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Rice warehouse cross-border shipping and cross-trade fair exclusive benefits are here

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Rice warehouse cross-border shipping and cross-trade fair exclusive benefits are here


The cross-border e-commerce industry is fierce and the capital cost pressure is high. How can small and medium-sized sellers break through?

With the rapid development of the global cross-border e-commerce industry, market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Leading sellers are getting bigger and bigger, and the development space left for small and medium-sized cross-border sellers is being continuously compressed. How to improve one's own advantages in the increasingly fierce competition Finding survival space in the fierce e-commerce ecosystem has become a big problem.

The development of cross-border e-commerce has moved from price competition to an era of product and service competition. More and more cross-border sellers have their own product research and development departments and are finding ways to improve buyers' shopping experience in the logistics and distribution links.Therefore, many cross-border e-commerce sellers have plans to try to build their own warehouses, but issues such as warehouse rent, equipment costs, consumable costs, system construction, personnel costs, management costs and management methods have to be considered.For small and medium-sized sellers, the greater the initial investment, the heavier the load, so choosing third-party warehousing and shipping has become a more popular method for small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce sellers.

The so-called third-party warehousing and shipping is what we often call packaging and shipping services, also known as warehousing and shipping.That is, after signing the contract, the seller places the goods purchased on the platform or factory in a third-party warehouse. They help the seller package and deliver them to consumers according to the order and requirements. The third-party warehousing company charges service fees in accordance with the contract.

The rice warehouse cross-border shipping service is a packaging, ordering and shipping service launched by Midodo for cross-border e-commerce sellers to solve the problem of high warehousing costs and low manual reuse. It is the GIGdodo digital technology service platform. important component in.The seller temporarily stores the goods in Midoduo's shipping warehouse before the product is sold. When the seller has an order, the seller can directly select the channel for delivery through the order management system, allowing the seller to focus on the development and innovation of the core business without having to pay for Warehouse management is painstaking, reducing warehousing, labor and time costs.At the same time, based on the good cooperation between Midoduo and many logistics service providers, we can provide customers with the best choices and cost optimization in logistics solutions, achieving cost reduction and efficiency.

Rice warehouse cross-border shipping focuses on 'deeply reducing burdens and saving money to the end' for sellers, allowing sellers to save warehousing costs, labor costs, consumables costs, and logistics costs, realizing personnel reuse and warehousing flexibility, allowing sellers to focus on operations Port and product research and development to reduce operational risks and improve buyer experience.Relying on Juduoduo's technical capabilities, Rice Warehouse's self-developed and self-built warehousing and distribution system for cross-border distribution has been successfully connected with the Mabang ERP to achieve functions such as synchronization of Mabang orders, synchronization of logistics orders, and two-way synchronization of order information, helping Mabang users improve their performance. Supply chain timeliness.It truly allows sellers to save worry, money and effort.

As the organizer of the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair, Midoduo Technology brings significant benefits to sellers on-site. Customers who register for rice warehouse cross-border shipping on-site from March 18 to 20 will receive a 25-yuan package upon registration. Free, recharge 100 yuan and get 25 yuan, and enjoy 60 days of free warehouse rent, free operating fees, free quality inspection fees, free list fees, etc. The quantity is limited, you can rush to the Midoduo booth to buy it on site, booth number: 8B29 -31/8C10-12.

There are many on-site benefits, sellers and friends, don’t miss it.


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