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The fifth issue of China Cross-Trade Fair supply and procurement information summary

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The fifth issue of China Cross-Trade Fair supply and procurement information summary

Assist factories to find sellers and help sellers find products

China Cross-Trade Fair Supply and Demand Matching Plan

Hot development in progress

Procurement requirements

Expand new trade

Products intended to be purchased:Sunglasses, women's high heels, women's underwear, high-quality toys, new and convenient household items

Purchase quantity:To be determined

product requirement:Priority will be given to manufacturing factories themselves

Message timeliness:long term effective

Kermi Technology

Products intended to be purchased:3c electronics, pet supplies

Purchase quantity:1000+

product requirement:Has its own patent

Message timeliness:long term effective

penglai city

Products intended to be purchased:bird feeder

Purchase quantity:Discuss in detail

product requirement:Design and produce products according to customer requirements

Message timeliness:long term effective

Supply information

Chengfang Intelligent Technology

Fully automatic 3D face recognition + visual cat eye:

Unlocking methods: 3D face recognition, fingerprint, card swiping (with 2 cards), password (supports virtual password), temporary password, remote unlocking, key

Material: aluminum alloy + high-gloss electroplating film, inner injection molding

Minimum order quantity: In stock (customized delivery time is 30 days, minimum order is 300 sets)

Open Bluetooth apartment/home lock with one squeeze:

Unlocking methods: fingerprint, Bluetooth, password (supports virtual password), time-sensitive password, card swipe (with 2 cards), key

Material: aluminum alloy

Minimum order quantity:In stock (customized delivery time is 30 days, minimum order is 100-200 sets)

Message timeliness:long term effective

Fulunda Rope Industry

product:Yacht cables, anchor ropes, float ropes, general ropes, etc.

Company Profile:The company is located in Shuicheng, Jiangbei - Gaotang County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. It is a specialized factory for maritime products. Its products are mainly yacht ropes, anchor ropes, float ropes, general ropes, etc. The products are exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc.Our company is an OEM factory for Walmart, HOME DEPOT, WEST MARINE, and ACADEMY. Our company will serve you with the best price and the highest product quality.

Message timeliness:long term effective

Leti Home Furnishing

product:Japanese Korean wooden clock

Minimum order quantity:Minimum order is 1000

Delivery date:15 days

payment method:30% deposit, 70% final payment

Message timeliness:long term effective

Jumei Textile

Pajamas (European and American style):Simulated silk fabric (real silk can be selected as the fabric), weight 80-100 grams (weight can be customized), price 35-39 yuan (excluding tax)

Pajamas (ice silk suit):Simulated silk fabric (real silk can be selected as the fabric), weight 140-160 grams (weight can be customized), price 69-75 yuan (excluding tax)

Two-piece pajamas set:Polyester fiber fabric (fabric can be optional); thin style (weight can be customized), multiple colors optional or customized, price 39-46 yuan (excluding tax)

Minimum order quantity:50 minimum order

shape:Styles can be adjusted according to customer requirements, flowers are optional or customized

Sample production cycle:7 to 10 days

Bulk goods production cycle:20-25 days

Message timeliness:long term effective

Legu Bathroom

product:Bathroom series

Minimum order quantity:Minimum order of 1000 sets

payment method:Cash is available, and it will take about two working days to arrive.

Message timeliness:long term effective

Xiangshun kitchenware

product:Stainless steel western tableware, stainless steel pots, stainless steel hotel supplies

Minimum order quantity:

Western tableware: 6000/single item

Pot: single layer material 1000/specification, composite material 500/specification

Hotel supplies: 2000/small items, 1000/large items

Message timeliness:long term effective

How to participate in supply and procurement matching

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