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The garden is filled with spring scenery that cannot be contained, and the spring scenery does not disappoint cross-border people (1)

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The garden is filled with spring scenery that cannot be contained, and the spring scenery does not disappoint cross-border people (1)


Many cross-border e-commerce exhibitions have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain.

Have you ever been confused

Which exhibition should I attend?

No matter whether you are doing traditional foreign trade or cross-border e-commerce

Do you want to exhibit or visit?

Are you here to look for business opportunities, or to eat?

Why come to China for cross-border trade fair? The answer will be told to you immediately

There are so many cross-border e-commerce exhibitions across the country, why choose to participate in the China Cross-border Trade Fair?

The 2022 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (referred to as 'China Cross-border E-commerce Fair'), with the theme of 'Linking the entire cross-border basin; Jointly building a new e-commerce ecology', is organized by leaders in the national exhibition industry and cross-border e-commerce industry. It is jointly created by all enterprises and will be held at Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Reason one

Nationwide support

As a national-level professional exhibition, the 2022 China Cross-Trade Fair has not only been vigorously sponsored by the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, but also by Fujian Province, Jilin Province, Hunan Province, Yunnan Province, Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province , Chongqing, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Huizhou and many other provinces and cities across the country as well as the Macao Special Administrative Region.Invite foreign guests from BRICS countries and local e-commerce platforms, suppliers, and purchasers with deep roots to participate in the exhibition to enhance the influence of the exhibition in emerging markets such as BRICS countries.Governments, academic circles, associations, funds, enterprises, etc. from all over the country gathered to participate in the conference.China executives from many well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms around the world pay close attention to this industry event, and many industry leaders will attend.More than 30 industry associations across the country have confirmed that they will organize groups to attend the conference for procurement.Compared with the first edition, the number of co-organizers, industry support units and special cooperation units of this exhibition has increased significantly, making it more representative and more leading.

Reason two

Exhibition area recruitment

The exhibition is committed to bringing together abundant Chinese manufacturing and strong cross-border e-commerce foreign demand.This exhibition has a total of 2,500 booths, of which the supplier exhibition area accounts for 80% of the area. It gathers more than 2,000 cross-border e-commerce companies from more than 60 characteristic industrial zones across the country, including Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, and Jiangsu. Many of them It is a well-known brand deeply involved in the foreign trade industry and the source supplier of hot-selling products.It is expected that this exhibition will display cross-border e-commerce hot-selling SKUs reaching one million levels, and the products will have national representativeness, category coverage, and industry professionalism.More than 50 global cross-border e-commerce mainstream platforms from the United States, Japan, the European Union, ASEAN, and Latin America have signed up to participate in the exhibition, including Amazon Global Store, Walmart, eBay, TikTok e-commerce, Google, Otto, etc., as well as more than 200 ecologically related leading service providers , covering the entire ecological chain of cross-border e-commerce such as platform, warehousing, logistics, capital, finance and taxation, advertising, software, operations, and talents, displaying the entire industry in one stop and meeting the diverse docking needs of the industry.According to incomplete statistics, more than 40 platforms and service providers on the '2021 China Cross-border E-commerce 'Top 100 List'' will participate in the conference, more than half of the export companies on the list.At the same time, the China Cross-border Trade Fair has sent invitations to cross-border e-commerce practitioners across the country from the government, industry, private sector and other channels. It is expected that more than 100,000 professional purchasers will attend the conference.

Reason three

Forum activities

The cross-trade fair will host more than 30 high-end industry events.Political leaders, economists, and industry leaders from all over the country gathered together, and industry activities were rich and colorful.Provincial and ministerial level leaders and national celebrities in the financial and economic circles will be invited to attend the meeting.Including the Ministry of Commerce's 'BRICS Digital Economy Dialogue', China's Cross-border E-commerce Financial Capital Summit Forum, well-known e-commerce platform promotion conferences (Amazon, eBay, TikTok, Walmart, etc.), the establishment of cross-border e-commerce industry funds, There are a dazzling array of activities such as the launch ceremony of the country's first cross-border e-commerce service platform, independent station development summit, 'entering the national industrial belt', and new product release conferences.

Reason four

Exhibition promotion

It is the first in the country to adopt the strategy of 'grid connection, group planning, centralized screen swiping, and siphon effect'. With the help of soft articles, pictures, short videos, live broadcasts and other forms, it conducts three-dimensional publicity through various online and offline channels, greatly increasing the visibility and influence of the exhibition. power, with cumulative exposure exceeding one billion.Through cross-trade official publicity channels such as WeChat official account, official website, and Douyin account, as well as new media advertising models such as Toutiao, Baidu, Bilibili, and Zhihu, we have cooperated with Midoduo, Zongteng, Zixun, Fanding, and Kongkongyun Well-known companies in the industry such as Hui, Dianjiang, Wanlihui, Captain BI, Mengxishi, meshop, Ennexichuang, Niu Xinyun, etc., as well as industry media such as Laogao E-commerce, Yibang Power, Beluga Gohai, AMZ123, and Seller’s Home , regularly push high-frequency reports related to the cross-border trade fair, and combine it with high-speed rail, high-speed train and other advertising, and innovatively introduce a matrix of cross-border e-commerce internet celebrities represented by foreign trade delegation leaders to warm up the exhibition in an all-round way.

Reason five

Exhibition logistics

First, in terms of exhibition services, the booths and forum construction have all been designed and customized.Second, in terms of logistics, under the guidance of relevant government departments, a special working group was set up to be responsible for security, VIP reception, check-in, etc.Third, in terms of epidemic prevention, in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on epidemic prevention and control, we formulated an epidemic prevention plan and submitted it to the competent department for approval and filing, established a prevention and control leading group, formulated on-site grid control measures, strictly managed personnel, and tightened 'There is no trivial matter in epidemic prevention, and there is no blind spot in epidemic prevention.'


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