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Amazon Global Store China Releases Strategic Focus for 2022

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Amazon Global Store China Releases Strategic Focus for 2022

January 11, 2022, Shanghai——'Global product, lasting win - Amazon Global Store Opening Online Cross-border Summit' was grandly held. Many industry leaders, business representatives and tens of thousands of Chinese sellers gathered in the cloud to focus on companies entering the global market and discuss the new pattern of overseas expansion. opportunities and challenges.

The cross-border summit lasts for three days and includesMain strategy conference, for novice and experienced sellersParallel breakout venue,as well asOfficial lecture hall special training campWaiting for exciting moments.At the summit, Amazon Global Store China announced a brand upgrade and proposed a new proposition to help export cross-border e-commerce companies build global brands——'Together create a new pattern of global brands'

Amazon’s Global Store Cross-Border Summit also shared three major strategic priorities for 2022, including:

Support sellers to deploy global business and achieve diversified expansion;

Improve localized services and empower sellers to digitally transform;

Promote sellers to build global brands and create long-term value.

This series of measures aims toglobal innovationlocal empowermentThe two major engines push Chinese sellers to move higher in the global value chain, build global brands with long-term value, and jointly open up a new era for Chinese brands to go overseas.

At the same time, Amazon Global Store also shared the business performance of Chinese sellers on Amazon’s global site in the past year. Among them, the number of new sellers in China continued to maintain double-digit growth.

'New brand proposition' announced

Five years ago, Amazon opened stores globally and proposed to 'lay out the next generation trade chain' with the help of cross-border e-commerce.At that time, cross-border e-commerce, as a new format for foreign trade exports, had not yet been widely recognized.Nowadays, after several years of rapid development, cross-border e-commerce has evolved fromThe 'new business format' of foreign trade has transformed into the 'new normal', and become an important force in foreign trade exports.

As more and more companies attach greater importance to brands, export cross-border e-commerce will gradually enter a new stage.This is why Amazon Global Store launched a new brand proposition at this summit——'Together create a new pattern of global brands'.Based on this new proposition, Amazon’s global stores will focus on business strategic priorities and empower sellers to build global brands.

☞ Cindy Tai Dai Yanfei

Amazon Global Vice President

CEO of Amazon Global Store Asia Pacific

'The opening of Amazon's global store has witnessed the rapid development of China's export cross-border e-commerce from 'barbaric growth' to 'intensive cultivation'. Next, the industry will move to a new stage of 'deep cultivation and long-term development' and open up the opportunity for export cross-border e-commerce brands to go overseas. New Era.

We believe that export cross-border e-commerce is still on the upward path of rapid development, and brands will be the strongest force leading the industry forward.Amazon's global store will continue to leverage its global resource advantages, deepen local services, adhere to the concept of long-termism, and work with Chinese sellers to seize the huge opportunities in the golden decade of brands going overseas and promote more high-quality and innovative Chinese brands to shine on the global stage.'

Three major business priorities

Comprehensively assist enterprises in creating an era of global brands


Support sellers to deploy global business

Achieve diversified expansion

Leverage global resource advantages to build global business

Amazon has been committed to leveraging its global resource advantages to help sellersBuild a global business.At present, Amazon has opened 17 major overseas sites to Chinese sellers. In addition to mature sites in North America, Europe, Japan, etc., the Singapore site in Southeast Asia, the Indian site in South Asia, and emerging sites in the Middle East and other regions all contain huge market potential. Many Chinese sellers have achieved good business layout and growth on these sites.

Global expansion is an important business opportunity for sellers’ long-term development

Amazon atProduct innovation for global expansionFocus on two major aspects:

First, simplify global operations.

Secondly, make global product selection more refined.

Amazon will launch and iterate more in terms of account registration, product selection and listing, logistics and warehousing, compliance operations, etc.Global operation tools.At the same time, Amazon will provide more data to sellers to help sellers understand the product selection needs of customers in different countries and improve sellers’ product selection efficiency.

