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Specialization in the field of technology, achievements reward hard work - Midoduo company is shortlisted for Google's 2022 annual award

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Specialization in the field of technology, achievements reward hard work - Midoduo company is shortlisted for Google's 2022 annual award


In 2022, the market will still be cold and the industry will still have uncertain prospects.One of the organizers of China Cross-border E-commerce FairMidoduo Network TechnologyDon’t be afraid of difficulties, don’t wait, and buck the trend. With diversified businesses, innovative products and solid services,Successfully shortlisted for Google's 2022 'Improving Online Sales''International business growth'Two heavy weights'Best Outstanding Partner of the Year' award,This is not only a compliment to Midoduo Network Technology Company’s excellent professional capabilities, but also a true portrayal of the company’s pioneering and hard-working spirit throughout the year.

Let’s take a closer look at the seven years that Mi Duoduo has held hands with Google, working hard and persevering side by side.With the support of Google partners, the company has gradually grown through two major transformations, from a start-up team of a few people to today's hundred-person scale, from taking root in Fujian to spreading across the country, and from 2B to 2C. It has always put customers first, is down-to-earth, and works hard. Study and deepen the cross-border e-commerce industry, work with customers to weather the storms of 2022, and the sun and moon of 2023 at the same time.'What is professional? Midoduo is called professional!'The thumbs up praise from customers is both affirmation and encouragement.

During this year, Mido Duo thought about what customers were thinking, screened and matched suitable Google advertising products for customers, and used various products and tools such as 'Target Return on Ad Spend' bidding strategies and discovery campaigns to touch customers at critical moments. Reach buyers and ensure that customers’ advertising results are remarkable.Midodo thereforeShortlisted for Google'Improve Online Sales' AwardDeserved.

During the year, Midoduo develops appropriate strategies, from using automation technology to increasing campaign indicators, making full use of various new strategies and tools to help clients enter new markets and achieve international business goals and sustainable growth.Midoduo was shortlisted for thisGoogle'International Business Growth' AwardsThe real deal.

In the final PK among the top peers in the country, Midoduo regretted not winning the final award of the year.There are mountains beyond the mountains, and many people in Mido are willing to benchmark against better peers, find shortcomings, make up for shortcomings, and set their sights on the new year and a wider world, and continue to join hands with Google and customers.Create new achievements on the new journey of digital expansion into the sea of ​​stars.

About Midoduo

Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known global Internet integrated marketing service provider and cross-border digital trade comprehensive service platform based on big data technology.It mainly provides customers in various industries with comprehensive cross-border e-commerce solutions that combine professional multi-lingual website building, overseas promotion, online marketing, overseas advertising, and cross-border import and export technical services.

In 2015, it won the qualification of Google's excellent partner, and in 2017, it cooperated with Google to open 'Fuzhou Midoduo | Google Overseas Experience Center'.The company is headquartered in Fuzhou and has branches and offices in many domestic cities such as Xiamen, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.


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