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The first China Cross-border E-commerce Fair concluded successfully today!

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The first China Cross-border E-commerce Fair concluded successfully today!

The first China Cross-border E-commerce Fair ('Cross-Border Fair' for short) lasted for three days and concluded successfully on March 20 at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center.


The first China Cross-Trade Fair was a purely market-oriented operation and took eight months to prepare. It received strong support from the Ministry of Commerce, the People's Government of Fujian Province and the People's Government of Fuzhou Municipality.According to incomplete statistics, during the exhibition, a total of 62,000 professional merchants in the cross-border e-commerce field across the country were welcomed to the exhibition, far exceeding the 25,000 predicted before the exhibition, and the total number of visitors reached 130,000.


The first cross-border trade fair attaches great importance to the brand building and sustainable development of the exhibition, and is committed to finding factories for sellers and helping factories to do cross-border business.The major platforms, service providers and suppliers participating in the exhibition shined brilliantly at this cross-trade fair. Through the cross-trade platform, they connected with a large number of sellers on-site. They highly recognized the work of the organizing committee and were very satisfied with the on-site effects of the exhibition.


As a national-level professional exhibition, the cross-trade fair attracted 2,363 companies from 22 provinces and cities across the country for the first time, accounting for 80% of the suppliers.There are more than 300 product categories and millions of SKUs on site, covering textiles, gifts, gardening and outdoor, 3C digital electronics, hardware, automobile and motorcycle parts, smart home manufacturing, shoes, clothing, luggage, sports and sports, toys, maternal and infant products, and home furnishings. 13 hot-selling categories including kitchen and daily necessities.


During the three days of the exhibition, there was an endless stream of businessmen negotiating. Many professional businessmen went to communicate with their favorite companies. Negotiation scenes could be seen everywhere, and the docking results were remarkable.According to incomplete statistics, the total intended transaction volume reached during the three-day exhibition exceeded US$3.5 billion.


In addition to the exhibition part, this cross-border trade fair also held the 2021 'Silk Road E-commerce' International Cooperation Forum, the China Cross-border E-commerce Financial Capital Summit Forum, the China Cross-border Export E-commerce Industry Index Release Ceremony and the Fujian Cross-border There are 18 supporting industry activities including e-commerce industry matchmaking conference, cross-border e-commerce talent training summit forum, and major global platform promotion conferences. They are full of useful information and each event is extremely popular.


From the central government to local governments, from the Internet to print media, from the government to the industry, many media including the Central People's Government website, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Fujian TV Station, Sina, Tencent, and the official websites and official accounts of major cross-border e-commerce platforms all responded to the same question. The International Trade Fair has continued to pay attention and report.


The successful holding of this cross-trade fair would not be possible without the hard work of volunteers and the strong support from all walks of life. The cross-trade fair would like to thank you!


We sincerely thank all exhibitors and purchasers for their recognition and support of the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair.We will meet again next year.



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