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[Xiamen Airlines] Exclusive ticket benefits for the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair are here!

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[Xiamen Airlines] Exclusive ticket benefits for the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair are here!



June 1-3

The first cross-border exhibition in 2022 China Cross-border Trade Fair is ready to go


China Cross-border E-commerce Fair

It is to link Chinese manufacturing and global consumption.

Integrate the rapidly developing cross-border e-commerce ecological resources

Cross-border e-commerce 6P innovation power trade fair held

Coming soonHeld in Fuzhou from June 1st to 3rd


Scan the QR code above to register in advance to get free admission tickets
Friends who have registered in advance can take the express entrance lane on site to avoid the hassle of long lines.

China Cross-border E-commerce Fair isThe cross-border e-commerce national brand exhibition is far ahead in area among industry exhibitions, attracting 5,000+ suppliers and 60+ advantageous industrial zones across the country. It has been unanimously recognized by the government, foreign trade, cross-border, exhibitions and other sectors.

In order to facilitate the travel of exhibitors and purchasers, Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizer of the 2022 Cross-Trade Fair, has created a one-stop hotel booking, air ticket booking, car rental and leisure and entertainment culture for cross-trade exhibitors and visitors. Travel service pre-sale system!


Scan the code to enjoy the discount

To provide all exhibitors with comfortable travel services

Xiamen Airlines launches exclusive ticket purchase channel


You can identify the QR code below to purchase tickets.


Customized exclusive discount gift package

You can identify the QR code below to get it


The discount package includes

20 yuanDomestic air ticket coupons

50 RMBTicket change coupon

20 yuanPrepaid baggage coupons


You can use the coupon directly after receiving it

Collect coupons and purchase tickets to enjoy the trip

500 Egret pointsaward

If you have other protection requirements or ticket purchase needs

You can call Xiamen Airlines’ dedicated account manager: Manager Huang18558753571


To promote Fujian cuisine culture

Promote Fujian’s customs and culture to the world

Xiamen Airlines newly upgraded in-flight meals

Condensing the seven major flavors of Fujian cuisine

Launched the new 'Mountain and Sea Seat Together' Fujian cuisine menu

Managed by Xiamen Airlines chef

Produced by Fujian cuisine master Wu Rong


Passengers traveling in economy class and business class on Xiamen Airlines

Have the opportunity to experience 'Mountain and Sea' star-quality Fujian cuisine

Xiamen Airlines invites you to take a flavorful journey and experience the mountains and seas together





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