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Top 100 companies across the country are flocking here, and cross-border e-commerce has entered the 'cross-trade fair' time

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Top 100 companies across the country are flocking here, and cross-border e-commerce has entered the 'cross-trade fair' time

At the beginning of 2022, my country's 'One Belt and One Road' TOP10 influential social think tank - the Internet Economic Society E-Commerce Research Center and the Internet Economic Society Cross-border E-commerce Station (CBEC.100EC.CN) jointly released the '2021 China Cross-Border E-Commerce' International e-commerce 'Top 100 List'.

The list is based on corporate data collected by 'Dian Shu Bao', a large e-commerce database owned by is composed of a comprehensive evaluation including hard indicators such as platform scale, revenue, profit, investment and financing (valuation), monthly activity, and ratings, as well as soft indicators such as industry influence and reputation., aiming to reflect the current comprehensive development status of domestic cross-border e-commerce enterprises.The list is broken down by industry, covering 100 companies including export cross-border e-commerce, import cross-border e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce service providers. The companies on the list are all domestic benchmark companies in various fields of cross-border e-commerce.

According to the confirmation of the Organizing Committee of the China Cross-Trade Fair, many companies on the list are guests of the China Cross-Trade Fair. Among the listed companies in the export field, at least 25 have participated in the China Cross-Trade Fair, and no less than 15 have attended the fair to purchase. Visit the exhibition.Among them, they include Alibaba International Station, Made in China, Global Sources, etc. in the cross-border e-commerce B2B category, and Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Shein, Wish, Shopee, Contact Interactive, etc. in the cross-border e-commerce B2C category. Comprehensive service providers include Shopline and Fanding International; logistics service providers include Zongteng Group, DiSifang, Yanwen Logistics, and Jiacheng International; and SaaS service providers include Lingxing, Dianjiang, Dianxiaomi, and Jijia. , Caravan, Captain BI, etc., as well as payment service providers such as PingPong, Lianlian Pay, and Sky Cloud Hui.Many of the top 100 cross-border companies have expressed their support and optimism for the China Cross-border Trade Fair, and have chosen to participate in the exhibition amid the booming atmosphere in the national cross-border e-commerce industry.

On March 18, colleagues in the industry are welcome to gather in Fuzhou again to participate in the China Cross-border Trade Fair to discuss industry development trends and help Chinese cross-border e-commerce companies in their new globalization journey.


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