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Southeast Asia cross-border e-commerce localization operation expert—NiUKE cross-border ecological chain

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Southeast Asia cross-border e-commerce localization operation expert—NiUKE cross-border ecological chain

Xiamen Newkey Cloud Technology Services Co., Ltd. is committed to providing one-stop solutions for e-commerce companies and physical manufacturers going overseas to Southeast Asia.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the 'people-oriented' principle and putting customer needs first, creating a NIUKE cross-border ecological chain.The services provided by the NIUKE cross-border e-commerce ecological chain include local store registration on the Southeast Asian e-commerce shopee-lazada platform, international logistics and transportation, overseas self-built warehousing, online celebrity anchors bringing goods, overseas cross-border payment collection, etc.

15K cross-border sellers successfully helped

Package delivery successfully delivered 40M+

Continuously improving system management 100+

In the past two years, NIUKE has created more than 500 cross-border e-commerce jobs and incubated more than 100 cross-border e-commerce teams and companies!

·NIUKE cross-border e-commerce ecological chain

01Focus on providing a series of one-stop, one-stop, integrated solutions for cross-border e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia.

02We have established physical companies in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia, with over 20,000 square meters of self-built warehousing, 100,000 square meters of cooperative overseas warehouses, and equipped with a complete operation and maintenance team.

03It serves thousands of individual and corporate cross-border e-commerce sellers in Southeast Asia, and has more than 200 employees in its operations headquarters and overseas subsidiaries.

04Integrating air, sea and land transportation to provide fast and high-quality logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce sellers in Southeast Asia.

05We have developed a number of professional application management systems such as SaaSERPproduct selectionsupply chain platform, and have independent intellectual property rights.

06The e-commerce service outsourcing center’s business covers cross-border e-commerce agency operation, cross-border e-commerce logistics, cross-border e-commerce after-sales management, and technology development outsourcing.

·Corporate Services

A NIUKE Technology Services: Taking technology as the core productivity, applying technology to big data, self-developed NIUKE cross-border supply chain platform; NIUKE overseas order management ERP; NIUKE big data AI product selection system

B NIUKE overseas warehouse:Build self-operated cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouses in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam, and equipped with efficient production management systems

C NIUKE cross-border logistics: Integrating high-quality logistics and express delivery suppliers across the entire network to provide fast and high-quality logistics services for cross-border e-commerce sellers across Southeast Asia; and becoming strategic partners with multiple e-commerce platforms, international express delivery, and logistics companies

D NIUKE supply chain platform: The continuously iterative supply chain flywheel integrates domestic manufacturers and supplier resources into the NIUKE supply chain system to provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with rich and high-quality products.Let cross-border e-commerce start a business at zero cost

·Global partners


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