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Unlocking massive cross-border talents—Haixi Cross-border Talent Network

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Unlocking massive cross-border talents—Haixi Cross-border Talent Network

Hixirc Cross-border Talent Network ( is a professional cross-border industry vertical recruitment website.The website accurately pushes based on massive data, providing 'headhunting services' for leading companies.By formulating a 'talent assessment' system for the recruitment and recruitment of cross-border e-commerce talents, we help cross-border e-commerce companies solve recruitment and management problems, and focus on building an ecosystem of high-quality cross-border e-commerce talents.In the next three years, Haixi Cross-border Talent Network will strive to become a job search platform favored by cross-border job seekers and a talent service network that many cross-border companies compete to cooperate with.

Headhunting services

We have a senior headhunting team in the cross-border industry, focusing on accurately recommending suitable talents for cross-border companies.

Customized talents

Cooperate with professional training institutions in the industry to cultivate talents according to the needs of cross-border enterprises

Talent Assessment

The cross-border e-commerce industry application and recruitment system provides job and salary references for recruiting companies.

School-enterprise cooperation

Cooperate with universities to provide high-quality fresh graduates through online/offline job fairs, government-enterprise-school training incubation cooperation, etc.

If you are still troubled by job recruitment, log in to Haixi Cross-border Talent Network to quickly unlock a large number of good cross-border companies/cross-border talents.


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