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The sixth issue of China Cross-Trade Fair supply and procurement information summary

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The sixth issue of China Cross-Trade Fair supply and procurement information summary

Assist factories to find sellers and help sellers find products

China Cross-Trade Fair Supply and Demand Matching Plan

Hot development in progress

Procurement requirements

Ruishen Information Technology

Products intended to be purchased:Desk lampLamps

Purchase quantity:About 300 products for testing

product requirement:The production cycle cannot be too long. It is better to have it in stock. I hope the manufacturer will have some support for the test product.

Message timeliness:long term effective

Zhen Sang cross-border

Products intended to be purchased:Maternity and baby products, sofas

Purchase quantity:To be determined

product requirement:Maternal and infant products are available (such as dining chairs/children's chairs/strollers, etc.), sofas, office and home products are all available, it mainly depends on the price and style.

Message timeliness:long term effective

Jinxingyao Trading

Products intended to be purchased:makeups

Purchase quantity:Single style 500-100

product requirement:For beauty products, it is best to have your own brand and be able to give it to an authorized agent

Message timeliness:long term effective

Juyi e-commerce

Intention to purchase products: jewelry

Purchase quantity:Negotiable

other requirements:Only supports customization

Message timeliness:long term effective

Supply information

Jiali Special Trade

product:Sexy lingerie

Minimum order quantity:500

other requirements:30% deposit, full payment before shipment

Message timeliness:long term effective


product:artificial flowers

Minimum order quantity:Minimum order available is one piece

other requirements:30% deposit

Message timeliness:long term effective

Shanhe Home Furnishing

Product: Wardrobe

other requirements:Single style 300pcs

Message timeliness:long term effective

Gold dining table and chairs

product:dining table, dining chairs

Minimum order quantity:Starting from 10 sheets

other requirements:Delivery upon payment, the unit price of the product is determined based on the materials used

Message timeliness:long term effective

Ju Heng

product:Storage Box

Minimum order quantity:Order quantity depends on actual situation

other requirements:Monthly settlement for long-term cooperation, cash for small quantities

Message timeliness:long term effective

Jinyong Electromechanical

product:Small power gasoline generator set

Minimum order quantity:The minimum order quantity is 100 units for power below 1KW, and the minimum order is 50 units for power above 2KW.

other requirements:Pay 30% deposit in advance and ship after payment

Message timeliness:long term effective

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