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What?!These industrial belts are also coming to the 2023 China Cross Trade Fair!

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What?!These industrial belts are also coming to the 2023 China Cross Trade Fair!

High-quality industrial belts across the country will gather in Chinameeting.Representatives from relevant enterprises in well-known industrial belts across the country are specially invited to conduct sharing, promotion and business docking on-site, and join hands with cross-border e-commerce celebrities and guests to discuss new paths for the transformation of industrial belts and to build a new future together.

The cross-trade fair is strictly controlled. On the basis of the original approximately 50 industrial belts, it has also absorbed nearly 20 industrial belts from Hunan, Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. The products cover home furnishings, crafts, clothing, gardening, lighting, etc. Electronic products, home appliances, pet products, machinery, leather goods, bags, shoes, toys, etc.


New industries

Hunan Province:Hunan Liling Colorful Porcelain Industrial Belt.

Hebei Province:Hebei Bazhou Metal Furniture Industry Belt.

Shandong Province:Shandong Laizhou Machinery Industry Belt and Shandong Dezhou Crafts Industry Belt.

Zhejiang Province:Zhejiang Pujiang quilted products industry belt, Zhejiang Shangyu umbrella industry belt, Zhejiang Daishan festival toy industry belt, Zhejiang Jiaxing household products industry belt, Shaoxing outdoor tent industry belt, Ningbo consumer electronics industry belt, Wenzhou leather goods industry belt.

Jiangsu Province:Changshu Textile Industry Belt, Jiangsu Province.

Guangdong Province:Dongguan Smart Home Electronics Industry Belt, Jieyang Plastic Shoes Industry Belt, Huizhou Pet Products Industry Belt.


More high-quality industrial belts

Hunan Province:Bag industry belt in Shaoyang, Hunan.

Hebei Province:Leather products industry belt in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.

Shandong Province:Shandong Linyi Handicrafts Industry Belt.

Jiangsu Province:Jiangsu Pizhou Outdoor Products Industry Belt.

Zhejiang Province:Zhejiang Dongyang Household Products Industry Belt, Hangzhou Home Textile Industry Belt, Ningbo Bathroom Products Industry Belt, Cixi Stationery Industry Belt, Shaoxing Textile and Clothing Industry Belt, Zhejiang Lishui Brush Stationery Industry Belt, Taizhou Household Products Industry Belt, Taizhou Glasses Industry Belt, Yiwu Storage supplies industry belt, Yiwu holiday decorations and gift industry belt, Yongkang power tool industry belt.

Guangdong Province:Guangzhou leather goods industry belt, Guangzhou sports equipment industry belt, Shenzhen digital electronic products industry belt, Zhongshan lighting industry belt, Zhongshan furniture industry belt, Shantou Chenghai toy industry belt, Shantou small household appliances industry belt, Yangjiang kitchenware and tool industry belt.

Fujian Province:Fuzhou outdoor protective clothing industry belt, Fuzhou electronic clock industry belt, Fuzhou slippers and garden shoes industry belt, Fuzhou household daily necessities industry belt, Xiamen stroller and bed industry belt, Xiamen camping outdoor products industry belt, Quanzhou solar lamps industry belt, Quanzhou luggage products industry Belt, Quanzhou textile fabric accessories industry belt, Anxi rattan iron handicrafts industry belt, Anxi rattan iron handicrafts industry belt, Jinjiang electronic toy industry belt, Jinjiang swimwear yoga wear industry belt, Jinjiang diapers industry belt, Shishi casual men's clothing industry belt, Shishi textile and clothing industry belt Industrial Belt, Nan'an Electronic Communication Equipment Industrial Belt, Fu'an Massage Equipment Industrial Belt, Dehua Ceramic Resin Crafts Industrial Belt, Zhangzhou Furniture Industrial Belt, and Shaowu Bamboo and Wood Products Industrial Belt.

This cross-exhibition brings together'China Lighting Production Base''China's First City''National Porcelain Red Official Kiln''Leather Goods Capital'and other high-quality characteristic industrial belts in many places, to better integrate the resources of high-quality industrial belts, jointly empower the cross-border transformation of traditional industries, and achieve one-stop resource sharing.


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