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Well-known cross-border e-commerce platform in North America--Newegg

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Well-known cross-border e-commerce platform in North America--Newegg

Founded in 2001, Newegg Group is a well-known technology e-commerce platform that has been deeply involved in the North American market for 21 years.Through the investment and accumulation of comprehensive technology, we have provided users with a high-quality e-commerce service experience and accumulated many mature technical solutions and practical experience.Newegg provides 47 million loyal high-end consumers in North America with a wide range of consumer electronics, games, smart home and other technology products. It has firmly occupied the leading position in the North American market with its high unit price, high repurchase rate and low return rate.

In May 2021, Newegg Group successfully landed on the Nasdaq in the United States, ushering in its highlight moment.

Established a bonded warehouse in Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Shanghai, China, the first order to go through the 1210 model

Joined hands with China's top 500 China Base Group to establish China Base-Newegg Ningbo Operation Center

Newegg Live live broadcast service and Newegg Website Service self-built website service comprehensive solution launched

Cooperate with Tsinghua University to integrate industry and education to jointly promote training projects and help cultivate cross-border talents.

In 2022, Newegg Group will continue to increase its investment in cross-border business in China. By building operation centers in various places, and uniting with local governments, associations and high-quality service providers, Newegg Group will deeply explore regional resources in industrial belts and promote the digitalization of Chinese brands overseas.


2020 China's most competitive leading cross-border e-commerce brand

2020 Enterprises with Outstanding Contributions to the Development of China's Digital Ecosystem

2020 Shanghai’s top ten leading cross-border e-commerce companies

2021 Top 100 Most Influential Chinese Brands

2021 Meike Cup · Smart Award Digital Empowerment Innovation Award

2021 Newegg Digital Service Solution Outstanding Case Award

Newegg Logistics

With the strong support and guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Shanghai Customs, and Yangshan Customs, Newegg Logistics took the lead in implementing the new cross-border e-commerce 1210 (bonded cross-border export B to overseas warehouse) model in Shanghai.

The opening of the B to overseas warehouse business model is an epoch-making milestone in the development of Shanghai and even China’s cross-border e-commerce industry. It is also an important manifestation of Newegg’s active implementation of Newegg Group’s global CEO Mr. Zou Guoqing’s strategic thinking of intensive cultivation in the Chinese market.

The official implementation of Newegg's bonded export B to overseas warehouse model is an important measure to actively respond to the rapid changes in the international trade situation, effectively expand exports, and stabilize foreign trade under the new development pattern of 'domestic and international dual circulation'. It is also an important measure to promote cross-border trade. It plays an important demonstration and leading role in the diversified and healthy development of cross-border logistics and international trade, and in helping high-quality Chinese sellers go overseas.


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