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The second day of the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair is full of excitement and extraordinary gains.

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The second day of the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair is full of excitement and extraordinary gains.


The exhibition received a strong response from the industry on the first day, with more than 30,000 customers attending, and the effect far exceeded expectations.The China Cross-Trade Fair is on its second day, and many visitors are already queuing up in the exhibition hall before it even opens.


Buyers attending the meeting were deeply attracted by the 2,000+ supplier directory.


The popularity of the exhibition was even higher than yesterday. The popularity of major exhibition areas continued to heat up, ushering in wave after wave of climax.


There are 2,000+ foreign trade supply companies participating in this cross-trade fair, with a total of 13 subdivided product selection exhibition areas.


Displaying more than 300 categories with a total of millions of SKUs, fully covering the 12 best-selling categories of cross-border e-commerce, covering textiles, gifts and premiums, gardening and outdoor, 3C digital electronics, hardware, automobile and motorcycle parts, smart home manufacturing, shoes, clothing and bags Sports and sports, toys, maternal and infant products, home furnishings, dining and kitchen daily necessities, general health and medical care, pet supplies, stationery, cultural and creative products and other categories.These SKUs include both well-known domestic brands and hot overseas hot-selling products. They include long-lasting best-sellers and new cross-border specialties.


The cross-trade fair uses products as the carrier, and provides suppliers with a long-lost on-site signing scene through on-site sample viewing and face-to-face communication, and provides buyers with a tangible and safe product selection scene.


This exhibition invited export cross-border e-commerce sellers from all over the country to attend the exhibition for procurement, including the 'Sakata Five Tigers' and 'South China City King' level super sellers, familiar listed companies, and highly praised companies in this market. Unicorn enterprise and world-renowned B-side procurement platform.Exhibitors and buyers have entered the peak period of negotiating cooperation, and exhibitors are actively looking for partners at the exhibition site.


In terms of exhibition activities, Zongteng Group, with the theme #Gathering Trends, Breaking the Situation, Vertical World, conducted in-depth discussions on the trend of Chinese brands going overseas and the integration of cross-border service capabilities, and invited a number of well-known cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurs and authoritative industry media to the site. Attend, passionately collide with industry experience, and help cross-border e-commerce companies grow.


Fanding International takes the theme of ''Panding the Four Seas and Driving the World' - Fanding International Group is committed to the innovation and development of global digital and intelligent trade'.Recommendations are made around Panding International's global cross-border comprehensive empowerment platform, Yikefu distribution platform and overseas warehouses.


Amazon’s global store opening team provides enterprises with the latest site interpretation, category analysis, advertising guidance and other highlights to help enterprises seize overseas market opportunities and enhance the enterprise’s continued momentum throughout the economic recovery period through the new model of digital transformation of foreign trade.


A senior lecturer from Xiamen Yifeng shared the latest and most comprehensive cross-border e-commerce information. He also invited Fujian local big sellers and industry experts to have a round-table dialogue to share their experience in developing big sellers and help cross-border e-commerce sellers find cross-border e-commerce that suits them. road to build a complete cross-border e-commerce ecological chain!


The Cross-Border E-commerce Technology Conference was led by Zixun Technology and invited representatives of major sellers in Shenzhen, East China, and Fujian to discuss how cross-border enterprises can be reborn as the epidemic continues.At the same time, well-known KOLs in the cross-border circle, Oxford Polo, cross-border e-commerce celebrities, etc. jointly provide new ideas for cross-border e-commerce companies from the perspective of independent websites and branding.


The eBay team conducted on-site sharing on the platform for enterprises to settle in, providing strong support for enterprises to develop cross-border e-commerce, and helping regional cross-border e-commerce get off the ground quickly.

There is only the last day left for the cross-exhibition

seize the last chance

We look forward to having a beautiful encounter with you


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