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Product selection?Looking at the industrial belt?Follow me and walk around the stone lions

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Product selection?Looking at the industrial belt?Follow me and walk around the stone lions

Observation tour of China's cross-trade industry belt

Shishi is a famous clothing production base and a strong food trade city in China. Because of its excellent industrial advantages and brand effect, it has attracted more and more cross-border e-commerce sellers to come for inspection and docking.The China Cross-border Trade Fair Organizing Committee will organize cross-border e-commerce sellers to visit Shishi’s characteristic and advantageous industrial belt during the exhibition to gain an in-depth understanding of the local business atmosphere and business opportunities, conduct in-depth exchanges with local enterprises, and explore cooperation opportunities.

stone lionindustry

March 19-20

Inspected the Shishi industrial belt and participated in the launching ceremony of Shishi's 'Maritime Silk Road E-commerce Development Year' and the China Cross-border Trade Fair's entry into the Shishi Cross-border Product Selection Matchmaking Conference

Event time: Starting at 9:00 on March 20, 2023, check-in at 8:30

Location: Third floor, Shishi Garment City Exhibition Art Center

Warm reminder: You can choose any one of the following 2 routes to participate.

Route One: Stone LionTextile and clothing industry belt

inspection1: Visit Shishi International Trade City

Shishi International Trade City, owned by Shishi ServiceIt consists of Decoration City and Shishi International Textile City, including four major business formats: textile accessories, clothing, shoes and hats, local specialty products, and international procurement and commerce. The average daily passenger flow is about 20,000 people. The product radiation reaches all over the country and as far away as Southeast Asia and globally.

inspectionPoint 2Visit Senbao (Fujian) TextileTechnology Development Co., Ltd.

Senbao (Fujian) Textile Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Dabao Industrial Zone, Shishi City, Fujian Province. Founded in 2002, it provides one-stop services from fabrics, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and garments. It is a rare 'integration' of domestic and foreign textile companies. It is a modern comprehensive enterprise integrating the production of knitted and woven clothing fabrics.The company specializes in undertaking various domestic and foreignFor clothing fabric orders, we have established long-term friendly cooperative relationships with major sports and leisure brands at home and abroad. We have done OEM work for foreign first-line brands such as ADIDAS and NIKE and have been rated as the best and outstanding fabric suppliers many times.Best Innovation Award

inspectionPoint 3Visit Shishi City and Challenge the WolfSupplies are availableLimited public service

Shishi Challenge Wolf Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is located in Qianpu Village Industrial Zone, Yongning Town, Shishi City. It is a design and development company.It is an OEM enterprise specializing in the production of sportswear clothing integrating development and production.The company has been designated as an OEM production cooperation factory by well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Italian FILA, British UMBRO, Japanese YONEX, American SKECHERS, and domestic Jordan and Qibohui.The company has passed ISO9001, BSCI and the anti-terrorism factory inspection certification of American companies.It is a key enterprise, a star enterprise and a Class A taxpayer in Shishi City.It mainly produces various types of needle-woven sportswear: T-shirts, basketball uniforms, football uniforms, beach shorts, sports suits, windbreakers, jackets, cotton-padded clothes, etc.Recently, the company has invested 120 million yuan to build an Industry 4.0 smart factory with garment manufacturing as the main body.

Route 2: Shishi Leisurefood industry belt

inspection1:Visit Fujian Beiji FoodLtd.

Fujian Beiji Food Co., Ltd. is located in Yongning Ancient Town, Shishi, Fujian. It is a comprehensive modern enterprise focusing on food research and development, production and sales.Beiji Food has 30 years of experience in making exquisite desserts. It has spent 20 years developing a platform and is determined to promote Fujian food culture and combine the skills of Western-style pastries with Chinese traditions.The turnkey points are perfectly integrated, becoming the industry innovation leader in Chinese-style exquisite snacks with original colors, fragrances and flavors.

inspectionPoint 2Visit Fujian BeautyLondo Food Co., Ltd.

Fujian Melondo Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 and covers an area of ​​13,320 square meters.The company has complete and advanced production lines, which can produce puffed food, handmade egg rolls, fancy cookies and other products.Due to the expansion of domesticThe market for chemical shrimp crackers is relatively blank. The company specially introduced advanced shrimp cracker production lines, production techniques and R&D teams from Indonesia.The company continuously improves the products of Indonesia's time-honored brands to achieve transcendent improvement, and formulates a strict raw material selection process.

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Inspection contactMr. Ruan17074941926

Mr. Xie15892178327


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