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The key teaching staff of the Three Entrepreneurship Competition visited the 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair

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The key teaching staff of the Three Entrepreneurship Competition visited the 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair

China cross trade fair

On the afternoon of March 19, the 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (referred to as 'China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair') welcomed more than a hundred national college students to compete in the e-commerce 'Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship' Challenge (referred to as 'Three Innovations' The key teachers of the competition '' visited the observation group.

As a national college student competition, the 'Three Entrepreneurship Competition' is famous for stimulating college students' interests and potential, and cultivating college students' innovative awareness, creative thinking, and entrepreneurial abilities.With the vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce, more and more participating students choose cross-border e-commerce as a participating subject.As the 2023 China International Trade Fair is being held in Rong, on-site participation in the industry and exhibition exhibitions have become a common choice for teachers.

The China International Trade Fair Organizing Committee warmly received the visiting delegation.The delegation visited the comprehensive service provider exhibition area, platform exhibition area and some supply chain exhibition areas.Through booth visits, introductions, and on-site exchanges, the visiting group learned advanced experiences from leading cross-border e-commerce companies and gained an intuitive and in-depth understanding of the development trend of China's cross-border e-commerce in Fuzhou and even across the country.The visiting group participated in the theme forum 'Digital Empowerment of Domestic Products Overseas 2023 Full Analysis of DTC Brand's Practical Strategies for Going Overseas'.

At the booth of Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd., the co-organizer of the three-innovation competition, General Manager Deng Hai introduced in detail the company’s development history of overseas digital marketing, characteristics of cross-border e-commerce platforms, innovative businesses, etc., and gave detailed answers to teachers’ questions Issues in enterprises and cross-border e-commerce industry.

The visiting group stated that this visit and exchange further improved the cross-border e-commerce professionalism of key teachers and effectively promoted the integration of industry and education and the high-quality development of disciplines.Coming to the China Cross-border Trade Fair, I personally experienced the new achievements of cross-border e-commerce. I gained a lot and felt deeply. At the same time, I also expressed my sincere expectations and blessings for the future development prospects of cross-border e-commerce.


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