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Quality control is difficult!Factory development is difficult!Millions of sellers also have their own troubles!

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Quality control is difficult!Factory development is difficult!Millions of sellers also have their own troubles!

How can cross-border e-commerce sellers find reliable and cost-effective factory suppliers?This has always been a common pain point for all sellers. In order to better understand what cross-border e-commerce sellers think and want, the China Cross-border Trade Fair Organizing Committee continues to visit different types of sellers to understand their most real and urgent needs.Today, we visited Mr. Huang, who specializes in home furnishings on the Amazon and Walmart platforms, to put himself in the seller’s shoes and explore the inner desires of the sellers.

As a big seller with an annual turnover of tens of millions

As soon as Mr. Huang came up, he gave us three painful things:


When sellers are looking for factories, they often first think of a certain digital website, but it turns out that most of the products supplied there are not source factories, but dealers of different levels.


It is difficult to expand multiple suppliers for original categories, and it is even more difficult to find suitable suppliers for new categories.


To C-end sales have higher requirements for quality control, unlike the To B-end where traders are responsible for screening.

Although the Internet is becoming more and more developed and business is becoming more and more convenient, everyone can easily purchase online with just a click of the mouse. However, without point-to-point connection at the source, it will be difficult to achieve satisfactory price advantages or product quality control. Moreover, many high-quality factories, especially export-oriented factories, are usually in full production capacity with supply exceeding demand, and have no energy to cope with sporadic cross-border e-commerce orders.Sellers visited the factories themselves, only to find that most of them were indifferent, wasting time and money, exhausting themselves and achieving very little.

Because I see it, I believe it. This is the iron rule of product selection.If a product wants to sell well, factories must be found carefully.Only when you see it with your own eyes can you make a reliable product selection.Mr. Huang told us that this is basically the common expectation of all sellers.

So how can we find it?

What about high-quality factories with real products, strength, and cost-effectiveness?

Mr. Huang, who has participated in two cross-trade fairs and gained a lot, said that he has notified the procurement team to be present at the China Cross-trade Fair next month and scan the exhibition carefully.He knows very well that if he wants to find a cross-border adaptation factory,China Cross Trade Fair is a must-visit check-in point. Here you can solve difficult procurement problems in one stop, because the suppliers who come here to participate in the exhibition have all been screened by the organizer. They understand quality, understand construction deadlines, understand rules, and are deeply involved in the foreign trade industry or cross-border trade. A high-quality supplier in the environmental industry.We also expressed to Mr. Huang that the China Cross-Trade Fair has always regarded high quality as the first requirement for selecting suppliers, bringing real factories to the exhibition as our core competitiveness, and adhering to the bottom line that the scale of supply chain enterprises participating in the exhibition should not be less than 80%. .

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned master, as long as you want to seek new cooperation opportunities and want to solve the problem of difficult quality control?If you are worried about the difficulty of factory development, then come to China Cross Trade Fair.


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