In addition, Amazon will continue to provide sellers withDiversified business model, such as Amazon Enterprise Shopping, Amazon Authorized Brands, Amazon Accelerator, etc., to help sellers expand new tracks and business opportunities and achieve long-term and stable development.


Improve localization services

Empower sellers to digitally transform

Global innovation and local empowerment

Global innovation and local empowerment, are the two major engines for Amazon’s global store opening to help Chinese sellers develop their business.Following the opening of the Qingdao office in July last year, Amazon has opened global stores in10 cities across the countryIt has established a team and continues to expand regional partnerships, working with local governments, associations and service providers to build and improve local cross-border e-commerce industry clusters to provide sellers with more comprehensive support.

In September 2021, Amazon Global Store opened Asia's first comprehensive seller training center in Hangzhou based on the upgrade of the cross-border e-commerce park in Hangzhou to meet the needs of sellers in different regions with one-stop training services and promote cross-border e-commerce. Cultivation and reserve of e-commerce professionals.

Expand support areas for Chinese sellers

In addition, Amazon’s global store opening also passesSeller's open classOfficial WeChatOfficial live broadcast and lecture hallWe provide sellers with a variety of training courses through various methods to meet their learning needs at different stages.

In 2022, Amazon's global stores will continue to increase investment in regional teams, expand support areas for Chinese sellers, and provide sellers with closer services.


Promote brand sellers to build global brands

Create long-term corporate value

Create a brand, enhance the brand

A seller survey conducted by Amazon Global Store in 2021 showed that 93% of Chinese sellers are very clear about establishing a store on Amazon.The importance of brand.At the same time, 75% of Chinese sellers are interested in selling products on AmazonCreate and enhance your brandVery confident.On Amazon’s global site, many emerging brands are pouring in every year, and many sellers are trying to build their brands.

However, brand building is not something that can be accomplished overnight. While making good use of the tools provided by Amazon, sellers need to put aside their focus on short-term interests, establish long-term investment determination, develop high-quality products, explore unique brand concepts, and ultimately gain brand value. Long term returns.

Take into account short-term performance and achieve long-term brand value

Amazon provides sellers with products and services covering the full cycle of brand building, including brand image and display, traffic diversion and promotion, brand analysis and insights, brand protection and other dimensions. Amazon continues to invest in brand building tools and product innovation and optimization to help Sellers take into account short-term performance while achieving long-termBrand Valueaccumulation.

In response to the characteristics of brand sellers at different stages of development, Amazon Global Store has also launchedstartHelpleapThree major plans to meet the brand-building needs of different sellers.

starting plan

For new brands, new sellers and entrepreneurs 'from zero to one', we provide services includingCategorybrandmarketadvertiseand other different dimensions, coveringregisteroperationsBrand Promotionand other aspects of support to support the brand’s rapid start;

Assistance plan

Provide support and guidance to brands that have completed their initial stage and are in a period of rapid growth to help them growSelectiondrainageConvertLoyal fansAchieve growth on core indicators;

Project Leap

Provide coverage for sellers who are relatively large and will invest in brand building for a long timeBrand strategy developmentInternational market expansionWe will provide deeper and broader support to help sellers achieve the leap from a Chinese brand to a global brand.

In 2020, Amazon isLogistics and transportationtoolServeprojectTalentInvested more than 18 billion US dollars in other aspects, and launchedOver 250 new toolsServices and improvements, to further enhance seller experience and help sellers expand global business.

Since Amazon launched its global store in China in 2015, hundreds of thousands of Chinese sellers have joined the project.Many Chinese companies have successfully reached foreign consumers through Amazon, such asJimi TechnologyZhiou Home FurnishingStone TechnologyKaidis Intelligent Technology

Amazon Global Store will work with sellers to discuss trends and opportunities for brands to go overseas, and continue to empower Chinese sellers to build global brands with long-term value and win the love of global consumers.


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