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Southeast Asia supply chain solution service provider--Yunzhi Supply Chain

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company profile

Yunzhi Supply Chain was established in 2016. Relying on the Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce platform shopee/lazada, it cooperates with domestic brands and sellers, large and small, to advance in the wave of brand creation of the times and reach the other side of success.

Yunzhi has more than 6 years of operating experience in Southeast Asia and gives full play to the spirit of craftsmanship. Seriousness and responsibility are our never-ending commitments to our customers. The continuous concentration and innovation of operational technology and the continuous improvement of operational quality are our never-ending pursuits.Hundreds of successful cases reflect our strength.Through accumulation and accumulation, Yunzhi has accumulated profound industry experience and has formed a set of effective product selection and operation ideas.

Yunzhi provides one-stop online store hosting services for brand merchants: platform entry, strategic planning, visual design, operation promotion, customer service, data analysis, etc. It has incomparable advantages in helping brands go global.The powerful overseas service platform and professional standard operating system can meet the diverse, personalized and all-round cross-border e-commerce needs of e-commerce customers in Southeast Asia.

After nearly five years of development, Yunzhi's business has covered 6 countries in Southeast Asia, and it has built multiple logistics order processing centers in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. The overseas warehouse area in the Philippines exceeds 20,000 square meters.

At present, Yunzhi has established three business regions in Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong, and has four domestic transit warehouses in Yiwu, Quanzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.A complete international logistics network layout, strong warehousing management capabilities, and highly competitive local delivery together constitute Yunzhi's core competitiveness.

Corporate Highlights

1. Council unit of Fuzhou E-Commerce Promotion Association

2. CBEC recommends excellent service providers

Main business

SHOPEE/LAZADA local store registration

Enjoy the traffic brought by local stores safely and efficiently.

Product ReviewsCustomer Service

Real purchasing reviews from local buyers increase store credibility, and local customer service and native language customer service.

Cross-border payment collection

Overseas remittances arrive safely and quickly.

First leg logistics

The logistics is safe and worry-free, and you can enjoy the lowest price on the entire network.

International shipping services:Professional shipping FCL, LCL and bulk cargo services, refined cargo loading, unloading and stowage.Shipping is scheduled every week, and the Philippines can arrive at the warehouse in 10 days at the fastest.

International land transportation services:Cross-border trucking in Southeast Asia is non-stop around the clock, with one container for every country in Southeast Asia.As a logistics provider that entered the Southeast Asian market earlier, we are already familiar with all aspects of Southeast Asia, which makes our partners feel more at ease.

Customs declaration and inspection services:Keep a good clearance record.Multiple customs clearance ports solve various difficult customs clearance problems for customers, and provide our customers with a wide variety of import and export commodity inspection agency services.Provide professional and efficient full set of logistics supply chain services for import and export customers.

Southeast Asia overseas warehousing

#philippines8700+square meters

#INDONESIA8000+square meters

#Thailand3500+square meters

The number of warehouse locations is 5,000+, and the monitoring system covers the entire warehouse. There are dedicated Chinese warehouse managers to implement 5S management, optimize warehouse processes, and respond to customer emergencies within 8 hours to ensure high efficiency;

Equipped with professional security guards with guns to ensure the safety of goods;

Daily inventory is carried out by dedicated personnel, multiple mainstream platforms receive orders at the same time, information is seamlessly connected, WMS and other multi-system data management is provided, and a professional team is equipped to monitor the whole process;

It is guaranteed that the goods will be put on the shelves within 24 hours of arrival and the order delivery time will not exceed 24 hours for picking, with an accuracy rate as high as 99.9%.

Value-added services—Easy e-commerce

Provide storage space.

Manual product quality inspection, visual quality inspection services according to customer requirements (product name, specifications, appearance, color), etc.

Changing packaging, serial coding operations, labeling and tagging, labeling products according to customer needs, hanging tags, etc.

Enjoy one-stop service from goods inbound, inventory, outbound, packaging, logistics and other aspects, making e-commerce easy.


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