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Proposed for the first time: Leading 1 million Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers to go overseas for two-way product selection. The 2023 China Cross-border Trade Fair ended perfectly!

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Proposed for the first time: Leading 1 million Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers to go overseas for two-way product selection. The 2023 China Cross-border Trade Fair ended perfectly!

2023 China Cross Trade Fair

Link the entire cross-border river basin and jointly build a new e-commerce ecosystem.On March 20, the 2023 China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (hereinafter referred to as the 'China Cross-Border Fair') came to an end at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center.In three days, cross-border e-commerce merchants from all over the country gathered in Rongcheng to recreate a long-lost cross-border e-commerce carnival.

At the opening ceremony,Founding of China International Trade FairRuan WeixingFor the global release of 'Overseas Selection', China Cross-border Fair will lead China's high-quality cross-border e-commerce sellers to select products overseas.This is an innovation in cross-border e-commerce product selection. The China Cross-border Fair will move from one-way 'export leadership' to two-way 'import and export leadership', with a global vision of 'buying the world, selling the world' Promote trade balance.

This China Cross-Trade Fair will continue to be co-sponsored by the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, and Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and hosted by Fujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd., and Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.


This is what the organizing committee said

►2020, when the epidemic first broke out, is recognized by the industry as the first year of the cross-border e-commerce industry. In the view of the China Cross-Trade Fair Organizing Committee, 2023 is the first year of the global layout of the China Cross-Trade Fair and the year when the China Cross-Border Fair will reach new heights. The first year of quality development to a new level.Set sail in the blue rays of the road, inIt continues to work hard and strives to be the first. After three years, it has gone from having no precedent to creating its own industry case, from having no benchmark to setting its own long-term goals. China Cross-Trade Fair has come along the way, with ideas every year and every session. There are bright spots and innovations every time.The original intention of 'starting in China but not ending in China' is engraved on the desk of everyone in the organizing committee.On the main forum of the exhibition,Ruan Weixing, founder of China International Trade Fair and president of Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and ExportReleased, China's new foreign trade road of 'buying the world and selling the world' officially opened.

►In 2023, China Cross-border Trade Fair will meet China’s foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce, and officially lead millions of Chinese traditional foreign trade companies and cross-border e-commerce companies to go overseas to open up a better and more diverse international trade. Supply chain, cultivating a broader global market.At present, the organizing committee has agreed with partners from many countries to build the China Cross-border Trade Fair into the country's first cross-border e-commerce brand exhibition to be held overseas, and to promote the internationalization of China's exhibition brands.During this exhibition, the organizing committee grandly launched the cross-trade 'Family Bucket' domestic and international series of exhibitions, and will hold touring exhibitions in the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries in 2023.At this exhibition, partners from the United States and the Philippines were also invited to visit and observe the China Cross-Trade Fair. They felt the shock of the China Cross-Trade Fair on the spot and strengthened their confidence in organizing the overseas series of China Cross-Trade Fair.


so says the deal

►We all hope that the cross-border winter cold will soon go away, but we never thought that the e-commerce spring has quietly arrived.Data from the organizing committee shows that the supply and demand of this exhibition are booming, and the 2023 China Cross Trade Fair has once again become a veritable 'trade fair':There are more than 2,000 exhibitors from 28 provinces, cities and regions across the country, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as the United States, France, Germany, Indonesia, Argentina and other countries. 65% of the exhibitors are from outside Fujian Province. Its attributes are becoming increasingly prominent, and the label of an international exhibition is taking shape; a total of 83,000 professional buyers visited the main venue of the exhibition hall and participated in supporting activities at various hotel branch venues, coming from 32 provinces across the country including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. cities and regions, as well as Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries; the three-day exhibition reached a total intended transaction volume of more than 4 billion US dollars, and more than 95% of the companies on site received intended orders or clear inquiries; the number of buyers attending the exhibition and the proportion of booths continued continuously For the third time, it exceeded 20:1, the international gold standard for high-quality exhibitions.Each of the 'silent' data is sincerely 'speaking' to the industry.

