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About the main highlights of the first cross-trade fair

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1. The main highlights of the first cross-trade fair:

Exhibition necessity:

1, China lacks a trade fair with supplier companies as the main participants and gathering the entire ecological chain of cross-border e-commerce;

2, Solve the development pain points during the epidemic: traditional foreign trade companies cannot leave, overseas buyers cannot enter, and cross-border e-commerce sellers have no goods to buy;

Solve the pain points of development in the post-epidemic era: difficulties in transforming traditional foreign trade, lack of quality goods in cross-border e-commerce, and obstacles to global market matching;

3, Promote the digital transformation and upgrading of foreign trade in the West Coast Economic Zone centered on Fuzhou, Fujian, and establish another national brand exhibition in Fuzhou.

Advantages of choosing a location in Fuzhou:

1. Significance: The ideological source and practical starting point of the 'Digital China' strategy is the 'Digital Fujian' major strategy that General Secretary Xi Jinping personally initiated and vigorously promoted when he was working in Fujian.Fuzhou has successfully hosted two Digital China Construction Summits. Cross-border e-commerce is of great significance as an integral part of China's digital economic development.

2. Demonstration: traditional trade transforms into cross-border e-commerce products that are more convenient: clothing, bags, footwear, home furniture, craft accessories, etc. are all advantageous industries in Fujian.The exhibition's location in Fujian will play a good role in demonstrating the digital transformation and upgrading of my country's foreign trade, promoting stability and improving quality, and building a new domestic and international dual-circulation development pattern.

3. Starting points: Fujian already has Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou3A cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone,5cities have launched cross-border e-commerce1210bonded import,9610Direct purchase import,9610For cross-border e-commerce businesses such as retail exports and direct mail import and export, the exhibition's location in Fuzhou, Fujian Province will become a powerful starting point for the integration of national cross-border e-commerce support policies and the market.

Exhibition highlights:

1. BuyersMany resources——Created by top organizers in China's exhibition industry, it is expected that2+Buyers will attend the meeting to purchase.These include import and export cross-border e-commerce platforms, platform large, medium and small sellers, brands and agent distributors, offline physical store retailers, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones, e-commerce agency operating companies, and cross-border e-commerce supply chains. Service enterprises, export trading companies and other service enterprises, relevant industry associations, industrial parks, etc.

2.Wide market demand——More and more overseas consumers are becoming accustomed to online consumption. There is broad room for improvement in the United States, Japan and Europe, and emerging markets are developing rapidly, and there are major expansion opportunities.

3.Procurement diversification--exchangeBringing together leading supply companies in core cross-border e-commerce product production areas such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, and Jiangsu15+Create new products intelligently.

4. Industry upgrading——The exhibition has rich activities and invites relevant national departments to interpret policies.At the same time, China Fujian Summit Forum was held to gatherExperts in cross-border industry platforms, top operations, big sales, and supply chain services participated in the event.; At the same time, there are also the China Comprehensive Pilot Area Summit held with the comprehensive pilot zones of various provinces and cities, the Cross-border E-commerce Capital Summit co-organized with the China Asset Management Association, the Fuzhou Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park Investment Conference, the Cross-border E-commerce Technology Conference, etc. ,It brings multi-faceted and multi-angle information to the cross-border e-commerce industry and promotes further upgrading of the industry.

5. Strong platform support——Based on their recognition of the exhibition, major platforms will announce some new policies of the platform at the exhibition, and launch the concept of 'pallet merchants' to help enterprises that have difficulty in transforming traditional foreign trade to export their goods through 'pallet merchants'. achieveB2B2CThe trade model alleviates the cross-border difficulties of traditional enterprises.

6. Full policy support——As the new normal of China's foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce has received continuous support and policy support from governments at all levels. The country has regarded the development of cross-border e-commerce as a'Adhere to the basic national policy of opening up to the outside world'As one of the work projects, cross-border e-commerce policy dividends will continue to be released.


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