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Two-line linkage, efficient docking of new product launches is coming again

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Two-line linkage, efficient docking of new product launches is coming again

On the morning of June 2, the 'New Product Release Conference of the Season' hosted by the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair Organizing Committee was held in Forum Area 1 (Hall 8) of the Fuzhou Strait Convention and Exhibition Center.

At the press conference, the world's first new products and overseas sales hot products from high-quality manufacturers of the China Cross-Trade Fair were unveiled one after another.Various novel and avant-garde products were put on show, attracting the attention of many buyers.The official video account of the cross-border trade fair was simultaneously broadcast live online, providing an intuitive and convenient way of interaction for major cross-border e-commerce practitioners who were unable to come to the scene, promoting communication and docking between suppliers and buyers online and offline, and gaining unanimous approval from everyone. Good reviews.

If you missed the hot new product launch conference held in Fuzhou, thenOn September 28, the new product launch conference is about to happen again.The China International Trade Fair (Autumn) gathers the first new products of high-quality participating companies and the world's first overseas products. Company representatives are invited to the stage for promotion and promotion, product details are displayed with multiple lenses and angles, and professional models are invited to display product designs at close range.

The China Cross-border Trade Fair (Autumn) will exclusively build a face-to-face communication platform for cross-border trade fair exhibitors and purchasers to select high-quality products for cross-border sellers across the country and solve the problem of 'difficulty in product selection'.New technologies, new styles, new functions, and new creative products from source manufacturers are intuitively presented to on-site buyers. They can directly cooperate with each other on-site to obtain the latest industry new product information and first-hand purchasing channels for new and explosive products. This is a wonderful event not to be missed!

China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (Autumn) (CCEF)

'Build a platform' to help enterprises explore the cross-border e-commerce market,

Actively find suitable ways to 'pave the way' for enterprises to go overseas smoothly

Exhibition time:September 28-30, 2022

Place:Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex

organizer:China Foreign Trade Center Group Co., Ltd., Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition introduction:

China Cross-border E-commerce Fair is a cross-border e-commerce fair organized to link Chinese manufacturing and global consumption, integrate the rapidly developing cross-border e-commerce ecological resources, and realize resource integration in the foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce and exhibition industries. , serving global trade and helping companies open up broader markets.The exhibition not only realizes the function of matching transactions, but also brings diverse platforms and full-chain services. Its value-added function is a differentiated advantage that other exhibitions of the same type do not have.With the theme of 'New Momentum for Foreign Trade·New Digital Future' and the positioning of 'Creating a national brand and platform for cross-border e-commerce to serve the innovative development of foreign trade', China Cross-border Trade Fair is committed to optimizing high-quality suppliers and cross-border e-commerce. cross-border e-commerce buyers and platform resources; upgrade high-end forums and activities to create the leading event in China's cross-border e-commerce industry.

Exhibition area distribution and exhibit categories (three major exhibition areas):


Cross-border e-commerce supplier exhibition area

Household daily consumer goods, 3C electronics and healthy living, gifts, stationery and cosmetics, shoes, clothing, textiles, bags, sports and outdoor categories, toys, maternal and infant pet products and comprehensive food, furniture and building materials, gardening hardware, lighting, automobile and motorcycle accessories.


Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service exhibition area

Cross-border e-commerce platform, information consulting, logistics and warehousing, operation management system, payment platform, digital marketing, insurance and taxation, financial investment, talent training, cross-border institutions, industrial design, etc.


Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, cross-border e-commerce industrial park


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