►The popular exhibition scene has inspired the enthusiasm to book booths for the coming year.According to the exhibition organizerFujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.According to reports, the first order for booking a booth for the next session was placed less than two hours after the opening of the exhibition. As of press time, nearly 90% of exhibitors have expressed their intention to renew their booth for the next session.

►As a professional exhibition company, the organizerFujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd.It has the country's first-class exhibition hosting resources and experience, and has become the country's leading comprehensive corporate marketing service platform.E-commerce is rooted in commodities, and commodities are sourced from industrial belts.This exhibition has set up a total of 10 product exhibition areas including home furniture, maternal and infant products, clothing, shoes and hats, 3C electronics, health care, hardware decoration, gifts and premiums, and pet supplies. There are more than 60 exhibiting industry zones, including Shangyu umbrellas. , Ningbo consumer electronics, Pujiang crystal products, Shaoxing Tangpu children's clothing, Liyang home textiles, Dezhou fitness equipment, Chaozhou wedding dresses, Haidong woolen products, Liaoyuan socks industry, Hunchun home furnishing, Yunnan flower decoration and other more than 10 industries that appeared in the cross-trade fair for the first time belt, displaying over a million hot-selling products in the industry.All this is inseparable from the exhibition organizerFujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd.The foundation accumulated through years of intensive cultivation is closely related to the national industrial belt.

This exhibition received positive feedback from platforms, service providers, associations and other parties.As one of the exhibition organizersFujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd. andFujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.We jointly organized more than 100 online and offline industry activities before and after the exhibition, and organized more than 60 local and surrounding inspection and contact groups composed of enterprises and institutions.As a cross-border e-commerce service provider, at the exhibition siteFujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.It took the lead in holding more than 20 small-scale lectures and received nearly 10,000 business inquiries, creating a better service atmosphere for the exhibition.

▲Businessmen consulted at the Midoduo booth


What the government says

►According to industry data models, the ratio of exhibition activities to city consumption is about 1:10.The holding of this China International Trade Fair has greatly boosted Fuzhou's transportation, catering, hotel, tourism, retail and other service industries. It is initially expected to bring over 10 billion yuan in revenue to Fuzhou and surrounding areas.Hotels around the exhibition hall once again experienced the problem of 'it's hard to find a room' during the exhibition.Some exhibitors told the organizers that even on the second day of the non-concentrated Lirong exhibition, there was a waiting list for return train tickets for popular trains.

►As one of the organizers of the China Cross-Trade Fair, the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce and the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, as well as the Fuzhou Free Trade Area Management Committee and the Fuzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau, as the hosts of the China Cross-Trade Fair, during the preparation period Taking the initiative, coordinating upwards, liaising externally, deploying downwards, touring the exhibition hall and attending speeches during the exhibition, providing key guidance and strong support for the preparation and smooth holding of the exhibition.As a successful case of government-supported and market-oriented exhibitions, the China Cross-Trade Fair is being learned and imitated by more and more peers.

►More than 50 provinces and cities have come to Fuzhou to participate in this exhibition organized by commercial authorities, and most of them are from outside Fujian Province.This is not only due to the intensive visits of the organizing committee to various industrial zones before the exhibition, but also closely related to the organizing committee's initiative to promote the China Cross-Trade Fair. It can be said that 'one exhibition covers the whole country, one stop connects the world'. The cross-border e-commerce circle has become a household name.

►A province in the north led a delegation to participate in the exhibition for the second time. After the results were surprisingly good, the exhibition decided to upgrade all the exhibition areas to full special decoration next year. The decision should be made early to occupy the core position of the main channel to highlight the overall industrial belt. image.A certain coastal province, feeling the strong appeal from exhibitors under its jurisdiction, decided early on to make the China International Trade Fair an important subsidy target exhibition next year.Enterprises have responded, and governments have responded. The simple logic of all this is the real effect of the China Cross-Trade Fair. After all, in addition to going overseas to grab orders, companies will also have one more person who can actually receive orders at their doorsteps. Options.


