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Smart wearable, industry-leading——Jinqin Intelligence

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Quanzhou Jinqin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.Founded in 2006, the company has been deeply involved in AI smart clothing. Its headquarters is in Shenzhen, its R&D team is in Silicon Valley, and its factory is in Shishi, Quanzhou, Fujian. It currently has branches in Guangzhou, Changshu, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places.The company has more than 200 patents at home and abroad, and its products are used in medical treatment, health care, health, outdoor sports equipment, government projects, and daily life of residents.It is an AI smart wearable company that focuses on smart clothing, smart jewelry, and electronic digital series, integrating design, development, production, and sales.It has many brands including JXTOO, Jinchou, Chengyue, Jinqin, Jinyue, Lingyue and so on.

After years of solid operation, our products have covered more than a dozen provinces, cities, and autonomous regions, and are also exported to many foreign countries.The company has established subsidiaries in many countries. The American company develops chips, and the Shenzhen company develops new smart wearable products.So far, the company has more than 300 workers and more than 20 world-advanced process assembly lines.The company's current business scope: smart clothing, bags, shoes and hats, technological textiles, electronic and digital products, smart jewelry and other smart wearable products.

The philosophy of the enterprise: 'Integrity-based, strength first, and serving customers wholeheartedly.' Our company adheres to the business philosophy of customer first and service first, with excellent service quality, professional technical service strength, and skilled customer service team , to ensure that customers can ride on the highway of the information age, and to respect talents and focus on technology with the spirit of stability, development, loyalty, efficiency, unity and innovation, so that customers can continue to obtain the maximum benefits while enjoying the latest achievements in the development of information technology.

Corporate Highlights

The company currently owns more than 200 patents at home and abroad. It currently mainly supplies to foreign supermarkets such as Costco, and provides development and design solutions for brands such as BMW, LV, Gucci, Dior, NIKE, Adidas, etc., in the field of medical, health, and health. , outdoor sports equipment, government projects, and residents have daily applications.

product description

BMW's same style induction cycling jersey: Suitable for cycling, mountain climbing, fishing, running, skiing and other outdoor activities.The clothes have built-in activity sensor chips and luminescent fiber strips. If you touch the sensor switch, the luminous fiber strips on the clothes will light up, which serves as a good reminder.

Smart heated massage vest: 3s fast heating, built-in imported graphene heating sheet, 3s fast heating, 3 levels of adjustable temperature, 9 heating areas (6 on the back, 1 on the neck, 2 on the abdomen), keeping your whole body warm.The neck and waist are massaged in 3 parts. The waist shoelaces fix the belt to make the waist massage more appropriate. There are 4 massage modes to choose from, allowing you to fully relax in a fatigued state.


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