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The organizing committee went to the ocean to explore the museumAmazon Style

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The organizing committee went to the ocean to explore the museumAmazon Style

China cross trade fair

Recently, the organizer of the China International Trade Fair went to the United States to explore Amazon's first offline store in the world - Amazon Style in Los Angeles.

For cross-border e-commerce friends, Amazon is synonymous with cross-border e-commerce.Its offline store, Amazon Style, takes the O2O route and focuses on clothing. It provides popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Adidas, Theory and Levi's, as well as Amazon's own clothing product lines.Let’s experience its joyful shopping up close.

The Amazon Style physical store is actually just the 'surface'. Behind it, there is a large warehouse facility with abundant inventory.Each shelf in the store has a barcode. Just scan it and you can jump directly to the Amazon App.Customers can choose different sizes and colors of clothing through the App, and can also see the star reviews of this clothing.

Customers can choose to send their favorite clothing selections to the collection counter, take them home to try on, or send them to the fitting room to try them on.If you select 'Try'Clothing room try-on', the store assistant will find the clothes specified by the customer and send them to the fitting room. At the same time, the customer will receive a notification on the mobile phone that the fitting is ready, and he only needs to go directly to the fitting room.

The fitting room is turned into a walk-in closet. In addition to the 'wardrobe' and a huge full-length mirror, it also has a touch screen where customers can view personalized recommendations or change to different colors and sizes.If you decide to buy, just take the clothes to the checkout.If you don’t want to buy it, all the clothes scanned in the store can be saved toAppfor easy online ordering in the future.

There are three options for checkoutItems: 1. Scan the QR code and use the App to debit the account directly; 2. Use the Amazon One palm scanner to check out; 3. Cash/credit card and other traditional payments.

As the leading platform for cross-border e-commerce, Amazon Global Store is a perennial partner of China Cross-border Trade Fair.They will continue to come to the exhibition site at this exhibition to have face-to-face communication with cross-border e-commerce friends, bring the latest market interpretation and industry forecasts, and share various useful information through thematic sub-forums to provide sellers with everything they need on the cross-border road. Answer any questions you encounter.The China International Trade Fair Organizing Committee cares about exhibitors and the industry. It will continue to learn from advanced technologies and provide a better exhibition experience in the future.


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