What the exhibitors said

► Platforms play an important role in cross-border e-commerce exhibitions.Having participated in the China International Trade Fair three times, their feelings are most personal.The '2023 Fupin Global Opportunities and Amazon Cross-Border E-commerce Forum' hosted by Amazon provided an in-depth analysis of the characteristics and cross-border advantages of Fujian's industrial belt, and answered questions on the spot.Alibaba International Station held nearly 20 booth forums and a summit forum at this exhibition. The site was full of people, many intended transactions were completed, and satisfactory results were achieved.As a cutting-edge platform in North America, Newegg held a special event titled 'Quality China, Sharing with the World, Starting from the 'New'', which introduced the latest investment welfare policies, popular marketing product selection strategies, and full-process logistics solutions to provide sellers with comprehensive A comprehensive support service system.All of them highly affirmed the effectiveness of the exhibition.

►Fujian Qiye Talent Development Group Co., Ltd., which participated in the exhibition for the first time, is a well-known human resources service company. In recent years, it has paid close attention to the rapidly growing cross-border e-commerce industry and launched segmented products tailored to the widest audience in the industry.In just three days of the exhibition, the company received more than 100 orders and nearly a thousand follow-up contact intentions.The person in charge of the company told reporters that they originally came to the exhibition with the mentality of giving it a try, but the results were unexpectedly good. This shows that the quality of the companies in this exhibition is high, the industry positioning is accurate, and the timing of the exhibition is right.

▲Fujian Qiye Talent Development Group was interviewed by the media

A service provider headquartered in Guangdong is an old friend of the Cross Trade Fair. The person in charge of the company told reporters that at the Shenzhen exhibition, adding more than 20 new WeChat accounts per salesperson a day was the performance ceiling. However, at this Cross Trade Fair, they only added more than 20 new WeChat accounts per day. It is normal to add 50-60 new friends every day, with the best result reaching more than 80. Most of the newly met potential customers have strong intentions and high quality, and there are many from distant provinces such as Hebei, Shaanxi, Shandong, etc., which shows the genuine national influence of the exhibition. .The company is very optimistic about the quality of China International Trade Fair and has already booked a booth for the next session.

►A platform company that operates e-commerce in West Africa and a company that engages in Indonesian logistics are participating in the cross-trade fair for the first time. Because they booked their booths too late, the locations were remote and small.But before the closing, they all excitedly told the organizing committee that the effect of the exhibition was unexpectedly good. The latter even said in a low-key manner that the number of new WeChat friends added during this trip reached four figures.A company engaged in overseas warehouses in Europe said there were too many on-site inquiries, and a supply chain company engaged in domestic e-commerce said there were more than 100 inquiries from Southeast Asia. They have all booked larger booths in 2024.GOFUN (Qufan) Indonesia Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on one-stop services for cross-border commerce in Indonesia. It has characteristics and advantages in supply chain, overseas warehouses, and first-leg logistics. This exhibition has brought great benefits to the company. A new business expansion platform and complementary cross-border e-commerce cooperation between the two countries have been included in the company's plan for this year.There are countless stories like this in these three days, but they have only one common reason, that is, the effect is really good, and their common result is only one, and that is to continue next year.


The activity says

►Wang Jinfu, Vice Governor of Fujian Province, and Wu Xiande, Mayor of Fuzhou City, attach great importance to the exhibition. During the exhibition, they visited the exhibition hall respectively to care about the industry.Vice Governor Wang Jinfu also attended the 2023 China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair 'Logistics + Finance' Summit Forum held on the opening day of the exhibition.The forum focused on the theme of 'Logistics and finance work together to empower cross-border e-commerce and reduce costs.' Guests shared innovative ideas with the audience from an industry perspective.Shi Nengzi, Vice Chairman of Deloitte China, released the 2023 Cross-border E-commerce Blue Book at the forum. The book points out new development directions for the development of overseas enterprises through policy review, data interpretation and case analysis.The forum also released the 'Top 30 Cross-border E-commerce Leaders' list with intellectual support provided by Deloitte.

