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The garden is filled with spring scenery that cannot be contained, and the spring scenery does not disappoint cross-border people (4)

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The garden is filled with spring scenery that cannot be contained, and the spring scenery does not disappoint cross-border people (4)


Many cross-border e-commerce exhibitions have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain.

Have you ever been confused

Which exhibition should I attend?

No matter whether you are doing traditional foreign trade or cross-border e-commerce

Do you want to exhibit or visit?

Are you here to look for business opportunities, or to eat?

Why come to China International Trade Fair? The answer will be told to you immediately

In an era when e-commerce is so developed, online purchasing and stocking has become a trend. Why go to offline exhibitions?

For businesses:

1Low cost to reach target customers

If you want to reach qualified customers, participating in exhibitions is the most effective way, because offline exhibitions can gather industry merchants from all over the country and even the world at one time.According to statistics, the average cost of reaching customers at an exhibition is only 40% of that of other methods.Participating in offline exhibitions can save a lot of manpower and material resources and achieve twice the result with half the effort.More importantly, face-to-face communication makes it easier to quickly establish mutual trust with potential customers.

2Reach more potential customers

Offline exhibitions are the most direct marketing method.According to exhibition research reports, less than 10% of the customers that companies contact at exhibitions have been contacted within one year before the exhibition, and exhibitions continue to bring high-level new customers to exhibitors.Although the exhibition lasted only three days, exhibitors came into contact with more potential customers than they could through other channels in half a year or even a year.

3Intuitively understand market competition

The exhibition provides many companies with the opportunity to jointly study the market situation and judge future trends. Its effect and role cannot be replaced by the online format.Exhibitors can use information on products, prices, and marketing strategies displayed by competitors, as well as industry information integrated by the exhibition organizer, to formulate long-term corporate plans.

4Showcase your own image and product features

Exhibitions provide exhibitors with the opportunity to flex their muscles in front of their competitors.Through well-trained exhibition staff, active pre- and in-exhibition promotions, and unique booth design, the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises can be well demonstrated.Buyers will also take advantage of this excellent opportunity to compare the strength of various exhibitors in the industry and select their partners.Therefore, the exhibition is the first choice platform for exhibitors to showcase their image and brand strength.National brand exhibitions such as the China International Trade Fair will attract a lot of media attention and reports. It is a rare opportunity for enterprises to use official media and industry channels for exposure and publicity.

For buyers:

1 improve product quality,Looking for factories with higher craftsmanship

At the exhibition site, you can find better supply chains and factories with higher-level manufacturing processes among the source suppliers in the core production areas of cross-border e-commerce goods selected by the organizer, thereby optimizing product quality and increasing product value. , while exploring product selling points and looking for products with high commercial value.Explore the future fashion trends of products from the aspects of exhibiting products, audience focus products, forum topics, special exhibition products, etc., and develop supporting value-added products to complement the products and improve pre-sales, sales, and after-sales process services to maximize benefits. change.

2Shop around,Spend the least amount of human and financial resources to accomplish big things

The exhibition brings together more than 2,000 cross-border e-commerce companies in more than 60 industrial zones across the country. Buyers can compare multiple products in the shortest time, regardless of price or special customization needs for products (such as customized logos). , exquisite packaging, color adjustment, etc.) or the existing products cannot meet the needs of the enterprise and need to find replacement products. You can find the products you need at the China Cross Trade Fair, reducing a lot of human and financial resources and maximizing benefits.

3Be one step ahead on the cross-border road,Get the latest policy information from the platform first

Many first-line and emerging blue ocean platforms will come to the exhibition site to bring the latest platform policies, share cutting-edge industry concepts, and explain professional knowledge.Compared with some scattered news from other channels, only by coming to the exhibition site can you feel the 'real', 'fast' and 'new' characteristics, so that you can make corresponding decisions on future planning directions in a timely manner. Measures can only take the lead on the cross-border road, so the exhibition displays not only a variety of exhibits, but also a peak collision of the industry.

4Experience is wealth,Top sellers teach you how to play cross-border

The China Cross-border E-commerce Fair has invited many leading cross-border e-commerce sellers to come to the site to share their experience in cross-border e-commerce operations. As the saying goes, listening to your words is worth ten years of reading. No matter you are a veteran who has been working hard for many years or a newbie. Novices at the threshold can gain something.Through their policy analysis and situation analysis, taking the essence and discarding the dross, thinking about the future direction, and finding a path that suits you, only then can you have the confidence to compete in the cross-border blue ocean.

For both enterprises and buyers:

In fact, the exhibition is not just about connecting supply and demand, but also activities such as event forums and platform promotion meetings will help you explore future opportunities.There are the 'BRICS Digital Economy Dialogue' organized by the government and the China Cross-border E-commerce Financial Capital Summit Forum. There are first-line platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba International Station, and Newegg to bring the latest policies and conduct market research. Professional analysis and opportunity sharing help domestic products reap the benefits of going overseas. Linio, Jumia, Coupang, OTTO, KiKUU, Meikeduo, Cdiscount and other cross-border e-commerce overseas platforms have gathered to help cross-border e-commerce companies sail overseas and gain Blue Ocean Business Opportunities, Independent Website Going Global Summit Forum helps sellers to go global with one-stop brands, and has first-class supporting service providers in the cross-border e-commerce supply chain. It gathers cross-border e-commerce full-chain services, and experiences one-stop going overseas, with technology + manufacturing + A three-pronged financial approach to build a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce service platform, the ACG Ecological Conference, Lang Xianping's offline version of 'Langyan Finance', and the discussion with you on how to achieve compliant overseas business and worry-free cross-border cooperation The Gui Xing Wen Zhi Yuan Forum, with the debut of the TIKTOK official team, will take you to seize the new cross-border blue ocean of TikTok e-commerce. It also gathers the world's first new products and overseas sales hot products to help companies achieve 'cultural overseas' and 'branding' 'Going Overseas''s hot new product launch conference of the season......Hearing is worth seeing, come to the site and experience it, the rewards will be much greater than you imagine!


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