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One-stop cross-border logistics aggregation platform—Yunwujie

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One-stop cross-border logistics aggregation platform—Yunwujie

In 2019, the cross-border e-commerce industry has experienced more than 20 years of development. In addition, driven by multiple factors such as the upgrading of domestic consumption and the increase in the penetration rate of overseas e-commerce driven by the epidemic in recent years, the demand for the international supply chain has surged, overcapacity has occurred, and transportation has been blocked. , a large number of logistics companies came into being.A large number of logistics companies compete with each other and exclude each other. The lack of standard systems and model supervision makes it difficult for cargo owners to choose and trust.Logistics companies frequently have disputes due to high customer acquisition costs and low traffic.In the same year, the core team of Yunwujie has been deeply involved in the industry for 15 years and has a deep understanding of the needs and pain points of the cross-border logistics industry. Together with senior IT professionals with more than 10 years of experience, they created a one-stop cross-border logistics aggregation platform - Yunwujie.


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