▲'Top30 Cross-border E-commerce Leaders in Going Global' list released

►The grassroots cross-border e-commerce industry requires the accumulation of previous experience. How to bring together strangers in the industry to open their hearts and engage in a 'big hand holding small hand, cross-border I will take you' tour is almost whimsical. test.This exhibition is the first 'cross-border clinic' in the country. 56 industry experts are selected from across the country to provide personalized answers and services to improve operational capabilities for cross-border newcomers who are willing to learn from experience.After being fully matched and making reservations before the exhibition, both the guest and the host had an interview on site. One party talked freely about their confusion, and the other party taught them sincerely.It is understood that more than 2,000 people have signed up for consultation.The creativity of 'cross-border clinic' has not only been praised by the industry, but also won praise from the ministries and commissions as a useful exploration of 'getting rich first to drive wealth later, and realizing common prosperity for the entire industry' in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

►The prosperity of the industry is inseparable from the organization of associations, and associations that are usually scattered across various places are in urgent need of a 'venue' for communication.More than 50 cross-border e-commerce industry associations across the country support the exhibition, and the number has reached a new high.During the exhibition, the organizing committee, in conjunction with the Fujian Provincial E-Commerce Promotion Association, as well as local industry associations such as Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou Cross-border E-commerce Associations, co-sponsored the 'National Cross-border E-commerce Industry Business Association Exchange and Sharing Conference' , a record number of more than 50 peer associations from more than 20 provinces and cities across the country were invited to gather in Fuzhou to discuss national cooperation in the industry and work together to prosper the industry ecology.

▲The National Cross-border E-commerce Association gathered together

►The influence of the China Cross-Trade Fair has also attracted the attention of the academic community. The 'Seminar on Improving the Capacity of Key Teachers in the E-Commerce Three Entrepreneurship Competition' hosted by Minjiang University also attracted more than a hundred key teachers from universities majoring in e-commerce. Come to this exhibition to visit and observe.This exchange played a good role in the integration of cross-border e-commerce, industry and education and the high-quality construction of university disciplines, and promoted the improvement of the social effect of China's cross-border trade fairs.

▲Deng Hai, general manager of Midoduo, led the teachers to observe

►''Digital Empowerment·Domestic Products Going Overseas' 2023 Full Analysis of DTC Brand's Practical Strategies for Going Overseas' Theme Forum is a major event in the field of cross-border e-commerce independent stations, hosted byFujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.Co-sponsored by ecological partners, from the current status of the industry and the future development direction of the industry, the brand's overseas strategy will be interpreted from aspects such as new methods of Google traffic, independent website marketing, cross-border compliance guidelines, differentiated logistics, etc.

▲'Digital empowerment·Domestic products going overseas'

Full analysis of 2023DTC brand’s practical strategy for overseas expansionTheme forum site

►'Meili Chaozhou' themed wedding dress T-stage show has received a lot of attention and popularity since the event was announced.There were two T-stage shows in total. 16 full-time models showed 72 sets of original wedding dresses that combined Chinese intangible cultural heritage skills. The unique design of combining Chinese and Western styles made the buyers who focused on overseas markets shine. The potential for hot sales is worth it. expect.

▲'Meili Chaozhou' themed wedding dress T-stage show was staged in Hall 6

►At the founding ceremony of the China Cross-border E-commerce Overseas Club and the Amazon Closed-door Salon of the China Cross-border Trade Fair, more than 200 companies initiated the establishment of the 'China Cross-border E-commerce Overseas Club' to build a platform for industry resource docking and experience exchange through collective efforts. Help members better connect with the global supply chain.

