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The 2022 China Cross-Trade Fair peripherals will be launched online for the first time!

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The 2022 China Cross-Trade Fair peripherals will be launched online for the first time!

Around China Cross-border E-commerce Fair

China Cross-Border E-Commerce Trade Fair

Fu Rongrong

WeChat picture_20220412095134

'Fu Rong Rong'It is named after the famous 'Fuzhou Goldfish'.Fuzhou goldfish has'Abundance (lucky fish), abundance (fish) year after year'the meaning of'Cross Trade Fair' will take you to play 'earn' e-commerce and get rich!

The overall image of 'Furongrong' incorporates the elements of 'Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware and ancient coins'. The color is goldfish red, auspicious and festive, symbolizing the prosperity of cross-border e-commerce and the 'good start' of the China Cross-border Trade Fair.The mascot is full of a sense of technology, and its image is dynamic and fashionable. The two fish eyes have WIFI symbols, symbolizing e-commerce and technology; one hand holds a thumb up to praise the 'China Cross-Trade Fair'; its feet are on ancient coins, arms are stretched out, and cross Jumping across borders and winning step by step, it embodies the exhibition theme of 'Linking the entire cross-border river basin and jointly building a new e-commerce ecology', expressing the warm and hospitable Fuzhou people who sincerely welcome visitors from all directions and share the beautiful future of cross-border!

# Mascot Doll Fu Rongrong #

Fulongrong real doll

Price: ¥31.8 yuan (comes with a Furongrong postcard)

Comes with postcard format

# commemorative stamps#

commemorative stamps

Price ¥66.6 yuan

# commemorative paper-cutting——Zherong paper-cutting #

commemorative paper cutting

Price ¥150 yuan

The paper-cuts are all hand-cut and are made by Yuan Xiuying, the inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage paper-cut project.

Yuan Xiuying, born in 1927.Folk paper-cutting artist; inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage paper-cutting project; winner of the 'Chinese Paper-cutting Lifetime Achievement Award'.When she was eight years old, watching the lifelike little characters randomly cut out by her grandmother aroused her strong interest. She picked up scissors and red paper for the first time and tried to imitate them. Perhaps due to her innate understanding, she succeeded in cutting them. .It was 83 years ago that her life-long paper-cutting career began.

Yuan Xiuying (picture source network)

Please come to'huixiangyoupin' appletMake a purchase

Purchase - Self-pickup/Express delivery

Pickup location:

1. Opening Ceremony Hall

2. Entrance to Hall 10

3. Exit of Hall 5

collection method:Write off and receive

Should not be missed!

FuRongRong will accompany you to participate in the exhibition happily!


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