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【12.7】Cross-border short news, one sentence is worth ten sentences

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【12.7】Cross-border short news, one sentence is worth ten sentences

Introduction:One sentence across borders is worth ten sentences.Let’s take a look at what’s new in the cross-border e-commerce circle?

01 In order to further regulate Internet advertising activities, the State Administration of Market Regulation plans to include cross-border e-commerce advertising in the 'Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising'.

02 ByteDance launched the independent e-commerce App Fanno to provide users with comprehensive categories with high cost performance.

03 Cainiao’s daily average cross-border parcel order volume has exceeded 5 million.

04 The merchant operation service center established by AliExpress in Hangzhou was officially launched.

05 Amazon's sales hit another record during 'Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday', with third-party sellers, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, contributing more than half.

06 Amazon has opened 450 new delivery stations in the United States to process and deliver goods, and 98% of packages are delivered the next day.

07 During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, categories such as home furnishings, toys, and clothing on Amazon’s platform were the best-selling in the world.

08 The number of online shoppers on Black Friday has dropped slightly compared to last year, but more than two-thirds of consumers around the world still shop on the Amazon platform.

09 Home decoration has become one of eBay's best-selling product categories, and products marked 'Made in India' are very popular among European and American consumers.

10 Shopee will establish its first distribution center in Brazil to improve logistics and transportation.

11 Shopee can select stores on multiple sites at one time for product release.

12 Shopify’s Black Friday sales hit $6.3 billion, breaking historical records.


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