▲Members of the cross-border e-commerce overseas club took a group photo

▲Cross-border e-commerce overseas club meeting site

►In response to the additional needs of purchasers besides participating in the exhibition, the organizing committee launched value-added services to inspect surrounding characteristic industrial zones such as Quanzhou textiles and shoes and clothing, Ningde Fuan massage chairs, Nanping Shaowu bamboo and wood home furnishings, etc., and received enthusiastic registrations.During the exhibition, the organizing committee planned and organized more than 1,000 buyers to go to various places for efficient face-to-face business matching negotiations.According to feedback from local reception partners, hotels in the cross-border e-commerce industry cluster areas of Quanzhou and Putian have experienced tight bookings without warning in the past two days, which coincides with the exhibition period and inspection time of this exhibition. It can be seen that China’s cross-border e-commerce industry has The business opportunities from the trade fair have obvious spillover effects, and the scope of stimulating consumption has been further expanded.

►During the exhibition, more than 50 forums and activities were also held, including the Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone Development and Exchange Conference, China's Cross-border E-commerce Market Channel Private Sharing Session, and Temu and Shein Closed Sharing Sessions, with rich content and diverse forms.


What the media says

►This exhibition integrates authoritativeness, professionalism, national level and internationality, and has accurate planning, wide distribution channels and long warm-up time. It has been reported by nearly 200 central, provincial and municipal media at all levels. Including CCTV, People's Daily, People's Daily, China Central Broadcasting Network, Guangming Daily, Xinhuanet, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Net, China Daily, China Economic Net, China Economic Times, International Business News, Global Network, Xueqiangguo , Fujian Daily, Southeast Network, Southeast TV, Haibo TV and more than 30 central-level and provincial-level official media.This exhibition has once again attracted the attention of CCTV. CCTV4's 'China News' and 'Global Today' broadcast news about the exhibition respectively, and it is also available on the CCTV news client, as well as CCTV news official websites such as Toutiao, Baidu Baijiahao, and Tencent News. Account channels for reporting.The China Cross-border E-commerce Fair has become a cross-border e-commerce exhibition that has been featured on CCTV every time.

►This exhibition will increase its publicity efforts and make every effort to hold online live broadcasts including official media channel live broadcasts of the exhibition and national internet celebrity broadcasts.Through more than 20 official live broadcasts, about 20,000 products from nearly a thousand companies were displayed, with cumulative views exceeding 5 million times, and directly facilitating more than 300 companies to reach cooperation intentions online.Leading self-media influencers in the cross-border e-commerce industry held 15 online live broadcasts of business matchmaking, with intended transaction volume reaching 10 million yuan.The strong brand influence and rich exhibition content have also attracted overseas live broadcast experts to join. The internationalization of live broadcast has become a new highlight of this exhibition, and TikTok has become a powerful tool for overseas marketing and communication.In the live broadcast room, Ellen, the anchor from Georgia, introduced the exhibiting products of nearly a hundred companies including furniture, handicrafts, shoes, clothing, bags, etc. to overseas audiences. The total live broadcast lasted more than 10 hours.At the exhibition site, Roger, a top TikTok anchor with more than 540,000 fans, gave an immersive on-site explanation to overseas fans who could not attend the exhibition by walking around the exhibition. It attracted more than 60,000 views from 150 countries and regions around the world, and won More than 30,000 comments.

►This exhibition fully mobilized the publicity power of the industry and market.Various self-media in the cross-border e-commerce industry have deeply recognized the leading significance of the exhibition and actively participated in the dissemination of information about the exhibition. Exhibiting companies including platforms, service providers, and suppliers have spoken out for the China Cross-border Trade Fair through their own channels.During the exhibition, nearly 800 articles were published by various media, and the exhibition once again achieved billions of exposure across the entire network.


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