers/class representatives take turns answering questions every day

✦'Star Sellers' face to face, systematically analyze the growth experience from novice to big seller

✦Timely consultation and interpretation to avoid pitfalls


Full support from Amazon Logistics to solve your logistics pain points!

Amazon Logistics (FBA) offers multiple benefits and discounts to help you better optimize logistics costs. You can click on the link below to learn more:

✦Test new products without pressure!Amazon logistics new product warehousing discount plan

Applicable sites: Amazon Australia, Middle East, Singapore

✦First legNo minimum delivery requirement! CSP new site first-haul consolidation plan

Applicable sites: Amazon Australia, Singapore

✦Significantly save logistics costs! Middle East station third-party logistics provider service project Pre-S

Minimalist operation covers two major countries easily! Amazon Australia Station New Zealand Export Plan

India station’s exclusive logistics benefits, comprehensive and considerate support

✦Low cost helps you prepare goods worry-free! Indian logistics preferential policies

✦Discount processing cannot be used for secondary sales of inventory-Recommerce by Amazon

✦You can get up to 2240 rupees per item when you ship new items!-Amazon Brahma Star Plan

Kind tips:

For many of the above benefits, you can consult with your customer development and operations manager for details!

Seller Rose: The countries of the new site are different, and I want to expand business in multiple countries, but language is a big problem!

Amazon has an official and reliable oneBuild International Listing tool!Helps you quickly synchronize product information and prices from the source site to one or more target sites, while also solving translation problems in small languages!Easily put products on the shelves without any worries!

Seller Jason:Does the new site have exclusive marketing resources that are different from those of European, American and Japanese sites to help expand business in the early stage, and does it help increase both traffic and sales?

▲Brand registered sellers can be directly authorized to the new site and use the new site’s uniqueAmazon International Brand Pavilion (IBP)Get an independent and dedicated page to help sellers make their business bigger and stronger, and help brands accelerate their overseas expansion!

▲The new site has a wealth of large-scale holiday promotions all over the place, which is a good opportunity to seize the traffic and make a lot of money!You can find an overview of the year-round festival integration in the image below:

*The above information is compiled based on the time in previous years. Please refer to the official announcement in 2022 for the specific promotion time.

Data Sources:

1 Morgan Stanley - 'India's Digital Leapfrog - Trillion-Dollar Opportunity'





6 Goldman Sachs - 'India Consumer Market Report'

7 Google MENA consumer survey 2018(n=6296,Saudi Arabia/UAE/Egypt); eMaketer;Bain analysis



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