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Statement from the Organizing Committee of China International Trade Fair

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Statement from the Organizing Committee of China International Trade Fair

Recently, we have received reports from some enterprises that some organizations are requesting business cooperation with them in the name of strategic partners of China International Trade Fair.This behavior has seriously disturbed the normal operation of the company and caused reputational damage to the China Cross-Trade Fair. The organizing committee hereby declares as follows:

China Cross-Trade Fair does not have any strategic partners so far, if the above-mentioned behavior occurs, all enterprises and units are requested to pay attention to screening and prevention to avoid unnecessary losses. At the same time, we reserve the right to take legal measures to further safeguard our own rights and interests.

Hereby declare.

China Cross-border E-commerce Fair Organizing Committee

March 18, 2022

2022 China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair Organizational Structure

Directed by

Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce

Fuzhou Municipal People's Government

Support Units

China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone Fuzhou Area Management Committee

Fuzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau

Fujian Provincial E-Commerce Promotion Association


Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce

Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export

Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.


China International Freight Forwarders Association

China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd.

CMEX International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Fanding International Group

Purple Bird Browser

Niu Xinyun

Captain BI

MoonSees Dream West Stone Information Technology

Made in China Network

Empowering Felxchain

Beluga whale out to sea

Laogao e-commerce circle



Zongteng Group


Cloud collection in the sky

Industry support unit

Jilin Province Cross-border E-Commerce Association

Zhejiang Provincial E-Commerce Promotion Association Cross-Border E-Commerce Special Committee

Shandong Cross-border E-Commerce Association

Jiangsu Provincial E-Commerce Association

Hunan Cross-border E-Commerce Association

Chongqing E-Commerce Association

Fuzhou Cross-border E-commerce Association

Huizhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Industry Association

Nanjing E-Commerce Association

Wenzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association

Xiamen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association

Chaozhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association

Special cooperation unit

China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Fujian Branch

Fujian Juduoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Foreign trade delegation leader

AMZ123 cross-border navigation

Sichuan Yuwen Technology Co., Ltd.-

Set sail

Seller's home

Suzhou Zhenchuang Information Technology Co., Ltd.

toys say

Tell everything you know

Hugo cross border


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